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Oceanside Oregon in Winter - Lost and Fawned

I’m back!  Jared and I had a very relaxing holiday visiting my family on the west coast.  We spent a bulk of the time in Oceanside on the coast, just west of Tillamook.  Once the fog lifted we had amazing weather all through Christmas.  After putting the turkey in, we ventured around the Cape Meares end of town.  We even managed to see some whales as they began their winter migration through the area.

It’s nice to be back in our own bed and home with our dogs, but I’m already longing to be back by the water.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the week.  More can be seen by following me on Instagram.

Oceanside Beach - Lost and Fawned

Exploring the Oregon Coast - Lost and Fawned

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Oceanside Cliffs and Caves - Lost and Fawned

Oceanside Oregon - Lost and Fawned

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My Favorite Travel Tips

For many of us, the holidays mean travel.  In our case this year we are currently on the Oregon coast staying with my family over Christmas.

Having a family as spread out as my own, I have picked up quite a few of tips that have made time away from home much easier.  Here are a few of my favorite travel tips…

  • Never wrap gifts before packing them.  If you are unlucky enough to have your bag selected for search, they will unwrap them anyways.  Instead pack tissue paper and gift bags and wrap them when you arrive.
  • Even if your main goal during a trip is to visit family, consider booking a hotel room instead of crashing on someone’s pull out bed.  Adding a couple of nights at a downtown hotel in the nearest metropolis can make a trip to visit family feel like a vacation.  Plus you can throw your clothes wherever you like and sleep in as late as you want without your mom knocking on the door in the morning.
  • A month before your trip, subscribe to the deal sites like Living Social and Groupon in the city you plan to visit.  You will likely be eating out a lot, and saving $25 here and there can really add up.  They also often feature discount tickets to events and attractions.
  • Always remember to check the expiration date on you ID if you are flying.  I’ve had mine expire while I was out of town and flying with an expired ID is not fun.
  • Pack a few of your favorite tea bags.  When a trip get stressful, it can be a real comfort to make a cup of familiar tea before bed.
  • Leave a clean house.  There is nothing worse than coming home to a mess.

Lately I have been craving a trip back to Washington D.C.  Check out this interactive trip planner for D.C.  Resources like these (this on courtesy of Marriott) are great tools to help plan ahead so you can spend your time exploring instead of sitting in your room scouring the internet when you arrive.


A huge thank you to Marriott for sponsoring this post.  Marriott is always one of our first choices when traveling.  We especially enjoyed our stay at one of their new SpringHill Suites when we were back in Columbus.  The boutique hotel feeling made the quick weekend feel more like a swanky vacation.  Don’t even get me started on our view from the 18th floor of the Fallsview Marriott in Niagara.  It was the highlight of our trip.  With over 3,800 locations in 74 countries, you can find a Marriott no matter where your destination may be.

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Upgrading the Hall NookWhile we wait to get started on the bathroom renovation, I thought it would be a good time to knock a mini-renovation off our list.  The little nook in the upstairs hallway (which is really just more of a landing at the top of the stairs) has been begging for some shelves since we first looked at the house.

It’s a really tight space so it’s difficult to photograph.  The above photos were from when we first moved in.  The one on the left is after we ripped up the old carpet (only to uncover the worst pine floors I have ever seen) and the photo on the right is during the inspection before we moved in.  We have painted the hall since we moved in and we did get new carpet, but otherwise that nook has stayed bare.

I dusted off Google SketchUp and got out my handy drawing board and I have a visual for you!  It feels good to stretch my designer muscles again.  Anyways, back to the plan!Plan for our Hall Nook

The plan is pretty much three “simple” things.  Simple goes in quotations, because everything “simple” we set out to do always ends up being not-so-simple in the end.

  • Add Shelves  //  This is the part Jared will be assisting me with.  I bought some brackets online and we are planning on doing a semi-floating shelf.  The brackets will probably show, but they shelves should still feel lightweight in theory.  We are kind of winging it, so we’ll see how this goes.
  • New Art  //  Or old art… I need to go through some boxes in the basement and see what I have from the old apartment that is not being utilized.  If I can’t find anything suitable, I might buy something new.
  • Find a Hamper  //  Harder than it seems!  It has to be 16″ wide or narrower to fit in the nook.  I would like something tall since we go through way more laundry than 2 people should.  And of course I want something attractive but also affordable.

