Selecting Twin Shower Invites with Minted

Finding Twin Shower Invitations from Minted on Lost and Fawned

My amazing sister-in-law offered to throw us a shower for our twins.  I can’t wait to celebrate our upcoming arrival with a small group of friends and family.  Last week we set out to find some sweet springy invitations to send to guests and set the tone.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there for moms of twins and multiples.  Most sites will have a few options, but it can be disappointing seeing all the amazing options singleton moms have.  So we turned to Minted.  Not only is their multiples invitation selection much larger and way cuter, but all of their regular invitations are also easy to customize!

Minted sources designs from independent designers across the globe (read more about that here) and makes it easy to get unique custom stationary of professional quality delivered to your door.  We have used them for years for our holiday cards, so I know when I get my finished cards they are going to look flawless.

All of these picks are either twin specific, or easily adaptable using Minted’s personalization.  “Baby Shower” becomes “Twin Shower”.  “She’s having a little girl!” turns into “She’s having twins!”.  It’s so easy and free to change almost any field on Minted’s invitations.  It opens up so many options to moms of multiples or adoptive moms.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations from Minted on Lost and Fawned

  1. Twice the Fun by Joanne Williams
  2. Les Renards by Bonjour Paper
  3. Dipped Feather Foil-Pressed by Pistols
  4. A Little Lady by Alethea and Ruth
  5. Hey Baby Baby by Itsy Belle Studio
  6. Bright Balloon by Jill Means
  7. Twin Owl Babies by Peetie Design
  8. The Wild World of Twins by Loree Mayer
  9. Woodland Romp by Olivia Ruafman
  10. Sweet Delivery by Rebecca Bowen
  11. Les Bichettes by Bonjour Paper
  12. Baby Blooms by Faiths Designs

Pictured at top:  Two Sweet by Kelli Hall

No matter what kind of shower you are planning, from classy (gold foil and floral) to classic (storks and baby bottles) to trendy (owls and hedgehogs), Minted has plenty of perfectly designed invites that are ready to be customized.  We were overwhelmed with options, in a good way!

Stay tuned to see which design my host and I selected (they are already here!!) and how we customized it to make it perfect for our shower!  We found something perfect.  We will also be having a giveaway for Minted credit!  You won’t want to miss this.

This post series was made possible by Minted.  I was provided with sample product in exchange for sharing this information with you.  I also used referral links throughout this post.  Posts like this provided necessary funding for hosting and support to keep Lost & Fawned running smoothly.  I only endorse products and companies I truly love and everything expressed is my own words and opinions.  For more information on advertising with L&F, please visit my sponsor page.  Thanks!

Living for Less / Casual & Neutral Dining Space

Living for Less - Casual and Neautral Dining Space

I think it’s time to bring back Living for Less again, just in time for the spring and summer home improvement season!  We won’t be doing much renovation or redecorating for awhile, but I love living vicariously through these collections!  Please feel free to submit designs to me via any of my social media outlets.  I LOVE taking requests!

This dining space from Fashiontoast is a great inspiration for just about anyone.  The room has beautiful light, but otherwise it’s a pretty attainable.  The chairs are totally the splurge piece in this grouping.  I would start with 2-4 of those and save on the rest of the room by shopping smart.

Layering a classic natural fiber rug like this with a cowhide, makes the room looks casual and luxe.  A trestle bench on one side also adds that easy going feeling.  Adding bamboo blinds and framing the windows with tall potted plants make the windows a focal piece.  I love how easily the space can be transformed for a large formal dinner by adding the extension and dressing up the table with accessories, but also doesn’t feel too formal for brunch with the family.

Here are my picks…

  1. Light Filtering Bamboo Roll-Up Shades from Lowes  /  $29.97
  2. RENS Sheepskin or TEJN Faux Sheepskin from Ikea  /  $29.99 and $12.99
  3. Light Oak Accent Chair from Lowes  /  $309.79
  4. Nolan Extension Trestle Table from Pier 1  /  $509.95 SALE
  5. 3-Light Brushed Nickle Chandelier from Lowes  /  $175.23
  6. KOLDBY Cowhide Rug from Ikea  /  $199.00
  7. Nolan Trestle Bench from Pier 1  /  $212.45

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Featured image is from  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

IKEA Hell Week

Ikea Hell Week on Lost and Fawned

It begins.

