Spring Wardrobe Additions

Spring Wardrobe Additions on Lost and Fawned

As you may remember, I have been going through a bit of a style-overhaul this year.  I’ve looked at what I have and what I like, identified the trends and have started purging what doesn’t fit.  Now I am slowly and carefully curating my wardrobe by adding specific missing pieces that follow my new set of rules.

I’ve added a few new items lately.  My budget is small, so everything has been purchased from vintage and thrift stores, were pre-owned or were on mega-sale.  So far I have done pretty well at finding things I love that also fit into my new look.

  • Sheer Dusty Rose Blouse:  I purchased this from a friend who was cleaning out her closet.  It has the cutest pleated details at the shoulder and on the sleeve, but is basic enough to mix with printed pieces.  It looks great over dresses or tucked into a skirt with a camisole.  (Similar: 1 / 2 / 3 )
  • Vintage Embroidered Blouse:  This little number was in an Instagram sale by Fog & Driftwood Vintage for just $10.  I love the floral detail around the neck.  Add a skirt and a cardigan and it’s ready for brunch.  (Similar: 1 / )
  • Statement Dress:  This was a clearance find at Boden.  I have been enamored by this ever since I saw it on Pinterest.  When I tracked it down it was on mega-clearance, but had to purchase it one size too large.  Before the weather warms up I’ll be taking it in an inch or two and hemming the skirt.  I can’t wait to wear this when it warms up.  (Similar: 1 / 2  )
  • Teal Cardigan:  This was a gift but it fits seamlessly in with my new look.  The color is so flattering and works in all seasons.  ( Similar: 1 / 2 / 3 )
  • Vintage Pleated Midi Skirt:  This was another pre-owned piece I purchased from a friend.  It was a little outside my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I took the risk.  It’s sheer, so it needs a slip (see next item) but it’s so breezy and can be dressed up or down.  It’s adorable with both of my new blouses but also looks super cute with a t-shirt.  (Similar: 1 / 2 / 3 )
  • Vintage slip (not pictured):  This also came from an Instagram sale for just $8.50 shipped.  I’m not going the whole nine-yards and wearing undergarments from the 40-50’s, but this is a good staple.  Plus it makes me feel pretty and feminine.  (Similar: 1 / 2 / 3 )
  • Suede T-Bar Pumps:  These are adorable.  I got them on sale with a gift card, so in reality they didn’t cost me anything.  I don’t wear heels on a daily basis, but I think I would like to try this spring.  (Seychelles ‘Trip the Light Fantastic’ Pumps  –  Similar: 1 / 2 / 3 )
  • Red Saltwater Sandals:  I already have a pair of these in basic tan.  They have been my summer go-to since I started walking.  I thought it would be fun to get a more vibrant hue this year.  (Saltwater Sandals)
  • Vintage Straw Handbag:  This was an impulse by from an Instagram vintage shop.  It’s so cute.  It makes me feel like I’m going on a tropical vacation.  (Similar: 1 /2 / 3 )
  • Vintage Silk Scarf:  I really want to play with my hair more.  I’m not ready for a 30 minute styling routine, but adding a scarf to my ponytail or as a head band (see this guide) could be fun.  This silk scarf was half off at the thrift store for a whopping 50 cents.  (Similar: 1 / 2 )
  • Vintage Sewing Reference Book:  This book is amazing.  I posted some previews on Instagram.  It’s a great reference as I modify garments and build some from scratch.

Have you started planning for spring or summer?  Have you ever gone through a complete wardrobe identity crisis? 

Hot Valentines Day Date Outfit for Chilly Weather

Valentines Day Date Outfit for Cold Weather on Lost and Fawned

If you live in the tundra that is the northeast, Valentines day can be a tricky balance between feeling hot and being cold.  I’ve put together an outfit that will get you from the car to the restaurant without getting frost bite.  It’s not going to be suitable for a trek through a blizzard.  I’m in love this this lipstick red wiggle dress.  The back is just flirty enough.  And the earrings add a little fun and cheekiness to the look.

