Lovely Blogger List: Who am I?

I’m an avid reader of more blogs than I can count.  But when I ran across the Lovely Blogger List this week I was immediately flooding my reader with tons of new, fresh and beautiful blogs to follow.  I think it’s such a wonderful idea to create a hub for all these beautiful corners of the web to  share experiences, learn new things and be inspired!

If you are interested in getting your blog on this lovely list visit this page and post an entry on your blog with info and photos about what you create and what inspires you.

My name is Lindsey Elisabeth Fowler.  I recently graduated with a BFA in interior design (focusing on retail, hotels and restaurants) from the Columbus College of Art & Design.  While in school I also dabbled with a bunch of different mediums and got a minor in Art History focusing on the classics.  I grew up in the west where I lived in Utah and Oregon but moved out to Ohio where I finished school and found a university.  My family moved back out west but I fell in love with a midwestern boy and got married in August of 2009 (pictures coming soon!).  We have a goofy dog, Logan who keeps me company during the day and a silly bunny, Colonel Brandon who makes us laugh at night.

When I graduated there were no jobs to be found so I spent my days at my desk creating as much as I could to keep my skills sharp as well as help pay the bills (we were planning a wedding after all).  I love jewelry making, sewing, drawing, printmaking, paper craft, photography, baking, trying to cook and upholstery.  I’m always playing with new mediums and often say I have too many hobbies for my own good.

I’m inspired by so many things.  I have a large collection of vintage books.  I love the classics and collect vintage copies of Jane Austin novels.  When I have nothing to read I love to re-read an old favorite from a new book.  I think it almost gives it a new life to read it from a different edition.  I get a lot of inspiration from my background in art history.  I find the colors and drama of the baroque and northern renaissance very inspiring and keep my art books close at hand.  I always have my google reader tabbed on my browser and check it just about every hour to see what blogs have updated.  I love seeing what other people are creating and it keeps me motivated to try new things and keep exploring.

I currently run a few shops on etsy, but my original and most widely known is Lost & Fawned, a jewelry shop consisting of vintage jewelry and my own creations inspired by vintage art and photos.  While I’m creating I love to open my old green jewelry box full of vintage costume jewelry and turn on a movie such as anything from BBC’s Jane Austin series, an old classic from my Fred and Ginger collection or something else from the MGM glory days and just work for hours.

I recently started both a home division and a destash shop on etsy as well.  My home division features vintage and antique pieces for the kitchen, library, walls and any other nook or cranny.  I love bundling vintage books together by theme or color and listing them as a collection.  I also create handmade bunting, pillow shams and beautiful pillow forms made out of vintage floral sheets.  I’m constantly playing with new ideas for all my shops and try to keep them as fresh as possible.

Keds Century Collection – 1910’s

On the hunt for some sneakers to carry you through this spring a summer?  Something classic that has a little edge?  Check out these online exclusive Keds designed to celebrate a century of shoes.  I love the oxford inspired detailing that makes these a tad fancier than your average Ked.  I personally love the olive, but the white is great too.  To top it off, in true Keds fashion, they are affordable!  Only $50 a pair!


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the heat of summer.

From Owl Gardens on Flickr.

Vintage Find: Glass Baby Bottles

I recently came across and bunch of vintage glass baby bottles and found myself drawn to them for some reason.  Perhaps it was the increments of measurement in red.  Regardless, I took them home and right now I have one on my table filled with daffodils from Jared’s mom’s garden.  It’s adorable and is just the right size for a hand cut garden bouquet.  It makes me wish I had a baby shower coming up.  I think these would be the perfect vase for fresh flowers in a nursery.

Want your own vintage glass baby bottle?  I have a few listed in my home shop.  Want more than one?  Send me a convo!  I have 3 I’m willing to part with.

Herb Roasted Chicken from PWC

It’s stormy and cold outside again today and whole chickens were on sale at the local grocery so I figured it was high time I roasted a chicken.  I think I’ll be modifying this herb roasted chicken recipe from the wonderful Pioneer Woman Cooks and stuffing it with a lemon and garlic and using some lemon pepper on the outside.  I think I might serve it with potatoes but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Light permitting I will to post some pictures tomorrow and will most certainly let you know how it goes.  Also bookmarking her recipe for petite vanilla bean scones for a later date when I’m feeling adventurous.

Things I Love: Lamixx Asymmetrical Halter

I love new takes on old classics.  As I’m writing I’m currently wearing my Lamixx asymmetrical halter in vintage red that I recently purchased from Jacqueline Rose’s beautiful etsy shop.  It’s a unique twist on the classic halter.  The back is incredibly flattering and the fabric is soft, comfortable and washes well.   It looks adorable tucked into a high-waisted skirt of untucked with a pair of shorts or skinny jeans to show off the curved bottom on the back (reminiscent of your favorites vintage baseball tee).  Most certainly a staple in my summer wardrobe this year.

She also has other beautifully made basics in her shop like white v-necks, black leggings and slouchy sweatshirts (that don’t look dumpy).  All are made of beautiful fabrics, have interesting lines, a beautiful fit and  handmade right here in the US.

Afternoon Walk

Took a lovely afternoon walk with Logan yesterday around 3:00.  It was so lovely and warm.  I was actually able to wear a tank and feel sun on my shoulders for the first time this season!  All the trees and bushes are in full bloom right now.  There were so many gorgeous pinks, whites, yellows and spring greens.

I wore my new “jeggings” (see trend test drive post), a sailor striped appliquè tank and my new Lux Coronette owl talon necklace.  My hair was still a little wet from the shower and I let it air dry in the sun.

I’m so glad the weather is finally turning.  I hear we’re supposed to have a couple days of thunder storms soon, but even that is better than snow (rain I can handle, I grew up in Oregon for goodness sake).  We need to find some cute vintage deck furniture for our tiny front porch.  Off to check craigs list!

Accessorize Me: My Picks

So here are my picks for the Target bistro set in red enamel.  I think a grass green would be a great way compliment the red.

For special occasions I would probably put up some bunting in shades of green and put a festive vintage tablecloth on the table.  I have the most perfect little vintage 1970’s goblets in green glass that would look so lovely on the table as well.

Accessorize Me: Target Bistro Set in Red

We have a tiny little front porch on our apartment and since the weather is getting nicer we wanted to find a little dining set so we could have dinners outside, sit and read or just hang out with a drink.  I found this bistro set from Target online that I think would be perfect!  Compact, easy to fold and store or move, on SALE and has some pop (and a cute perforated design in the enameled metal top!).

So, how would you accessorize it?  What plants, lanterns, etc?  I’ll show you my picks later.

PS:  It also comes in white, yellow and blue.  I’m still kind of considering the white, but something about that red…

Seychelles for Summer

If you know me at all you know my favorite shoe brand is Seychelles.  They fit my feet, are comfortable, cute as can be and they are typically around $100 full price so when they go on sale they are totally affordable.  I spent my morning oogling their sunny summer yellows and having total shoe-lust.  Here are my picks.

Above is the Rita in Vacchetta currently at $99.  Zappos

Trip the Light Fantastic is gorgeous in yellow (shown) or Taupe.  Zappos

Lastly, Veronica in Light Grey is so mellow and warm with her gold accents (not to mention on sale at $76.58!).  Zappos