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Novica Fair Trade Beaded Bracelets on Lost and FawnedAt Novica, the mission is simple… Spread Happiness.  They strive to create happy artisans by providing fair prices, no binding contracts and the opportunity to build a sustainable business with their craft.  Novica also creates happy customers by unique gifts at great prices.  They connect with artists and craftsmen around the world to bring together an amazing collection from jewelry to home decor to amazing sweaters and apparel.  You can read more about their mission and their process here.

Novica Free Gift Wrapping on Lost and Fawned

Novica Fair Trade Bracelets on Lost and FawnedEach gift comes gift wrapped… for FREE!  That’s right!  The wrapping you see in the photos above comes standard!  Some items are wrapped with materials from and in the style of their native country.  You can also pay a little more for deluxe gift wrapping if you want something a little more special.  This is a HUGE time saver during the busy holiday season.

Each item also comes with a booklet that tells you a little about the piece you receive and a message from the artisan.  On the website you can find more detailed profiles for each and every artist and craftsman.  It makes the whole buying and receiving process that much more personal.

Novica Fair Trade Cream and Sugar Set on Lost and Fawned

Novica Fair Trade Silver Earrings on Lost and FawnedThe team at Novica was kind enough to send me some of their beautiful products to experience the buying process myself.  I could not be happier.  After ordering, my items were shipping quickly and arrived in no time.  They were so beautifully wrapped.  These were a treat for myself after a very tough month, and it was so fun to open each package.

First up, these beautiful Sterling Silver Minimalist Square Hoop Earrings from an artist named Pichaya in Thailand.  Her silver jewelry ranges in style from very sleek and elegant (like these earrings) to more ornate and traditional.  I really needed something classic since I don’t have much silver in my jewelry collection, but these were also very tempting.  See more of her work here.

Next… more jewelry.  These Unakite and Jasper Beaded Bracelets are  from an artist named Tiraphan Hasub.  Each one is beaded by hand by the artist and the closure is the tiniest brass bell.  She has so many gorgeous beaded bracelets in her collection and it was very difficult to choose just one set.  They would look awesome mixed and matched and stacked.

Last but certainly not least, this Pig Cream & Sugar Set might be my favorite thing ever.  It celebrates the traditional art celadon ceramic glazing in a really fun and contemporary way.  The soft green color and fine cracks in the surface of the glaze is unique to this process.  Of course when we have guests they will be integrated into our breakfast table, but for now I think I’ll probably use them as little bud vases in the kitchen.  Find more ceramic pieces by Duangkamol here.  I’m smitten with this pair of celadon horse ornaments right now.

GIVEAWAY Novica Fair Trade Gifts on Lost and FawnedTo get your holiday shopping off on the right foot this month, Novica is offering one lucky reader a chance to win $75 for Novica.  Get yourself some beautiful holiday decor or a great serving piece for your christmas feast.  Or get some beautiful gifts for someone on your list.

It’s quick and easy to enter.  Please use the widget below to enter.  If you can’t see the widget, please click here to go to the page.  Giveaway ends on December 5rd.

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A huge thank you to Novica for generously sponsoring this post.  Good luck to all who enter!

Meet Studio 255

Meet the Team Behind Studio 255As you know, I strive to help you find the perfect gift for just about everyone during the holiday season.  Today I have found you something for any newlyweds, new home owners or growing families.  When I choose to go off registry from a wedding shower, my go-to gift is a custom address stamp.  Not only does it celebrate their union, but it also cuts down on tons of time when they go to address those invitations and thank you notes.

Studio 255 has a beautiful collection of customizable address stamps that range in style from elegant to playful.  If you need to shop for a book lover, they also have an amazing collection of custom bookplate stamps.  How beautifully old fashioned (and useful!) is this gorgeous stamp?  Not only do they provide a meticulously designed, high quality stamp, but you couldn’t support a sweeter family.

Studio 255 Address StampSydney and Mike took a few minutes to answer some questions to better get to know their work process, backgrounds, how they work as a team and give some advice to new small business owners:

What are you top three necessities when working/creating?
1. Coffee…or beer. Depends on the time of day.
2. Sydney at the computer (she is way better with the Adobe Suite)
3. That’s really it. I try to keep it simple.
I’m pretty minimalistic when I’m designing – after spending 5 years designing for a busy marketing agency – the only thing I need is some peace and quiet. The only exception being if Mike’s home and decides to keep me company/contribute to the designs, that’s always more fun than designing alone. If I’m assembling wedding invitations or some other task involving my hands, then I like having plenty of company (to help/chat with) or a good TV show on to enjoy while I work.