And that’s it!  It should be a quick project.  We are planning on putting the shelves up this weekend.  At least getting the brackets hung and the shelves cut.  I’m planning on painting them white to match the trim.  I’ve already started trying to track down a hamper.  It’s proving to be a challenge already.  Any tips would be appreciated.

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Backpacking Gear Picks

After a couple of summers with our current gear, I’m ready to make some recommendations.  Backpacking gear is a great investment if you enjoy the outdoors.  Once you have your gear, all you have to pay for is food and gas and you have a weekend getaway.  We headed to a national park over the long weekend on pretty short notice.  Since we had everything we needed it was easy to pack it all up in an evening and hit the road in the morning.

Here are some tried and true pieces and some good investment items…

Backpacking Gear Picks on Lost and Fawned

  1. Kelty Women’s Coyote 75 Internal Frame Backpack //  I love this pack.  It’s lightweight, holds EVERYTHING and has padding in all the right places.  Jared has the exact same one in the men’s version.
  2. Green 12-Ounce Camp Mug  //  If I could only take one piece of serving-ware (and often times that’s the case) it would be a good enameled mug.  Mine is lime green, but this one is classic.
  3. Women’s Warmer Hat  //  If you have cold nights and mornings (like we did last weekend) you will be thankful to have a warm hat.  This one is cute too!
  4. Teva Women’s Dozer III Sandal  //  I don’t love wearing boots.  I like my feet to breath and since we usually have to deal with mud and water, I prefer a sandal style hiker.  These are great.  I have used these for a couple of years and the hold up great and are super comfortable.
  5. Clif Bar Energy Bars  //  I always pack a couple of these.  They are tasty and packed with energy.
  6. Aluminum 20 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot  //  We have used and abused this pot.  We usually fill it with food or other supplies on when we’re hiking and at camp we use this to sterilize water (after running it through a filtration pump) and to make our meals.  This particular one is nice and big.
  7. Army Surplus Canteen & Cover – Major Dads Military Surplus  //  You can find tons of these  at your local army surplus.  They are cheap, rugged and should last forever.  They also keep water nice and cool.
  8. Striped Tank  //  When we’re walking, I like to wear a nice long tank or tee with a a light jacket.  This striped one from Smartwool is perfect for layering and built for the outdoors.
  9. Smartwool Jovian Socks  //  It’s a good idea to invest in a few pairs of good socks.  Your feet will thank you after a few miles and a couple of chilly nights.

Disclosure:  Some links on my blog will result in commission to me if it results in a sale.  These types of links help me pay for things like hosting and general blog maintenance.  All opinions expressed are my own and I only post items I genuinely love.



instagram portland tip on lost and fawned

A week or so ago I spent a little over a week with my family in Portland.  I was only supposed to stay for a long weekend, but at the last second, we switched my flight and I nearly doubled the length of my stay.  Here are a couple of highlights from the trip…

  1. My “little brother” Murphy, wearing Bonnie & Clyde via Bonlook.
  2. A glorious city chicken at Pistils Nursery in the Mississippi district.
  3. Midnight breakfast and milkshakes with my little brother at the Original Hotcake House.
  4. Got upgraded to Economy Plus for the trip home.  Love that 5 extra inches.
  5. Visited Mecca (aka the Schoolhouse Electric Showroom).
  6. Vintage card file heaven at Schoolhouse Electric.
  7. Sun!  My last couple days in Portland were beautiful and warm-ish.
  8. Mount Hood saying “goodbye” during my sunrise flight back to Ohio.

For more of my trip and day to day life on Maple Street, add me on Instagram.


Ohio Weekend Getaway - via Lost and Fawned

We needed a weekend away.  After a handful of searches for a getaway in Ohio on the internet, Jared tracked down the Homestead House Bed & Breakfast in Willoughby, Ohio.  It had amazing reviews on Trip Advisor so we booked right away.  We were not disappointed.  The room was spacious, clean and cozy.  King sized canopy bed, fireplace and large jacuzzi tub.  The perfect room to relax and unwind.  Of course I made a classic mistake and brought my camera, but forgot my memory card, so you’ll have to live with phone photos.

