The Trip / The Outfit – Quebec City in Autumn

The Trip - The Outfit - Quebec City in Autumn on Lost and Fawned6 years ago when we got married we didn’t end up going on a honeymoon.  It just wasn’t the right time and we couldn’t afford more than a couple of extra nights at our hotel.  But we did plan one.  We had originally planned to spend some time in Quebec City in September or October.  So today’s The Trip / The Outfit post is featuring that trip (but today, instead of 6 years ago).

Since you end up doing a ton of walking in any city and the weather can be unpredictable in fall, I would bring a good pair of comfortable boots.  These Sorel’s can go from the streets to the parks easily.  I would keep a pair of flats in my bag to change into if we were going into a nicer restaurant or historic church.

I picked pieces you could dress up or down for evening dinners or afternoon hikes.  When traveling, I invest in a good bag and good shoes.  Everything else I save on.

Photo at top of graphic by Luc (Secretsamba)on Flickr.

  1. Cable Knit Sweater in Light Gray from AEO – $49.95
  2. Red Plaid Scarf from Zappos – $28.00
  3. Hue Super Opaque Tights from Amazon – $12.50
  4. Classic Leather Ballet Flats from Gap – $39.95
  5. Lace Hem Skirt in Olive from AEO – $39.95
  6. Out and About Boots from Sorel – $110.00
  7. Timbuk2 Manhattan Tote from Zappos – $149.00

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Portland / Summer 2015

Portland Trip - Summer 2015 on Lost and Fawned

I spent a good chuck of the end of June and beginning of July in Portland.  This time it was a little different since I had a travel buddy to show around for the first week.  We did all the classic Portland “must sees”, like Powell’s, Voodoo Donuts, Stumptown, the Chinese Gardens, etc.  As an extra treat (which ended up being the trip highlight) was whale watching in Depoe Bay.  If you are looking for a serious experience, look up Carrie Newell’s excursions.  The boats are small and Carrie knows these whales.  It was totally magical.

After Caty left, it was time to kick back and relax with my mom.  We went back to the coast for the 4th of July and spent time learning to crochet and watching Investigation Discovery crime shows.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  For my birthday, my mom got me tickets to see the Timbers in a regular season match.  The seats were great and they won!  I can check that off my bucket list now.

With my schedule for the next 6-12 months, I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance to fly out.  I’m hoping I can squeeze a last minute trip in this winter.  I miss my family and the ocean.

For more photos from my trip, follow @lostandfawned on Instagram.

Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

When I was home visiting my family over the holidays, my brother and I seized the opportunity to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden for free when we brought a box of canned goods for the local food bank.  It was my first time there and even in winter it was just beautiful.  Without all the leaves and colors, you really get a chance to appreciate the architecture and sight lines.

It’s so hard to believe that this little oasis is right in the middle of the city.  It’s easy to get lost in a moment and feel like you are in another country entirely.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The most captivating part for me was the floors.  Each pattern has meaning and were carefully hand laid by a skilled team of craftsmen.  As a total surface design nerd, I couldn’t take my eyes off the ground.

Lan Su Chinese Garden Floors on Lost and Fawned

If you are in the Portland area, it’s totally worth a visit even at full price and even in winter.  Visit their website for details and hours.

The Trip / The Outfit: Kauai in Winter

Today’s The Trip / The Outfit is a double feature!  I was so inspired by the beautiful island of Kauai and the photographs by Michael Fenichel that I decided to put together two outfits for my imagined trip to the island during the winter rainy months.  I would probably stay at the Hanalei Surfboard House, which comes highly recommended by my parents.  I would pack light and bring clothing pieces that are versatile and functional.

The first look is for a day exploring the island shops and a casual dinner (maybe at Tacos Al Pastor, which is supposed to be amazing).  The dress is easy to throw on over your bathing suit and I included a lightweight cotton jacket with a hood for sudden showers (it won’t protect you completely, but it will help).  The necklace adds some glamour to the casual look for dinner and the bag is perfect to take you from the beach to shopping.

