Fabric Love

Fabric Love on Lost and Fawned

Love is in the air this weekend!  Flowers and chocolate are great, but a “bouquet” of fabric is guaranteed to charm your sewing sweetheart this weekend (if you are still shopping).  I’m not usually a pink kind of girl, but I’m feeling warm and fuzzy today.  Here are some beautifully blush fabrics to inspire you this weekend.

  1. Heather Ross “Underwater Sisters” from PinkDoorFabrics
  2. Leah Duncan “Gramercy Brownstones” from FreshModernFabric
  3. Stacy Iset Hsu “Lil Red Grandmas Wallpaper” from MetroQuiltCompany
  4. Miriam Bosfor Birch “Wild Horses” from OwlandDrum
  5. 3 Sisters “Passport Paris Map” from FreshModernFabrics
  6. Eloise Renouf “First Light Flock” from discoverfabric
  7. Cotton + Steel “Sprinkles” from OwlandDrum
  8. Katarina Roccella “Rosewater Tears” from SouthernStitchFabric

February DIY Round-Up

February DIY Round Up on Lost and FawnedFebruary is a great time to try something new!  Between the cold weather still keeping you indoors and needing little gifts for all your valentines, I’ve rounded-up a group of fresh tutorials and patterns to get the creativity flowing.  Enjoy!

  1. Mojave Quilt Pattern from Dear Stella Design
  2. Wall Planters from Design Love Fest
  3. Pegboard Wall Organizer from The Merrythought
  4. Firming & Softening DIY Body Scrub from Pure Ella
  5. Arm Knitting How-To from Flax & Twine
  6. Potted Plant Gift Bags from Paper & Stitch

Due with Two (but it wasn’t easy)

Due with Two on Lost and Fawned

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know, but it was suggested that I also share here.  It’s totally true.  Jared and I are thrilled to be expecting fraternal twins this summer (technically August 4th is our due date, but twins come early).  I’ve been super quiet around here because this has (understandably) distracted me for the past few months.  I’m through the first trimester now, and for the most part the morning sickness is gone.  I’m hoping for a very uneventful and quiet pregnancy.

If you did see our post on Instagram or if you are super perceptive, you picked up on the fact that this wasn’t an easy road for us.  It’s actually been a 4 year ordeal.  Infertility and pregnancy loss has this weird shroud of secrecy over it.  I’ve written and rewritten a post for L&F probably 8 times over the course of the years and never had the courage to post it.  I still have it in my drafts and I’ll probably post it in the next month or so (it’s pretty disorganized and rambling since it’s a tough story to tell).  But I want to share it.  It’s the least I can do to give back.  I’ve had an amazing amount of support from the online infertility community, especially when I was dealing with tough decisions or just in a really dark place.

For now we are busy preparing for our family to grow quickly and significantly.  I’m dying to find out the sexes (hopefully this month) and we are trying to celebrate every little milestone.  The plan is not for the blog to become a “mommy blog” but I will be sprinkling in some more parenting related posts from here on out.  Two babies means lots of stuff and money, so I have been hard at work finding ways to afford everything we need for these kiddos.  So far I’ve found some amazing tips that I can’t wait to share.  The goal is to spend no more than half of the retail price on everything since we need two, and I’ve been successful!

Thank you all for sticking with me, despite my radio silence.  I can’t wait to get a weekend of relaxing, cleaning and sleeping started.

Etsy Round Up / New Peach

Etsy Round Up - New Peach on Lost and Fawned

Is it too early to break out the pastels?  It’s felt like spring all winter here in Ohio.  Peach (and rose gold) has been the talk of the town for awhile now.  If I had to choose a shade of pink, blushing peach would be my pick.  Luckily it’s everywhere and goes with just about every palette.

Here are some of my picks from Etsy in this gorgeous hue…

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie / with Oster

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie on Lost and Fawned

It’s not on my list of resolutions this year, but I am trying to eat a more complete and filling breakfast this year.  That’s pretty easy to do on days when I’m home, but when I’m heading to my day joy, it’s a pain to pack up some fruit, cottage cheese or yogurt and more.  Smoothies are a great solution.  Oster was kind enough to let me try out their adorable Fresh+Blend’N Go Mason Jar Blender and share my experience with you.

This little blender is so perfectly compact.  It nestles nicely into the corner of a cabinet and I keep the lids and cups in a bag next to it.  It comes with two plastic mason jar style cups, one sipping lid with a straw and one screw on cap.  It blends great!  It’s simple, with one speed and no frills, but it does it’s job and it does it well.  Out of the 4 amazing color options, my choice was clear.  Most might call this cream or off-white, but to me it will always be “pepper white” (the official color name of our first Mini Cooper).  You really can’t go wrong though.  The aqua was a close second, and the red looks amazing too.

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie Receipe on Lost and Fawned

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie on Lost and Fawned

I’m big on breakfast and dessert, so this quick recipe combines both!  I’ve been hooked on using cottage cheese in my smoothies, instead of yogurt, since a favorite uncle introduced me to the idea.  I was skeptical, but after one gulp I was 100% sold.  It tastes like cheesecake!  Plus the added protein and calcium are a great way to start the day.