  1. Love to Amble Coat from Modcloth  –  $64.99 *Sale*
  2. “Say Yes” Studs by Kate Spade New York  –  $48.oo
  3. Brave Pump in Black by Seychelles  –  starting at $75.50  (Alternative for snow: Impatient Bootie  –  starting at $97.50)
  4. Control Top Sheer Black Tights from Old Navy  –  $10.50
  5. Cozy Colorblock Scarf from GAP  –  $34.95
  6. Betty Ottoman Dress in Ladybird Red from Boden  –  $148.00
  7. Faux-Suede Crossbody/Clutch from Old Navy  –  $24.94

Valentines Day with Andrea Bonelli Jewelry

Valentines Day Picks from Andrea Bonelli JewelryWe are usually terribly practical when it comes to gift giving.  For Valentines Day and Anniversaries we usually stay in and make a meal at home. Gift giving usually becomes an excuse to replace an appliance (last year it was a range in the kitchen, I think the year before was a dishwasher).  But that is so unromantic.  Fellas (and ladies), do yourself a favor this year and treat your loved one to something sentimental.  Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, not appliances.

You honestly can’t go wrong with the classics… chocolate, flowers and of course jewelry.  It’s no secret that I love Andrea Bonelli‘s handmade and ethical pieces.  Andrea works hard to assure she uses ethically sourced gems and recycled metals in each of her stunning pieces.  With a wide range of styles and prices (pieces as low as $68.00) there is something for just about everyone.  I’ve put together a little collection of some perfect Valentine’s Day picks.  Do yourself a favor and pin a couple (you know… in case someone is trying to find you a last minute gift):

  1. 14k Garnet & Diamond Necklace
  2. 14k Rustic Heart & Charm Necklace
  3. 14k Petite Moissanite Studs
  4. 14k Gold Petite Ruby Studs  *Lost & Fawned Budget-Beautiful Pick*
  5. Diamond Beaded Eternity Ring

Andrea Bonelli Jewelry Valentines Day Picks on Lost and FawnedAct fast!  Valentines Day is in just under 2 weeks!  There is still time to get in your orders, but the deadline for shipping (excluding custom or special order items) is January 5th for US customers.  Check out more of Andrea Bonelli Jewelry by visiting their shop or following her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

This post made possible in partnership with Andrea Bonelli.  All opinions are my own and I only work with partners that I truly love.  For more information on sponsoring Lost & Fawned, please visit my Advertising Page

Is it spring yet?

Dreaming of a Vintage Spring - Lost and FawnedI know it’s early to start posting spring styles, but some of you are lucky enough to not live in a location that is in a deep freeze right now.  I’m shopping for those people right now.  Here is a random assortment of items on my wishlist right now.  I live in Saltwater Sandals in summer, and just bought another pair (in RED!!) for next spring.  Enjoy!

  1. “Oh what a sight” Sunglasses  /  $11.99
  2. Antique Victorian Locket from Misstiques  /  $65.00
  3. 1960’s Faux Straw Handbag from FripeFabrique  /  $50.98
  4. Art Deco Heart Ring from BlueRidgeNotions  /  $345.oo
  5. Saltwater Sandals in White  /  $34.99
  6. “Mesmerizing Metamorphosis” Dress  /  $64.99
  7. “Cut it Haute” Heel in Cognac  /  $31.99 SALE

Wardrobe Overhaul / 1940’s to 50’s

2015 Wardrobe Overhaul on Lost and Fawned - 1940's to 50's Style(Above: Dress from Dear Golden Vintage)

I know we have a long way to go until spring and summer (I swear winter is the longest season here in Ohio), but I’m already dreaming about sunshine and sandals.  I feel like I’ve been in a rut.  I’ve had a pretty rough year emotionally.  I’m still quite in the thick of it, but I’m feeling like 2015 could be a nice clean slate for me.  And I really want to make this summer awesome.