Let’s start with breakfast…

Eggs Cups - via Lost and Fawned

Cobbler -  via Lost and Fawned

Seriously serious breakfast.  Every morning the innkeeper made a full 3 course breakfast from scratch.  From our room I could smell muffins (the most amazing white chocolate blueberry muffins fresh for the oven, still warm and gooey) baking.  The muffins were followed by egg cups with sausage and a blueberry black raspberry cobbler for dessert.

We left right after breakfast on Saturday to drive out to the Wildlife Center at Penitentiary Glen Reservation.  The wildlife center serves as a temporary home for local animals who need rehabilitation and a permanent home for animals who are so injured they cannot safely return to the wild.  These animals work as “ambassadors” to educate the public on local animal life here in Ohio.  It’s free to the public and is connected to a small nature center full of local history and taxidermy specimens from the region.

Wildlife Center -  via Lost and Fawned

The lady fox is my favorite.  She has so much personality and is so active.  We also love the birds of prey.  It’s amazing to see them up close.  We arrived just in time to see some of the residents eat breakfast.

With so much of the day left we went to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Jared hasn’t visited since way before the huge renovation.  It’s always free so we spent a long 6 hour afternoon browsing the collection.

CMA -  via Lost and Fawned

 We had lunch in the atrium, admired our favorite pieces and giggled quietly in the galleries at less-than-flattering portraits.

CMA -  via Lost and Fawned

We made it back to the B&B by 6 0′clock and spent the rest of the evening watching cable in our king sized bed and eating junk food until we both passed out.  I woke up in the middle of the night to find ourselves in the middle of a blizzard.  In morning we had a second amazing 3 course breakfast (cinnamon rolls, puff pastry stuffed with eggs and ham, fresh fruit and panna cotta).  We had a slow morning and packed up.  We were eager to see our pup, but made a pit stop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Book Shop -  via Lost and Fawned

We killed time in a bookshop where I picked up a handful of used books for my upcoming trip home.  Jared found this charming finch book that reminded us of when we had a flock of finches.  Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream opened at noon and we were the first ones in the door.  I never miss a chance to savor a bowl of Jeni’s ice cream perfection.  I had the classic buckeye and dark chocolate.

Jenis Chagrin -  via Lost and Fawned

We were on the road again by 1 o’clock.  It was so nice to have a short drive home, instead of a long road trip.  Logan was happy to see us and exhausted from a weekend at the Pooch Palace.  Logan and Jared both collapsed in bed when we got home.  It was a great trip, but it’s always nice to come home to your own bed.

Is it time for you to take a mini-vacation or have you gone on a little getaway lately?  I’d love to hear about it!

We are in the dog days of summer here in Ohio and I could really use a vacation.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t think its going to happen this year.  But to get me through long Mondays I like to plan vacations in my head.

So today I put together 3 tote bags for 3 different vacations.  First is a weekend on the lake here in Ohio with a good book, lots of sun and cool water.  Second is a trip to San Diego with trendy orange (waterproof) lips, sunsets overt he Pacific and great food.  Lastly, a road trip adventure with no plan, a trusty rucksack and aviators.

The Lake

  • LOCATION:  Kelly’s Island, Ohio (Photo via Trip Adviser)
  • BAG:  Pendleton YUMA SHOPPING TOTE – $198
  • SHADES:  House of Harlow 1960 Carmen Sunglasses – $138
  • APP:  Classics (just in case you finish your book early) – $.99
  • LIPS:  Burt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm – $5.98

The Beach

  • LOCATION:  San Diego, California (Photo via StefaniePoteetPhoto)
  • BAG:  Sea Bag from J Crew – $165
  • SHADES:  Deoria Sunglasses by TOMS – $119
  • APP:  VSCO Cam (to stylishly edit your travel photos on the go) – $.99
  • LIPS:  Sephora Lip Last Color in Orange Rocks – $12

Road Trip

  • LOCATION:  The Open Road, USA (Photo via Raceytay)
  • BAG:  ASOS Til Print Rucksack – $74.57
  • SHADES:  UB Classic Aviators from Amazon – $7.95
  • APP:  Trip Advisor (for last minute hotel/attraction reviews on the road) – FREE
  • LIPS:  Rosebud Salve – $6

Which trip would you choose?  What else would you pack in your tote?  Are you planning a late summer trip away?