The Trip - The Outfit  -  Dinner in Kauai, Hawaii during the Rainy Season

  1. Gypsy SOULE Layered Necklace from Zappos – $40.00
  2. Books on the Beach Dress from Modcloth – $49.99
  3. Joie NICE Sandal in Platinum from Piperlime – $99.50 SALE
  4. Cotton Hooded Jacket from H&M – $49.95
  5. Ray-Ban ‘Erika’ Sunglasses in Blue from Amazon – $76.44 SALE
  6. Laser-Cut Bucket Bag from H&M – $39.95
  7. Orange Bikini Top & Bottom from H&M – $17.95 & 12.95

The second look takes advantage of the amazing rain forests and landscapes on the island.  My trip would certainly include some adventure.  Maybe a helicopter ride over the mountains, or a hike through the rain forests or to hidden beaches.  There are some amazing hikes on the island ranging from beginner to a more advanced trail.  I included a GoPro adventure camera to capture your trip.  A lightweight rain jacket is essential not only for sudden showers, but for cooler vistas and canyons.  I prefer to summer hike in a sport sandal that provides protection for my feet and grip, but also lets them breath.

The Trip - The Outfit  -  Hiking in Kauai, Hawaii during the Rainy Season

  1. White Sierra Trabagon Rain Jacket in Spruce Green from Sierra Trading Post – $36.95
  2. Icebreaker Willow Tank Top in Mimosa from Sierra Trading Post – $27.95 SALE
  3. Outdoor Products Moxie Day Pack in Grape Mist from Amazon – $25.99 SALE
  4. GoPro Hero3 Camera from Amazon – $199.99
  5. Klean Kanteen with Sport Top from Amazon – $21.95
  6. Just Right II Waterproof Capri Pants from Columbia – $55.00
  7. Teva Omnium Sport Sandal from Zappos – $65.99 SALE

Both of the featured pictures in these graphics are courtesy of Michael Fenichel.  Check out his website for a bunch of beautiful photos from his world travels.  I’d also like to thank Dr. Mike (aka Aloha Doc) for his expertise.

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

Greetings from Oceanside, Oregon



Im still enjoying some time off, but I wanted to touch base quickly.  I’m heading home on Sunday, so we will be back to our normal posting schedule next week.  It’s cloudy today, but the weather has been warm and beautiful.  My mom and I have been checking out a few museums and restaurants, but we mostly sit in the house and watch the waves (and Netflix) or go for walks.  My brother and I went to the Tillamook County Fair (which was a blast) and hiked to the beach at Cape Lookout State Park (which was gorgeous).

We will be heading back to Portland on Wednesday or Thursday to shop and spend time with family.  After that I will be on a plane home to see my husband and dogs.  I am missing on out 5th wedding anniversary this Friday, but we are planning to celebrate when I return.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more updates on my trip.  The next time I post will probably be when I return next week.  Have an awesome day!

Summer Travel in Comfort

Traveling in Comfort and Style on Lost and Fawned

I’ll be getting on a plane in 2 weeks to visit my family.  I go 2 (sometimes 3) times a year and it’s a very familiar flight for me, so I have my routine and packing list down to a t. I always hunt for a good Expedia UK promo code so I always save good money. Today I’m sharing my favorite outfit for summer travel.  As always, this is what works for me on my 8-10 hour itinerary.  Here are the details…

  1. A Roomy Tote Bag:  I usually shop for price, but my carry-on bag is a place where I am willing to spend a little money.  I don’t like to carry and purse AND a tote (mostly because I have to save one of my bags for my rolling suitcase), and this beautiful leather tote works as both.  It carries everything neatly and unzips to open wide enough to not need to rummage around blindly.  /  Setauket Travel Tote by Lucky Brand
  2. A Jersey Maxi Dress:  I get cold, but on longer flights I hate being stuffed into jeans.  A soft jersey maxi is about as close as you can get to pajamas without actually wearing PJs.  It’s not for everyone, but it works really well for me.  I love this one because it has a waist without having to wear a belt to take off in the security check.  I have a similar one in black I will be wearing on my flight.   /  Summer Night Stroll Dress from Modcloth
  3. A Watch:  I try to keep my jewelry minimal, but I like to wear a watch when I fly.  Running for gate to gate is stressful enough without having to dig through your bag to find your phone to check the time.  I bought myself this classic little watch for my birthday this year and it’s great to wear casually, professionally and in dressier situations.   /  Mini Marci Gold Mirror Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs
  4. Flat Stud Earrings:  If you are going to wear earrings I prefer to wear a flat stud, just in case I want to sleep (try leaning your head on a pillow with raised or dangley earrings) or wear headphones.  Plus they are minimal enough that you can probably wear them through security (don’t quote me on that).  /  Matte Gold Flat Metal Earrings from Jacobs & McCartney Collection
  5. A Cardigan:  As I mentioned earlier, I get cold.  A little cardigan is easy to stuff in your bag or ball up for a pillow if needed.  I have a very similar to this one that I wear constantly over summer dresses.  /  Merona Cardigan in Oatmeal from Target
  6. Easy to Slip Off Sandals:  I prefer to wear a sandal or open flat when flying in summer.  I like a little bit of ventilation around my toes.  These are easy to slip off (no buckles) in line for security or in flight when you are ready for a nap (I like to bring a pair of fuzzy socks for longer flights).  /  Concentrate Gladiator Sandals by Seychelles
  7. A Scarf:  I always travel with a big, lightweight scarf.  I use it as a pillow, blanket and wear it instead of a necklace (which would set off the metal detectors).   /  Fringe Fest Scarf in Lilac from Modcloth

