Spring Fruit Desserts from Martha Stewart

Spent my morning browsing Martha’s gallery of the most beautiful (and I’m sure delicious) spring desserts.  Lots of strawberries, rhubarb and (my favorite) raspberries.   I think I’ll give the buttermilk pudding cakes a try this summer for sure.

Oh yum.

These muffins look so delicious.  I love the simple paper lining with the slightly burnt edges.  I may have to look into what kind of paper to use for this.

Photo by in the morning via flickr.

Cinnamon Toast on PWC

As a kid I LOVED cinnamon toast.  This morning when I popped on my Google Feed and checked the Pioneer Woman Cooks I couldn’t believe that she was featuring just that.  It’s just toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar, right?  Wrong!  The ingredients are right but there are apparently 4 different executions of this simple dish and she covers all of them on today’s post.  I think I’ve been doing it wrong all my life.  I will certainly be breaking out the butter this week and trying it her way.

Green your kitchen with Evelyn Fields

I came across Evelyn Fields’ shop on a hunt for reusable unpaper towels.  But she has taken reusable kitchen goods to a new and wonderful level.  Not only does she carry gorgeous reusable cloth towels (pretty enough to use as napkins in a beautiful table setting) but she also carries cloth snack bags, bread bags and even coffee filters.

All of her products are made of Osnaburg which according to her blog post dates back to the 1730’s.  It is unbleached, natural and is strong and absorbent.

All of her products are beautiful, well made and environmentally conscious.  As a bonus, not only are you helping save some natural resources and landfill space, but if you care for them properly and use them long enough you can save money on groceries in the long run.

Be sure to check out her shop and blog for more tips and products to help “unplastic” your kitchen.

Out working on the herb garden.

I’ll be outside and around the house today working on the new herb garden for our porch today(our gardening tools are MIA after the last move, so I’ll be looking for those this morning).  I’ll try to sneak in some posting this afternoon.

For now I’ll leave  you with these adorable garden markers by Monkeys Always Look.  I would like to have a set made for our little container garden.

Appartment Porch Living

We currently live in a little rental, so we don’t have a big beautiful backyard to enjoy.  Instead we have a tiny wooden porch.  I love being outside, so I’m working on making it a place that is nice for the three of us (including the dog) to hang out on summer evening.

I of course ordered that bistro set from target in bright tomato red and love it.  It fits perfectly on one side of our little space and on a nice night last week we actually ordered a pizza (mmm… chicken, balsamic glaze, spinach, mozzarella, provolone, olive oil and garlic) and ate outside.  I have some lovely vintage table cloths that are just the right size if I’m feeling a little fancier.

Next project is our little porch garden.  This weekend at our estate sale rounds we kept our eyes out for the right containers for a herb garden.  We found these crates for under a dollar piece and I know they will be just perfect for a small selection of fresh herbs.  One of these nights we are going to go out and pick up the potting soil and herbs.  We also would like to try a small trellis of green beans (our very favorite veggie) in a container.  Anyone have experience with this?

Recap: Herb Roasted Chicken from the PWC

So I did it!  As I mentioned last week I was giving this roasted chicken recipe from the Pioneer Woman Cooks a try.  Well it actually turned out pretty beautifully and was really easy!  This photo was taken in gross natural light since it was getting to dark to take lovely photos, but you can see that the skin was nicely browned and the seasoning was baked in.  The aromatics inside (onion, garlic and lots of lemon) made the meat flavorful and letting it sit to redistribute the juice really did create one juicy bird!

Plus, the whole meal cost about $5-6 with the veggies and we were able to get 3.5 meals out of it (with just the two of us)!  What a deal!  Jared gave this one his seal of approval and said it was totally a make again.  I have to say I’m in agreement.

Tonight, beef stir-fry in the wok.

Herb Roasted Chicken from PWC

It’s stormy and cold outside again today and whole chickens were on sale at the local grocery so I figured it was high time I roasted a chicken.  I think I’ll be modifying this herb roasted chicken recipe from the wonderful Pioneer Woman Cooks and stuffing it with a lemon and garlic and using some lemon pepper on the outside.  I think I might serve it with potatoes but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Light permitting I will to post some pictures tomorrow and will most certainly let you know how it goes.  Also bookmarking her recipe for petite vanilla bean scones for a later date when I’m feeling adventurous.

Daffodils & Crullers

Spring is officially here.  I came home yesterday and Jared had daffodils and butterfly cruller cookies from his mom waiting in the kitchen for me.  I thought the cookies were so pretty when I put them on a clean white plate today after lunch.  She makes each one with love and they are fried in an electric skillet she received as a wedding gift.  They don’t absorb much oil in the process, so they are light, crispy and not as unhealthy as other fried cookies and donuts.  She dusts them lightly in powdered sugar.