Shopping at IKEA is great… until you have to put everything together.   I’m exaggerating a little.  We’ve had pretty good luck in our many purchases.  It’s actually pretty impressive how well things are packaged and in general how accurately things are at such high volume.  But every once in awhile when you least expect it, the directions will start looking like ancient hieroglyphics and nothing seems to line up right.

The rest of our furniture (including the bed and both cribs) showed up today.  We would love to put everything together slowly overt he course of a month or so.  But IKEA likes you to call within 48 hours if there are any problems with your order.  So we are going to be marathoning it.  In addition to putting together the new stuff, we also have to dissemble and move 2 other beds in the house to shuffle them around into the correct rooms.  I’m pretty useless at the moment, so my job will be fetching tools and cold beers.

The good news is the mattress is here and after some strategic pushing and pulling, we managed to get it into the attic bedroom.  I loaded it up with sheets and pillows and we spent our first night on it last night.  It’s such a major upgrade from our old mattress that it’s really going to take some getting used to.

Keep up with our progress (good and bad) on Instagram.  While I wait for Jared to need me to pass him tools, I’ll be hanging out on my phone.

Zodiac / Etsy Round-Up

Zodiac Round Up on Lost and Fawned

I’m a Cancer 100%.  Good and bad, it suits my personality so accurately it’s scary.  Etsy has a wealth of gorgeous star sign inspired goods for the home and body.  Narrowing down a collection of 12 was really hard.  Here are my zodiac inspired picks for every sign.

Ikea Trip / Spring 2016

Ikea Trip Spring 2016 on Lost and Fawned

Time is passing quicker than I could have imagined.  Since the weather this weekend was unbelievably beautiful (in the 60’s in February in Ohio?!) we decided to make the trek to Ikea in Pittsburgh to tackle our short list for the nursery.  Of course that short list became a full car and a delivery truck, but we did really well with maximizing our little budget, the delivery guys recommend us Socal fleet service witch we will take into count if we ever need truck repair.

After lots of research and talking with fellow moms I trust, we went with the Sniglar cribs with the Vyssa Vinka mattresses.  We have a twin bed that is going in that room too, so we stocked up on new linens and a mountain of pillows to make it a comfortable place to nurse two babies at once.

  1. PATRULL Bathtub Mat – $4.99 (Regularly $6.99)
  2. GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover in Orange – $10.00
  3. LEKA Baby Gym – $29.99
  4. GASPA Sheet Set in Turquoise – $16.99
  5. VARART Duvet Cover Set – $29.99
  6. GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover in Yellow – $7.00
  7. SANELA Cushion Cover in Light Turquoise – $8.00
  8. SNIGLAR Crib – $79.99
  9. ANTILOP Highchair with Tray – $19.99
  10. LEKA Rattle Set – $2.99

As a MAJOR bonus, we also finally decided it was time to upgrade our bed set-up.  Our bed and mattress were our first Ikea purchase back in probably 2006.  Somehow in our excitement, we ended up bringing home a full sized bed and a queen sized foam mattress.  Since we couldn’t afford to go back and exchange it, we just plopped it on top of the bed and have been sleeping on a concave mattress ever since.  In addition to being the incorrect size, it is just worn out and way past it’s prime.  Every time we saved up the money to upgrade, something would come up (We love you Logan!).

So this time we just did it.  We are moving into the office and all our dressers and clothing storage are staying in the nursery, so we picked a bed frame that is super practical.  In a week our Brimnes bed with the storage headboard are going to be delivered, along with a brand new Hesstun mattress.  And they are both queen sized!  Yay!  I’m most excited for the matress.  It’s such an upgrade from our old, thin mattress.  Sleep will be precious, so we might as well be comfortable.