Makes a single serving smoothie.  Can easily be doubled or tripled in a larger blender.


  • 1/2 cup skim milk (or unsweetened nut milk of your choice)
  • 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
  • 1 cup or berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, fresh, frozen, the choice is yours)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of honey or agave nectar
  • Optional:  A dash of vanilla or a small handful of chocolate chips can be added for some decadence

If you are using frozen berries, thaw until softened.  Add all of the ingredients to blender and blend until a smooth single consistency.  Then pour into glasses (or if you have a single serving blender, like the Oster Fresh+Blend’N Go Mason Jar Blender, simply unscrew the top) and garnish with additional berries.  Enjoy!

Note:  If the smoothie isn’t sweet enough for you, you can always add more honey or substitute 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt and 1/4 cup cottage cheese instead of the full 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.

Oster Fresh+Blend'N Go Mason Jar Blender on Lost and Fawned

Review of Oster Fresh+Blend'N Go Mason Jar Smoothie Blender on Lost and Fawned

I’ve started a Pinterest board with lots of Smoothie recipes I’m dying to try with this blender.  I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Oster for making this post possible.  The Oster Fresh+Blend’N Go Mason Jar Blender is available now online along with lots of other great personal size and full size blenders and other small appliances.


Let’s Clean

Lets Clean on Lost and Fawned

We are in the thick of winter, but I love to start the year with a clean house.  January is a great time to give your home a good scrub.  I’ve tried a lot of products, and finding a good balance between products that aren’t too harsh but actually work can seem impossible.

Here are some of my very favorite staples that I keep stocked in our cleaning cupboard.

Quick tip!  I’ve started getting a majority of our cleaning products from ePantry.  The prices are great, shipping is cheap and you can even schedule re-deliveries of your favorite products.  Get $10 off your first order by clicking here.

New Year / New Start

Happy New Year with Lost and Fawned

This fresh start couldn’t come at a better time for me.  2015 was tough.  I took some serious knocks and had some serious lows (all of which I’ll get into when the time is right).  But with 2016 I’m hopeful that this year will be different.  I’m making a couple of resolutions and starting some new projects to celebrate.

  • Journaling  /  I’m in the last year of my 5 Year Diary.  I’m so glad I stuck with it and will be following through and finishing it.  I’ll probably pick up a fresh one and start over.  I’ve also started my mood blanket for 2016.  I’m promising to be honest about my daily moods and make this a real keepsake.
  • Positivity  /  I’ve always been somewhere between a realist and an optimist, but the past year has made me lean much more toward to realist side.  It has occasionally caused me to focus too much on what could be and not celebrate life in the moment.  I’m hoping to regain some of my optimism and positivity in 2016.
  • Home  /  We need to stop procrastinating and knock some projects off our list.  After the bathroom fiasco two years ago, we got really burnt out on home improvement.  We don’t have the saving right now to do any major work, but we can organize, purge and make small updates that will make a huge difference.  It begins next weekend.
  • Blogging  /  Last year I really retreated into my own shell, not only here on the blog, but also in life.  I withdrew from a lot of people.  In some ways it was necessary, but I’m ready to come back.  I’m newly motivated and can’t wait to share some new things with my blog pals as well.

None of these resolutions are terribly daunting, and all are realistic.  Are you making resolutions this year?  Did you stick to yours last year?  Happy 2016!  Cheers to a fresh start!

Holiday Card Round-Up

Holiday Card Round Up on Lost and Fawned

If you are doing holiday cards this year, the clock is ticking!  I’ve put together a virtual card tree of options ranging from gorgeous to hilarious.  Some come as packs and others are purchased card by card.  All a guaranteed to give your lucky card recipients loads of cheer and stand out on the fridge.

Left to right starting at top:

Gift Guide for Men / 2015

Gift Guide for Men on Lost and Fawned

My shopping list was short and sweet this year.  But if you are still toiling over what to get the male presence in your life, I’ve put together a little list of some gear I know my guys would love.

That food dehydrator is the one we bought for each other this year and have been busy making apple chips and food leathers (we can’t wait to try making some simple jerky for next summer’s backpacking trips).  I’ll have some simple recipes for you later this winter.

  1. Osprey Daylight Backpack in Canyon Orange  /  $49.95
  2. Whiskey Glass with Silicone Wedge Ice From  /  $26.00
  3. Presto Food Dehydrator  /  $33.99
  4. Polaroid 10 Megapixel Instant Digital Camera  /  $99.99
  5. The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide  /  $20.62
  6. Zippo Chrome Handwarmer  /  $14.94
  7. Nest Learning Thermostat  /  $225.00
  8. Beardsley Beard Care Box Set  /  $69.95

Holidays for the Home / Etsy Edition

Holidays for the Home - Etsy Edition on Lost and Fawned

Today I’m planning to spend the afternoon doing a deep clean of our tragically neglected home.  I’ve been dying to put up our mini tree and stockings, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it until things weren’t looking so shabby.

No matter what you celebrate, Etsy is of course a great place to find unique seasonal decor to get your home ready for the holidays.  Here are some of my picks…

From left to right starting at top: