Gifts for Knitters


If you follow me on instagram, you know my newest crafting obsession is knitting.  I needed something productive I could do while I monitored nap-time on the couch and I finally learned to knit.  Now I can’t get enough.  I’m very slow, but I’m learning and I have a LONG list of projects lined up.  If you have any knitters on your holiday shopping list, I have lined up a killer collection of gifts that they will love.

Right to left:

(Fair warning… Hand-dyed yarns sell out REALLY fast!  Follow these shops on Instagram to know when their next shop updates will occur.)

My Moment of Truth / with e.p.t.

I’ve been a mother now for 4 months, but I can still remember the day I found out we were pregnant with an in home pregnancy test like it was yesterday.  In 1977, e.p.t® invented the at-home pregnancy test and changed the way women find out they’re pregnant.  Now approximately 8 out of 10 report first learning they are pregnant from an in home pregnancy test, and nearly half say they took the test immediately after buying it.

I was asked by e.p.t® to share my #momentoftruth which actually happened almost exactly one year ago, on the day after Thanksgiving 2015.

We had been trying to get pregnant for four years when we finally decided to do IVF.  It was a hard decision and difficult process, and I had decided not to even test at home since I had a blood tests scheduled.  It was such a long shot and I hadn’t had any early symptoms at all, so I was completely convinced that it hadn’t worked, and I was kind of at peace with that.  But when I woke up the day after Thanksgiving, Jared had a feeling that I should take a test.  It was just a feeling that something was different.

I knew I still had a test in the medicine cabinet so I took it.  I couldn’t stand to watch.  So I left it on the bathroom sink, put the tea kettle on and took the dogs out.  When I came back I saw it.  Two lines.  I was clear as can be.  It wasn’t a “squinter” (as a faint positive is called in trying to conceive groups).  It was an utterly positive test.  I was shocked.  I called up to Jared and he came running down the stairs.  I just showed it to him.  I couldn’t even say it.  We high-fived.  That was it.  Our life was forever changed that morning.

Again on July 21st, 2016, everything changed.  The boys arrived at 10:13 PM.  They were huge at 8lbs 2oz and 6lbs 9oz and perfectly healthy.  The journey that started that morning back in November was complete and a new chapter started.  We are a family of four now and it’s amazing how much our lives have changed in the last year.

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Autumn DIY Round-Up

fall-diy-round-up-on-lost-and-fawnedIt’s time for spicy scents and cuddling under blankets with loved ones as the air starts to get chilly.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite DIY’s to get your home Autumn-ready.  Happy crafting!

  1. Birch Wood Candle Holders from Oleander + Palm
  2. Autumn Smudge Stick from Jojotastic
  3. Pumpkin Lanterns from Design Love Fest
  4. Fringed Flannel Throw from It’s Always Autumn
  5. Fall Antler Wreath from Twelve on Main
  6. Autumn Simmer Pot from How Sweet it is

Cat & Jack Baby at Target

Cat & Jack Childrens Clothes at Target on Lost and Fawned

I love Target.  What blogger doesn’t?  They make good design affordable and accessible.  Their new children’s brand, Cat & Jack, arrived around the same time as our twins.  I’m obsessed.  Not only is it super cute, but it’s well made and comes with a one year guarantee to last.  So far, it has stood up to washes better than anything else in our boys dresser.  No pills, fading, stretching or falling apart.  Did I mention how adorable everything is?  I was thrilled to find out that this isn’t a limited collection and Cat & Jack is here to stay.

Here are some picks from the current line.  Everything is 20% off right now with the code “KIDS” at check out.

  1. Baby Girls Badger Tee – $4.50
  2. Two Piece Bear Coveralls Set – $9.99
  3. Short Sleeve 5 Piece Bodysuit Pack – $9.99
  4. Baby Boy 3 Piece Sock Set – $3.99
  5. “Genius” Raglan Sweatshirt – $5.00
  6. Baby Boys Dark Wash Jeans – $11.99
  7. Floral Piped Dress – $14.99
  8. Baby Bear Hooded Jacket – $6.99
  9. Baby Girl Paint Dot Leggings – $4.99
  10. Deer Mary Jane Baby Shoes – $8.99
  11. Organic Long Sleeved 3 Piece Bodysuit Pack – $14.99

Etsy Round-Up – September Aster


Birthstones and zodiac signs get all the love, but birth flowers are such a lovely tradition.  My boys share July’s Larkspur with me.  September brings lovely Aster, which symbolizes patience, daintiness and remembrance, as well as deep emotional love and affection.  So happy birthday September babies!  Here is a collection just for you from Etsy…

Top to bottom from left to right:

Twin Life

Twin Life on Lost and Fawned

Life is very different in our little house.  Like Jared said when I was having a hard day, when the babies arrived “it was like going cold turkey on your old life”.  Suddenly everything is different.  Sometimes I wish I could have one more night of real sleep or one more day where I could lay in bed and do nothing at all, but I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world.