State of the Works-in-Progress

In Progress on Lost and Fawned

Oh boy.  I’ve done it again.  I was doing so well tackling unfinished projects on my crafting table and then stress kicked in, and my therapy was starting new things.  I have a huge pile of things I started or intended to start this winter and it’s time to get organized.  I’ve bagged them all separately, so at least the supplies/half finished items are all contained.  But here is what I have started and where it stands…

  • Crocheted Baby Blanket  ::  STILL IN PROGRESS – I started this gray and orange baby blanket when we first got a positive test as a way to manage my anxiety while we waited to see if it was viable.  The middle went super fast, since it’s all double crochets (US terms) and then I hit the border, which is all singles and it slowed down.  I got totally bored with the slow progress, but it’s SO close to being finished!   Plus I’d like to make a second one to match with maybe a mint green border.  This is getting top priority.
  • Zig-Zag Afghan  ::  STILL IN PROGRESS – I started this maybe last fall?  My great-grandma was a zig-zag afghan queen, so it’s always been a goal to tackle one of these.  Even with some large stitches, this beast is going to take ages since it’s SO big.  Might put it on hold until I finish some higher priority projects.
  • Polaroid Quilt  ::  ON HOLD – This project started when I did a block swap on instagram.  Each “polaroid” came from another quilter around the globe and I framed them all up in this gorgeous Essex yarn dyed cotton.  I’m hoping we will do another round of this swap or two, so I can get enough to make a twin sized quilt.  Packing this one away until I know if I’ll have enough to do what I want with it.
  • Various Sewn Garments  ::  ON HOLD – Obviously these are going on hold.  All my patterns are in my size last year and who knows what shape my body will be in next year.  Since I don’t have a dress form, I tailor everything on my frame.  Not much I can do about these until I know what size I will be.
  • Amigurumi Projects  ::  STILL IN PROGRESS – I have three main projects I’ve had in the wings that I would LOVE to get done by next summer, a Totoro doll, a fox (pictured above) and an aqua bear.  None of them are started, but I have the materials and patterns ready for each.  These always take me longer than I think they will.  I love the results, but I get really frustrated with the process.  Going to finish some other stuff as a “warm up” first and then try to chip away at these.
  • Christmas Quilt  ::  ON HOLD – It’s always been the plan to have a different christmas quilt for each bed in the house.  I would love to have a tradition of getting them out when December hits and spreading them on their beds to get ready for the holiday season.  I got a killer deal on fabrics for my first one (a queen sized monster) and started cutting a piecing the top, but life had other plans.  I think this is going to unfortunately have to go on hold until I can get my sewing space figured out.
  • C+S Patchwork Quilt  ::  ON HOLD – I love our patchwork quilt that we use to add extra weight to the bed.  It’s simple 5″ squares and is a great workhorse piece in the house.  I started a second one using a whole bunch of different Cotton + Steel prints gradiated from top to bottom, but alas, somewhere along the way it got lost in my pile.  This one is so simple.  I think when I figure out my sewing space, it will be the first thing I finish, but I have no idea when that will be.
  • Birthday Swap  ::  PLANNING – I’m doing one last swap that I signed up before I knew what our outcome would be.  I have an awesome partner though, and I can’t wait to make her an amazing birthday box!  I’m currently on the planning stage on this one since it’s not due until October.  No procrastinating though!  I can’t let it creep up on me.  I really want to do something quality.
  • Quilt Bee  ::  IN PROGRESS – One block a month for that month’s queen bee.  So far it’s been going great.  January is done.  February is also done and ready to ship out.  I also finished the tutorial for my block in July and uploaded all the directions, so that’s ready to go.  I committed to keeping up with this one, so I’ll be prioritizing this every month.  I’ll probably try to do some in advance for the summer months when things are really in flux.

There are probably more projects hiding around the house.  I know I have a long list of things I would love to make as well, but I really cannot start anything else until I at least finish the “in progress” projects.  Organizing my supplies and containing them is another priority.  They are truly out of control right now.  Hoping to get started on that this afternoon.

