Daffodils & Crullers

Spring is officially here.  I came home yesterday and Jared had daffodils and butterfly cruller cookies from his mom waiting in the kitchen for me.  I thought the cookies were so pretty when I put them on a clean white plate today after lunch.  She makes each one with love and they are fried in an electric skillet she received as a wedding gift.  They don’t absorb much oil in the process, so they are light, crispy and not as unhealthy as other fried cookies and donuts.  She dusts them lightly in powdered sugar.

Killer Bridal Shoe: Poetic License “Spring Blossom”

Can a bride out there please wear these?  Just for me?  I would love to see a bride with beautiful overlapping raspberry red and pink leaves adorning her toes.  Plus the purple patent heel and pink sole?  To die for.  Did I mention they come in green and magenta as well?  Nordstrom

Astulabee: Ghosts

Ever since I first laid eyes on Astulabee‘s Ghost series I have been haunted by them (I know that is a terrible pun, but it is true!).  Something about the strangeness and mystery of them just really attracts me to them.  The little guy on the left I find myself particularly drawn to.  I really debabted on  posting them because I’m so afraid someone will snap this little guy up and I just like to look at him and think “someday I’ll take you home”.  Jared thinks they are weird, and they are.  But that’s why I like them.

She also create gorgeous horses, cats and other soft sculpture.  Check out her website for more of her work and where to find them.

Practical Painting Tips from Apartment Therapy

Since my dad worked for companies like Sherwin Williams and Glidden I’ve been house painting since I could hold a paintbrush.  He taught me to paint like a pro and it’s something I’ll always cherish (I know it’s not a typical fond childhood memory, but it’s useful right?).  I know quite a few tips and tricks of my own but I am loving the article today on Apartment Therapy on practical painting tips.  Using a nail hole to drain paint from the lip is particularly clever but was one of those palm-to-forehead/”why didn’t I think of that” moments.

Check out the full article here for more tips and tricks.

Just lovely.

On flickr by Simon Filip.

Hope you are having a lovely Monday.  See you tomorrow.

Today I’m Wearing: Backcountry Contemporary

It’s a good thing I had new purchases waiting for me when I got home from my trip because my luggage went missing.  This at least pads the blow a little.

Today I’m wearing a couple new pieces I recently bought on etsy.  I guess I’m feeling a little dangerous and slightly rustic in my Snowy Owl Claw necklace by Lux Coronette and Antique Knife print t-shirt by Thief and Bandit (who I featured last week).  Both have back country inspiration but a very contemporary edge that I love.

The feminine touch of the sweetheart neckline detail on the shirt print is wonderful and flattering.  It gives it so much more interest than plopping a design square in the middle of the shirt.  The knife pattern is subtle and you really don’t notice what it is until you take a good look at it.

The necklace is really a masterpiece as well.  It’s made from recycled bullet castings, “using bullets to create, and not destroy” as they so beautifully put it on their listing.  It’s very heavy and hangs really beautifully.  Eventually I would love to go back for the petite Hawk Claw necklace.

Monday Morning Smile: Rescued

I’m going to try and brighten up your Monday mornings (as well as mine) with something adorable or funny to get the week started off right.

This morning I had to share this photo I ran across on flickr by Simple Tess.  Here is the story behind this lovely capture:

“I caught my mother’s cat playing with this baby chipmunk. He curled up in my hand and did not seem to want to leave. I found his family’s hole and set him by it. He slowly retreated to the hole, but turned around to look back out at me and considered coming back to my hands! It was love.”

Have a wonderful week!  I have lots in store as I unpack and settle back in to routine.

Happy Easter.

Lovely Ducking, originally uploaded by toey™.

Hope you all are having a lovely Easter Sunday. I’m heading down to do a little shopping and then hoping on a red eye flight back to Ohio at 11pm. I will be back at home tomorrow morning.

My Treasury is on the front page right now.

Yay!  Something in the back of my head told me to hop onto etsy’s front page half an hour ago and sure enough there was my “Leaving on a jet plane” treasury I grabbed on Wednesday while I was packing.  Head on over and check it out right now if you get a chance!  I’m so excited for all the sellers featured!

Trend Test Drive: “Jeggings”

I’ve really been fascinated by all the blog raving about “jeggings”.  If you don’t know, “jeggings” are a combination of leggings and jeans.  At first when I heard about them, I have to say I was a little horrified.  I imagined the black stretch pants with rhinestone seaming and faux outlined pockets and zip fly that my dance instructor used to wear.  But some fabulously fierce bloggers have been raving about them lately so I’ve been curious to give them a test drive.

I didn’t want to spend much on them so I headed to the Brass Plum section of Nordstrom where things are trendy and less expensive.  I found this pair for only $39 and took a few sizes into the dressing room.

First of all, the slipped right on.  I discovered there was no zipper, just a button.  This particular pair is a little more denim-like than some of the other “jeggings” they had.  But they have a really nice stretch to them, buttoned easily and didn’t squeeze my hips in a flattering way.  One thing I LOVE is that they are shorter than most jeans so for a petite girl like me there is no hemming required.  I miss the front pockets a little, but I like that there is no pocket bulge on the front.  They are super comfortable.  I will most certainly be wearing these on my red-eye flight home this Sunday.  They really do fit beautifully.  They are skinny in all the right ways and this particular pair isn’t so skin tight that I look like a stuffed sausage. I think upon first glance they look convincing.

Overall, I am certainly keeping them and I think they will be a staple for my summer wardrobe this year.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I’m glad I didn’t pay a fortune for them and I went for a pair that are more on the jean side than the legging side.  My recommendation is to give them a try.  Take a pair in the dressing room with you and try them on with a floaty tank or boyfriend t-shit.  They are great to balance tops with a lot of volume.