In my Carry On Bag on Lost and FawnedI also wanted to touch on a couple of my favorite things to bring in my carry-on bag when I travel.  This isn’t everything I bring, but it’s a good collection of some of my must-have type items.

  1. Boar Bristle Brush:  I started doing the whole “no-poo” thing a little over a month ago, and one of my favorite discoveries was a boar bristle brush.  It’s great for a little light de-greasing in the summer and leaves my hair baby soft (sometimes staticy, but a paper towel with a little water tames it right down).  I keep one in my purse for when I get off the plane to freshen up before meeting my loved ones.  /  Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Brush
  2. Hand Sanitizer:  Space for liquids in my bag are limited, but I make room for a little bottle of hand sanitizer.  Bathrooms can be crowded in airports and they can also be pretty icky.  This sanitizer from the Honest Company is my favorite.  It has a much gentler scent than conventional brands which makes it ideal to use in-flight.  /  Hand Sanitizer Gel from The Honest Company
  3. Hair Ties:  If a brush can’t save your hair after falling asleep during your flight, keep some of these in your bag and throw it up in a messy bun or teased ponytail.  /  Signature Hair Ties from Mane Message
  4. A New Magazine:  I usually treat myself to a new magazine at the newsstand while I wait to board.  It’s my own little traditions when I fly by myself (along with buying lo mien while on a long layover).  Dwell is one of my favorites.  It totally beats the in-flight magazine.  /  Dwell Magazine
  5. A Page-Turning Book:  I like to bring a really suspenseful book with me.  I get easily distracted in airports so I need something that is really going to hold my attention.  Bonus tip:  Tell the librarian you are going on vacation when you check out the book and they can sometimes extend the length of your check-out time.   /  Annihilation by Jake Vandermeer
  6. My Tablet:  It’s practically glued to my arm when I’m home.  Obviously it goes with me when I travel.  This case is adorable.  I just wanted to share it with you.   /  Heritage IPad Sleeve by Herschel Supply Co.
  7. A Special Treat:  These are my guilty pleasure.  I treat myself to a bag when I fly.  Seriously these are awesome.  I get them at Target for under $5.  /  Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Candies
  8. A Sleep Mask:  I think this is pretty self explanatory.  I save this for if I have a window though.  It might as well be a “do not disturb” sign and I don’t like to trap people in their seats.   /  Travel Mask by Ganesha’s Rat
  9. A Backup Battery:  Unless you are lucky to be in a seat with an outlet you are at the mercy of the batteries in your electronics.  I keep a backup battery in my purse just in case I get stuck somewhere or can’t find a free outlet at my gate.  Its nice to keep on in you dashboard in the car too when you are not traveling.  /  Pilot 2GS Dual USB Portable Charger from Poweradd

Happy travel this summer!

the trip / the outfit – Orcas Island, Washington

the trip the outfit - Orcas Island WashingtonIt’s almost time for summer travel.  I don’t think we’ll be taking any trips this year, but it doesn’t stop me from planning the hypothetical trips I would take if we hit the lottery.

A new addition to my list is a week in the San Juan Islands between Washington and Canada.  I’d rent a cabin on Orcas Island and spend the week hiking, whale watching and stuffing my face with farm-fresh, local produce.

  1.  Canvas Tote Bag from GAP – $37.99 on sale
  2. Striped Tee from H&M – $14.95
  3. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses from H&M – $7.95
  4. Gray Canvas Sneakers from Target – $15.99 on sale
  5. Knee-Length Denim Shorts from H&M – $24.95

Image of Orcas Island by Danny Nicklas from  Feel free to pin and share this graphic, but please link back to this post so others may find sources and information regarding the featured items.  Thanks!


Vacation in Oceanside, Oregon

Oceanside Oregon in Winter - Lost and Fawned

I’m back!  Jared and I had a very relaxing holiday visiting my family on the west coast.  We spent a bulk of the time in Oceanside on the coast, just west of Tillamook, we rented a house near the beach on nice outer banks vacation rentals from for two weeks.  Once the fog lifted we had amazing weather all through Christmas.  After putting the turkey in, we ventured around the Cape Meares end of town.  We even managed to see some whales as they began their winter migration through the area.