As I type, I’m rocking two bouncers with my feet… scratch that.  I’m rocking one bouncer with my feet, holding Harrison and typing one handed.  (TWO HOURS LATER)  Both are finally napping at the same time, so I probably have 15 minutes before one of them will be hungry.  You get the idea… what i like to do is to keep some food on a cooler for my days throughout the day so that when they are hungry they can just take something, by the way, two guys publish great reviews of the best coolers on this site you will find the cooler that makes my life easier.

If you want to get your daily fix of twin baby smiles as well as my usual photos quilting, crochet and vintage, remember to follow me on Instagram.  I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging and aiming to post twice a week for now, but I post on Instagram nearly every day.  Harrison is stirring, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s going to be searching for food like a baby bird.  Have a lovely Thursday!

Splendid 10 / Month One

Splendid 10 - Must Have Items for First Month with Baby

I know there are millions of posts out there about “must have baby products”.  I looked at tons of them while I was pregnant.  Everyone has different needs and priorities, so none of these should be taken as fact, but rather what worked in one family’s experience.  Well here is mine.  I’m hoping to do these every so often as the boys grow so I can share the items that I purchased, used and loved and tell you why.

So we were clueless about what we would actually need and what would be a luxury when the boys arrived.  There were some things I thought I wouldn’t need or had too much of that actually ended up being a godsend and honestly we didn’t have much that we didn’t use.  Here are my top 10 for the first month…

  1. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat:  I did so much research to find a car seat that would fit in our Mini Countryman.  We ended up settling on this one after reading tons of reviews and looking at it in store.  We couldn’t be happier.  Not only does it fit nicely in our compact backseat but they are super quick to install and click in and out of their bases super easily.  /  Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat – $199.99
  2. Non-Diaper Bag:  Who said you have to buy a DIAPER bag.  As long as it carries what you need and is durable, get one you love.  We opted to get a classic Fjallraven backpack in Sand and it’s perfectly sized for what we need, the backpack is way easier to carry while wrangling twins and it was cheaper than official diaper bags.  /  Fjallraven Kanken Daypack – $60.39
  3. Burp Cloths:  You can’t have too many.  And they don’t have to be cute.  These classic cloth diapers make perfect inexpensive burp cloths.  I got a set and keep them in a bin on top of the changing table.  /  Gerber Birdseye Cloth Diaper 10 Pack – $12.34
  4. Wubbanub Pacifier:  I had always heard that soothie pacifiers were the best, but our little guys had trouble keeping them in their mouths.  I saw these on one of those “must have” lists and grabbed one on my first post-baby Target run.  They boys love them.  They easily clutch the little animal and can keep them in their mouths all by themselves.  Plus, the animal makes them easy to find when they go missing.  We have a fox and a giraffe.  /  Wubbanub Fox Pacifier – $13.95
  5. Boon Bottle Drying Rack:  I confess that I purchased this not only because of the good reviews, but because it is adorable.  I’m glad I did.  Since we are constantly washing and drying bottles, this set sees a lot of action.  And it looks really cute on our kitchen counter.  /  Boon Grass Bottle Drying Rack Set – $34.99
  6. Wipe Warmer:  I usually see this luxury on the list of items people didn’t use.  We actually ended up buying this one ourselves after a few weeks of middle of the night diaper changes.  Since we have two babies to feed, change and sooth back to sleep, we try to keep stimulation as minimal as possible at night.  Wiping them with a cold wipe often startled them awake and made easing them back to sleep a struggle again.  This was $20 and was worth it for us.  /  Munchkin Wipe Warmer – $19.76
  7. Receiving/Swaddling Blankets:  After our shower I thought there was no way we needed that many blankets.  I had made some and we received piles of them from people.  Little did I know that they would be one of the most versatile things in our dresser.  Swaddling, cleaning up emergency spit up, an impromptu diaper changing station, gathering and carrying dirty onesies, rolling them up to support their heads in the stroller… I use them and wash them constantly.  You can’t have too many blankets.  /  Carters Flannel Receiving Blankets – $24.95
  8.  Wrap Style Carrier:  We have a double stroller that we do use, but these are my favorite way to take the babies places right now.  We have two wraps (although I have seen that you can carry both twins in one) and when we go to Costco or for a walk, we each wear a baby.  They love them.  After I put one in the carrier, I bounce a little bit and he’s down for the count.  We did this for a 2 hour walk at an art festival and to get coffee and they slept almost the entire time.  Plus since they are right against your chest it helps deter “baby-touchers”.  /  Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – $35.68 (We also use a Cozitot Wrap Carrier as a less expensive option)
  9. Avent Glass Bottles:  We ended up using bottles a lot more than we anticipated (long story for another post) and I was so glad we had these sterilized and ready.  I wasn’t super comfortable with heating their milk in plastic, so I opted for glass.  These bottles are wonderful.  They clean easily, are super durable and they come with a more natural shaped nipple that the boys easily latched and used right away.  /  Set of 6 4oz Avent Glass Bottles – $49.99  (Also pictured Avent Bottle Sleeve)
  10. Whale Bath Scoop:  This guy is super cute and is my favorite bath time tool.  It’s huge and pours a nice waterfall of warm water on their little tummies.  They seem to love it.  /  Skip Hop Whale Scoop – $9.99