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For the second long weekend in a row I was on the move this past weekend.  Jared, Logan (our big black dog), my brother Drew and I trekked down to the Dolly Sods Wilderness in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia for a 2 night back packing trip.  We ended up taking the Red Creek Trail, which follows the creek down a lush valley between rolling hills.

As soon as we stepped out of the car and started putting on our packs (after a 5 hour car ride) it started to rain.  Not just rain, but pour.  Needless to say, I was a tad cranky.  It was late, so we walked for an hour or so before I said the next good site we found we would be camping for the night.

It was a good plan.  This was the view from our site in the morning.  A beautiful overlook of the rapids and hills.  We had easy access to water and were set at a nice high elevation in case the river rose (flash flooding is always a danger when you camp on a river).

This was Logan’s first vacation.  He did remarkably well!  We did have the tether him at camp since he has a natural instinct to explore and we were in black bear country.  He loved laying by the fire and stealing our firewood.  I love this photo of him relaxing.  He did pretty well sleeping in a tent with us.  He was a bit of a bed hog the second night but he knew when we went in the tent it was time to lay down and sleep.

On our morning day hike we found ourselves in what felt like a rain forest.  Huge boulders covered in moss and giant trees, rhododendrons and ferns.  My little brother spends most of his free time at home at the bouldering gym so naturally he had to give the natural formations a try.

I found a tiny mushroom forest!  There was such an amazing variety of vegetation.  And everything was so green.  Moss on everywhere.

To get back to camp we followed the river.  The water was pretty cold, but it felt nice on tired feet and blisters. I ended up finding a mostly submerged boulder in the rapids, propped myself on it and let the water run over my legs for while.  Between the cool, moving water and the noon sun beating down on  my shoulders and face I was pretty content.

As soon as we got back to camp the thunder started rolling again and we settled down for an afternoon nap while the storm blew over.

This is the only picture of me from the trip.  I guess I was a camera hog.

Monday we packed up early and hiked back to the car.  We cut through Pittsburgh so I could pick up a couple of the usuals at Ikea.  We made it home by 7 PM and I hoped right in the shower.  I had so much fun, but I’m happy to be home.

We’re headed to the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia for a weekend back packing trip.  Hopefully it will be a somewhat relaxing memorial day excursion and will re-energize me to push through.  I’ll be back Monday nig

Hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Postcard via Heritage Post Cards.

Last weekend I made my quickest trip home to Portland ever.  My little brother (if you could call him “little”, he’s over 6 feet tall now!) was graduating from Pacific Northwest College of Art.  With a BFA myself, I know firsthand what an achievement that is.  I couldn’t be prouder!

5 AM flight out of Akron.  By the time I reached Denver I was feeling that 3 hours of sleep I snuck in.  Iced coffee and a blueberry muffin have never tasted so good.

I love flying west.  It’s seriously like time travel.  Being in Portland by 10:30 in the morning is an amazing feeling.

They don’t wear gowns for graduation, so in true Drew fashion, he managed to find a tux that fit the day before commencement.  I am so proud of him!  And I’m so glad was I was able to be there to see him walk across that stage.

As a parting gift PNCA brought in a drumline for the graduates that marched right into the theater as they were declared graduates.  The whole city could probably hear us.

I also did a little shopping on Saturday and for my birthday my mom got me a brand new pair of Nike Free Runs in beautiful “Hot Punch” neon coral.  I was hesitant about the color, but something was drawing me to them and my mom finally convinced me in the end.  It’s the first step in achieving the fitness aspect of my Before 30 list.  Time to get running!

Happy to be home.  Our garden sprouted while I was gone.  Jared also brought home an early birthday present for me while I was out of town.  Details on that soon.  I’ve been thrown a couple of curve-balls this spring and it’s going to be an interesting couple of months.  I’ve been slacking around here lately and I apologize.

With warmer weather comes adventure!  I hope your spring/summer is kicking off well.

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