It’s nice to be back in our own bed and home with our dogs, but I’m already longing to be back by the water.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the week.  More can be seen by following me on Instagram.

Oceanside Beach - Lost and Fawned

Exploring the Oregon Coast - Lost and Fawned

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Oceanside Cliffs and Caves - Lost and Fawned

Oceanside Oregon - Lost and Fawned

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My Favorite Travel Tips // with Marriott

My Favorite Travel Tips

For many of us, the holidays mean travel.  In our case this year we are currently on the Oregon coast staying with my family over Christmas.

Having a family as spread out as my own, I have picked up quite a few of tips that have made time away from home much easier.  Here are a few of my favorite travel tips…

  • Never wrap gifts before packing them.  If you are unlucky enough to have your bag selected for search, they will unwrap them anyways.  Instead pack tissue paper and gift bags and wrap them when you arrive.
  • Even if your main goal during a trip is to visit family, consider booking a hotel room instead of crashing on someone’s pull out bed.  Adding a couple of nights at a downtown hotel in the nearest metropolis can make a trip to visit family feel like a vacation.  Plus you can throw your clothes wherever you like and sleep in as late as you want without your mom knocking on the door in the morning.
  • A month before your trip, subscribe to the deal sites like Living Social and Groupon in the city you plan to visit.  You will likely be eating out a lot, and saving $25 here and there can really add up.  They also often feature discount tickets to events and attractions.
  • Always remember to check the expiration date on you ID if you are flying.  I’ve had mine expire while I was out of town and flying with an expired ID is not fun.
  • Pack a few of your favorite tea bags.  When a trip get stressful, it can be a real comfort to make a cup of familiar tea before bed.
  • Leave a clean house.  There is nothing worse than coming home to a mess.

Lately I have been craving a trip back to Washington D.C.  Check out this interactive trip planner for D.C.  Resources like these (this on courtesy of Marriott) are great tools to help plan ahead so you can spend your time exploring instead of sitting in your room scouring the internet when you arrive.


A huge thank you to Marriott for sponsoring this post.  Marriott is always one of our first choices when traveling.  We especially enjoyed our stay at one of their new SpringHill Suites when we were back in Columbus.  The boutique hotel feeling made the quick weekend feel more like a swanky vacation.  Don’t even get me started on our view from the 18th floor of the Fallsview Marriott in Niagara.  It was the highlight of our trip.  With over 3,800 locations in 74 countries, you can find a Marriott no matter where your destination may be.

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Plan for our Hall Nook

Upgrading the Hall NookWhile we wait to get started on the bathroom renovation, I thought it would be a good time to knock a mini-renovation off our list.  The little nook in the upstairs hallway (which is really just more of a landing at the top of the stairs) has been begging for some shelves since we first looked at the house.

It’s a really tight space so it’s difficult to photograph.  The above photos were from when we first moved in.  The one on the left is after we ripped up the old carpet (only to uncover the worst pine floors I have ever seen) and the photo on the right is during the inspection before we moved in.  We have painted the hall since we moved in and we did get new carpet, but otherwise that nook has stayed bare.

I dusted off Google SketchUp and got out my handy drawing board and I have a visual for you!  It feels good to stretch my designer muscles again.  Anyways, back to the plan!Plan for our Hall Nook

The plan is pretty much three “simple” things.  Simple goes in quotations, because everything “simple” we set out to do always ends up being not-so-simple in the end.

  • Add Shelves  //  This is the part Jared will be assisting me with.  I bought some brackets online and we are planning on doing a semi-floating shelf.  The brackets will probably show, but they shelves should still feel lightweight in theory.  We are kind of winging it, so we’ll see how this goes.
  • New Art  //  Or old art… I need to go through some boxes in the basement and see what I have from the old apartment that is not being utilized.  If I can’t find anything suitable, I might buy something new.
  • Find a Hamper  //  Harder than it seems!  It has to be 16″ wide or narrower to fit in the nook.  I would like something tall since we go through way more laundry than 2 people should.  And of course I want something attractive but also affordable.

And that’s it!  It should be a quick project.  We are planning on putting the shelves up this weekend.  At least getting the brackets hung and the shelves cut.  I’m planning on painting them white to match the trim.  I’ve already started trying to track down a hamper.  It’s proving to be a challenge already.  Any tips would be appreciated.

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