What are you currently working on?  Anything long overdue to get picked up again and finished?  How do you motivate yourself to finish unfinished projects?

Fabric Love

Fabric Love on Lost and Fawned

Love is in the air this weekend!  Flowers and chocolate are great, but a “bouquet” of fabric is guaranteed to charm your sewing sweetheart this weekend (if you are still shopping).  I’m not usually a pink kind of girl, but I’m feeling warm and fuzzy today.  Here are some beautifully blush fabrics to inspire you this weekend.

  1. Heather Ross “Underwater Sisters” from PinkDoorFabrics
  2. Leah Duncan “Gramercy Brownstones” from FreshModernFabric
  3. Stacy Iset Hsu “Lil Red Grandmas Wallpaper” from MetroQuiltCompany
  4. Miriam Bosfor Birch “Wild Horses” from OwlandDrum
  5. 3 Sisters “Passport Paris Map” from FreshModernFabrics
  6. Eloise Renouf “First Light Flock” from discoverfabric
  7. Cotton + Steel “Sprinkles” from OwlandDrum
  8. Katarina Roccella “Rosewater Tears” from SouthernStitchFabric

February DIY Round-Up

February DIY Round Up on Lost and FawnedFebruary is a great time to try something new!  Between the cold weather still keeping you indoors and needing little gifts for all your valentines, I’ve rounded-up a group of fresh tutorials and patterns to get the creativity flowing.  Enjoy!

  1. Mojave Quilt Pattern from Dear Stella Design
  2. Wall Planters from Design Love Fest
  3. Pegboard Wall Organizer from The Merrythought
  4. Firming & Softening DIY Body Scrub from Pure Ella
  5. Arm Knitting How-To from Flax & Twine
  6. Potted Plant Gift Bags from Paper & Stitch

Due with Two (but it wasn’t easy)

Due with Two on Lost and Fawned

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know, but it was suggested that I also share here.  It’s totally true.  Jared and I are thrilled to be expecting fraternal twins this summer (technically August 4th is our due date, but twins come early).  I’ve been super quiet around here because this has (understandably) distracted me for the past few months.  I’m through the first trimester now, and for the most part the morning sickness is gone.  I’m hoping for a very uneventful and quiet pregnancy.

If you did see our post on Instagram or if you are super perceptive, you picked up on the fact that this wasn’t an easy road for us.  It’s actually been a 4 year ordeal.  Infertility and pregnancy loss has this weird shroud of secrecy over it.  I’ve written and rewritten a post for L&F probably 8 times over the course of the years and never had the courage to post it.  I still have it in my drafts and I’ll probably post it in the next month or so (it’s pretty disorganized and rambling since it’s a tough story to tell).  But I want to share it.  It’s the least I can do to give back.  I’ve had an amazing amount of support from the online infertility community, especially when I was dealing with tough decisions or just in a really dark place.

For now we are busy preparing for our family to grow quickly and significantly.  I’m dying to find out the sexes (hopefully this month) and we are trying to celebrate every little milestone.  The plan is not for the blog to become a “mommy blog” but I will be sprinkling in some more parenting related posts from here on out.  Two babies means lots of stuff and money, so I have been hard at work finding ways to afford everything we need for these kiddos.  So far I’ve found some amazing tips that I can’t wait to share.  The goal is to spend no more than half of the retail price on everything since we need two, and I’ve been successful!

Thank you all for sticking with me, despite my radio silence.  I can’t wait to get a weekend of relaxing, cleaning and sleeping started.

Etsy Round Up / New Peach

Etsy Round Up - New Peach on Lost and Fawned

Is it too early to break out the pastels?  It’s felt like spring all winter here in Ohio.  Peach (and rose gold) has been the talk of the town for awhile now.  If I had to choose a shade of pink, blushing peach would be my pick.  Luckily it’s everywhere and goes with just about every palette.

Here are some of my picks from Etsy in this gorgeous hue…