What’s your perfect Saturday?
A motorcycle ride with my dad and brother in the morning. After the ride, we get brunch and I eat a huge skillet (victory pancakes included) and a lot of coffee. Then Sydney, Luke and I go for an afternoon outing to the Arboretum, or some other nice outdoor space. End with grilling out on the new deck and enjoying a beer.
I’m totally in agreement with Mike for the after-brunch portion of the day that he described, I love when we can do stuff like that as a family. But instead of going for a motorcycle ride (I’m too chicken!), I’d rather be playing with Luke until it’s time for his first nap, then heading upstairs to my office to knock things off of my to-do list. That way I can spend the rest of my day footloose and fancy free!


What’s the soundtrack in your studio right now?
Mostly pop punk music from the early 2000s.
Usually the only time I listen to music while designing is over the summer when I have to start working on our holiday line – then I need a good loop of Christmas music to get me into the right mindset.


As the team behind Studio 255, do you divide the duties of your business or take on everything together?
A little of both. We collaborate on some of the design stuff, but for getting orders filled and out the door, we divide and conquer.


 Your best tip/advice for new designers/craftsmen:
Being a successful creative type takes a lot more than just being great at your craft. You might make the best hand-knit kitten mittens in the world, but if your website is confusing, no one will find your product.
Persistence, patience, and problem solving. It takes a lot of time to make that first sale, be found by bloggers, and develop a customer/fan base. You’ve got to just keep creating and coming up with new ideas, and then getting those new ideas in front of the right people. And eventually if it’s not working, it’s imperative that you look at the situation with a critical eye and make course corrections. Thanks to the internet, there’s someone out there who wants what you’re making, you just need to find them.


Studio 255 Stamps - Stationary - SuppliesA huge thank you to Sydney and Mike for taking the time to share with us while they prepare for a busy holiday season.  Be sure to visit their shop for amazing gifts and cards.  For more Studio 255, you can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

This post is sponsored by the wonderful people behind Studio 255.  All opinions and words are my own and I only include products and artists I truly love.  If you would like your own in-post feature, please visit my sponsor page for details.

Dark & Delightful Halloween Party

Dark and Delightful Halloween PartyI’ve committed to making two handmade costumes this year, so I have been working my fingers off.  But it totally has me in the Halloween spirit!  We are not hosting a party and we never get trick-or-treaters on our street, but that doesn’t stop me from decorating.

If I was having a Halloween party, I would love throw a small dinner party with some close friends and family.  I would stay true to our love of antiques and brass.  I love the idea of faded peach roses, dusty lambs ear and eucalyptus centerpieces on black tablecloths.  Adding a simple mask to your portraits and photos is a quick way to dress them up.

  1. Printable Halloween Invitations from Design by Detail
  2. Cranberry Apple Cider Cocktail from Jelly Toast
  3. Bat Filled Front Door from Country Living
  4. Elegant Floral Halloween Centerpiece from Style Me Pretty
  5. X-Ray Glassware from West Elm
  6. Strapless Lace Mask from The Midway
  7. Masked Portraits from Country Living
  8. Chocolate Espresso Layer Cake from Savory Simple
  9. Lace Pumpkins from Honestly WTF
  10. Candlestick Mantle from Style Me Pretty

Whale of a Tale / Etsy Round-Up

Whale of a Tale - Etsy Whale Round-Up on Lost and Fawned

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ll be heading home in just 2 weeks to spend 10 days with my family.  A good chunk of that time will be spent at the coast.  The last time we went to visit we got to catch the beginning on the winter whale migration and could see spouts from the deck of the house.  If you are ever given the opportunity to go whale watching, don’t hesitate.  One of my fondest memories is seeing whales up close and personal in their natural environment.  They are such beautiful creatures.

Here is a collection via the craftsmen and shopkeepers on etsy inspired by the beauty and power of whales.  Enjoy!

Covet / Jenna Rose

Screenprinted Hamper from Jenna Rose Handmade

Handmade Travel Bag by Jenna Rose

Jenna Rose Handmade - Bee Scarf

Nautical Hampers from Jenna Rose

Handmade Screenprinted Purse by Jenna Rose

Stormy Zipper Pouch by Jenna RoseToday’s Covet is a artisan I have admired for a long time.  Jenna Rose creates beautiful goods that are truly handmade.  She hand draws the illustrations, dyes natural fabrics, screenprints the old fashioned way and then turns them into bags, hampers, pillow covers, tea towels and more.  Every piece is meticulously crafted in her beautiful studio (converted from a barn, which is totally my dream!).

For more of Jenna’s work and purchasing, visit her at her Etsy Store or website.  And be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates.  Happy Friday!