BONUS – Costco Membership:  One thing that isn’t pictured that we invested in, is a Costco membership.  We plan to start cloth diapering once things settle down, but in the beginning when things were SO HARD we started with disposables.  We are fully committed to using cloth long term, but for my sanity and survival, I couldn’t handle it in the beginning.  With twins, we burn through diapers and it’s expensive.  Kirkland diapers from Costco are cheap (192 for $29.99) and I prefer them to name brand diapers.  We have way less leaks with them and the boys can wear one overnight without needing a change until morning (unless they get them dirty).  Costco is also great for formula, quick meals that just need to be tossed in the oven and stocking up on necessities so you don’t have to run to the store for toilet paper.

So those were our first month essentials!  We survived partially in part to the items on this list.  What were your “must haves” when you brought your kiddo home from the hospital? 

Some links in the post result in commission based on sales.  Links like this fund hosting and support that keep Lost & Fawned on the web.  All opinions are my own and I only vouch for products I use and love.

Welcome Vaughn & Harrison

Welcome Vaughn & Harrison on Lost & Fawned

So I’ve been away and obviously a lot has happened.  Last time I posted a personal update we were pretty newly pregnant with our twins and honestly, I think I still didn’t totally believe it myself.  Well, on July 21st at 10:13 PM at 38 weeks exactly, we welcomed Vaughn Anderson and Harrison Otto into the world and have been getting to know them ever since.  They are perfect and amazing and life is very different.  In the next few weeks I plan to do a little write up about the end of my pregnancy and our delivery.

This does mean a change in direction for Lost & Fawned.  While I was dealing with the pain of infertility, I vowed I would never become a “mommy blogger” if I was lucky enough to have children.  I still don’t want to blog exclusively about child related topics, but the reality is that I am now a full time mom and these little guys are my life 24/7.  So Lost & Fawned will become a blog that covers parenting related topics.  I will still be blogging about crafting, backpacking and design, but I have to blog about things I know and right now my life is all about diapers, spit up and soothing two tiny humans.  I understand that this won’t be relatable to all my readers, but I hope you understand.  I plan to keep my parenting posts pretty real.  I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything, but it hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows and I appreciate bloggers who are honest about their experiences, good and bad.

So with that, things will be resuming here.  I’m not sure what my posting schedule will be.  The babies are very demanding and my days are unpredictable.  I have lots to share and have been bottling up ideas for posts.  Thanks so much for your support over the years.  Looking forward to sharing this new phase of my life and the blog with you all.

Etsy Round Up / Bear Hug

Etsy Round Up on Lost and Fawned - Bear Hug

I love bears.  Logan has always been our “bear dog” ( Finn is our “fox dog”), we have a huge print of a bear above our bed and I often refer to these twins as the cubs.  Lucky for me, bears are totally trendy and you have find tons of them in stores and on etsy.  Here is a quick round up of some of my favorite etsy bears.

Starting in top row, from left to right:

Backpacking Summer Layers

Backpacking Sumemr Layers on Lost and Fawned

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and USUALLY that’s the start of our backpacking season.  With all the changes and my current condition, I’ll be spending this year lounging in the air conditioning instead.  If I could spend the long weekend in the woods, I’d be bringing lots of layers as usual.

The heat is here!  It’s going to be in the 80’s (finally!!) this week during the day, but the weather is still unpredictable so layers are a must.  I usually like to wear a t-shirt when I wear my pack.  I don’t like to wear anything that is too loose or too strappy.  Both make me uncomfortable when I tighten my pack.  We are pretty easy going hikers, so typically in summer I ditch my boots and wear something like these Keens.  I don’t recommend it for everyone, but for me it works.  I included two options for bottoms.  I would probably bring both.

  1. Rocky Ridge III Hoodie from Columbia – $39.99 SALE
  2. Patagonia Linear Fracture V-Neck from Moosejaw – $29.00
  3. Prana Double Headband from Moosejaw – $7.99 SALE
  4. Icebreaker Via Shorts from Sierra Trading Post – $69.97 SALE
  5. Keen Clearwater CNX Leather Sport Sandals from Sierra Trading Post – $69.95 SALE
  6. The North Face Motivation Crop Leggings from Sierra Trading Post – $39.95 SALE
  7. Hydro Fask 12oz Insulated Bottle from Moosejaw – $17.56 SALE

This post uses affiliate linking that does result in commissions based on sales.  Posts like this help provide Lost & Fawned with necessary funding for hosting and support needed to keep this site going.  All opinions expressed are my own and I only feature products I love.