My Fabric Collection on Spoonflower

Textiles and Fabrics by Ever So Splendidon SpoonflowerI’ve been a busy bee this month.  I’m finally getting to work on a long-time dream of mine, to create a collection of fabrics (and someday design a line for a major manufacturer).  I have a small collection of florals now available in my little Spoonflower Shop.  I’ll be adding more as I digitize all my sketches.  The process is time consuming, so I can’t quite keep up with my ideas.  For more information, check out my post on Ever So Splendid.  If you have questions or color suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

Be sure to follow me on Spoonflower for updates and new patterns.  Thanks!

Covet // Worley’s Lighting

Lamp by Worleys Lighting

Candle Holders by Worleys Lighting

Signature Bookends by Worleys Lighting

Worleys Lighting Candle Holders

Pedestal Lamp by Worleys Lighting

Worleys Lighting Lamp

We have always admired woodworking.  Recently Worley’s Lighting caught my eye.  They make stunning simplistic lamps, andle holders and bookends.  Everything is crafted by hand in North Carolina by this family run business out of quality woods.

For more information and purchasing, visit Worley’s Lighting on Etsy or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Covet // Seventh Tree Soaps

Seventh Tree Soaps Gift Set

Owl Soap - Seventh Tree Soaps

Serum by Seventh Tree Soaps

Owl Soap Gifts by Seventh Tree Soaps

Carrot and Bergamot Soap - Seventh Tree Soaps

Lotus Soap by Seventh Tree Soaps

Now that I have a freshly renovated bathroom and big soaking tub, I can’t stop trolling etsy for pretty soaps and soaks.  With spring upon us, I am in love with everything Seventh Tree Soaps.  The packaging and presentation is of course gorgeous, but take a moment and read through some of the scents… Chai & Vanilla (perfect for colder months), Sweet Orange, Carrot & Bergamot and of course Lavender & Rose (which is everything… EVERYTHING).  I want one of each please.  And I want 100 of those little owls.

For more or to purchase, visit Seventh Tree Soaps at their Etsy Shop.  Or follow them on twitter, facebook or their blog.

Covet / Boxwood Terrariums

Boxwood Glass Terrariums

Glass Terrarium by Boxwood

Glass House Terrarium by Boxwood

Boxwood Terrarium

Boxwood Glass Terrarium

Beautiful Glass Terrarium by Boxwood

I have a green thumb in the garden, but I have never been able to keep a house plant alive.  Still, I am totally fixated on terrariums.  Boxwood creates beautiful handmade terrariums in a variety of shapes and sizes.  While I love the idea of a classic plantscape inside a terrarium, if I could take one home I would probably use it to store my vintage thread spool collection or simply display it as is on the piano.

For more information and purchasing, visit Boxwood on etsy.  Or visit them on their website, pinterest or instagram.

Giveaway / Glint Candles

Glint Candles Giveaway - Lost and FawnedI’d like to introduce you to my my new favorite candle.  Glint Candles makes beautiful soy candles by hand.  Their list of thoughtful fragrances has something for everyone.

Chris and Lacey were kind enough to send me a one pound ‘Just Chillin’ (Refreshing cucumber and mint with a light infusion of lemon, ylang ylang, spearmint and orange) to try in our home.  I checked out their guide to getting the perfect burn and lit it up for it’s first burn while I did some quilting.  As you know, we have 2 big dogs.  This time of year when the snow gets slushy and the salt is on the sidewalks, they can get a little stinky between baths.  This candle quickly masked the doggy smell without being overwhelming.  ‘Just Chillin’ is a perfect mix of citrus and herb.  It’s fresh and clean and makes the house smell amazing.  Soy has some awesome benefits, one being how cleanly it burns which is good for your lungs and your walls.

The Process - Glint Candles

Glint makes all their candles the old fashioned way, pouring the high quality soy wax in beautiful reusable jars in Santa Barbara, California.  Their scent combinations are unique and complex.  The jars and containers are beautiful alone too.  After cleaning them out the Glint team has a ton of great ideas on how to re-purpose them.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

One lucky Lost & Fawned readers is going to get to customize their own Glint One Pound Candle with their choice of fragrance and stamp.  There are a lot of ways to enter.  The more ways you enter, the more chances you have.  Use the widget below to enter (if you don’t see the widget, click here to be taken to the giveaway page).

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Good luck!  And a huge thank you to Chris and Lacey, the amazing Glint team for sponsoring this giveaway!

Prize is provided by Glint Candles.  I received a sample product to provide readers with a thorough and honest review.  No other compensation was given and all opinions expressed are my own.