So I’ve been considering a little wardrobe overhaul.  I’ve always been drawn to the fits and silhouettes of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  It seems to suit my adult shape, and I love the feminine patterns and flirty but still modest styles.  I love authentic vintage pieces., and I plan to incorporate some into my new wardrobe, especially in my accessories and jewelry.  I’m already doing a lot of this, but I’d like it to become more of my signature.

I usually shop very impulsively with little to no thought as to whether it will fit seamless in with my other clothes.  I’ve been working on a Pinterest board that I will refer to when shopping.  If it doesn’t fit amongst the pins, then it has no place in my closet.

Wardrobe Overhaul on Lost and Fawned - 1940's to 50's Style(Skirt from Dear Golden Vintage / Dress from Birds Nest)

Visit my Pinterest Board to see the direction I’m heading and please comment with your favorite vintage shops online and favorite places to get reproduction or inspired vintage pieces! 

Collected / Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel

Hunters in the Snow Collection on Lost and FawedIt’s been cold here… like REALLY cold.  Today it’s a balmy 30 degrees but there is still a thick layer of snow on the ground.

I felt like pulling inspiration today from art. Did you know I minored in Art History?  If I was to start all over again, I may have majored in it.  I love studying the stories and people behind works of art.  ‘Hunters in the Snow, February’ by Pieter Bruegel the Elder is one of my very favorites.  The palette and textures for today’s collection are pulled from this piece.

  1. Give it your Best Guest Dress in Birds from Modcloth  /  $89.99
  2. Outerspaced Hoodie in Seat Salt from Columbia  /  $34.90 SALE
  3. Sorel Slimpack Riding Boots from Zappos  /  $210.00
  4. Mint Me Tonight Bag from Modcloth  /  $64.99
  5. Origami Fox Silver Earrings from Novica  /  $19.99 SALE
  6. Ribbed Hat from Gap  /  $17.99 SALE
  7. ‘Hunters in the Snow, February’ by Pieter Bruegel the Elder on Art.com  /  $39.99 +

The Trip / The Outfit – Home for the Holiday

The Trip - The Outfit  -  Home for the Holiday Weekend

We are trying to get our holiday plans lined up.  We might be going away for the weekend to visit family for Thanksgiving this year.  Here in the Midwest, you have to prepare for any type of weather this time of year, so layers are important.

I like to look feminine and semi-formal, but comfortable on Thanksgiving.  I included versatile pieces in this collection that can be worn in multiple ways.  That sweater is perfect for dinner, or to throw over your PJ’s for breakfast.  I always like to pack a pair of pretty slippers for a weekend trip.  I also included an adorable duffel and take-along dish so your sweet potato casserole arrives nice and warm.

  1. Minnetonka Slippers  –  $38.95
  2. 4-Piece Easy Grab Pyrex Set  –  $34.55
  3. Herschel Supply Co. Duffel  –  $53.60
  4. 2-Pack Opaque Tights  –  $14.00
  5. Lucky Basel Boots  –  $121.56
  6. House of Harlow Locket  –  $58.00
  7. Talk about Texture Dress  –  $49.99
  8. Cross my Hearth Sweater  –  $54.99

Vibrant Comfort

Vibrant Comfort on Lost and Fawned

This morning the sky is bright blue and the leaves are in their most vibrant stage, and all I want to do is eat a grilled cheese and tomato soup and wrap myself up in a blanket by the window.  That is what inspired this week’s coveted collection.  Simple comfort in vibrant and unexpected hues.  Enjoy!

  1. Kate Spade Carlyle Watch on Amazon  /  $168.75
  2. Grilled Cheese Print by Kendyll Hillegas  /  $25.00
  3. Pinky Promise Print by Emily Rickard  /  $32.00
  4. Writers Block Journal from Amazon  /  $12.30
  5. Full of Blithe Dress from Modcloth  /  $49.99
  6. Hunter Original Tour in Peacock from Zappos  /  $148.00
  7. Myth Perfect Jewelry Holder from Modcloth  /  $59.99
  8. 14k Stacking Rings from Andrea Bonelli Jewelry  /  $268.00
  9. Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Foods from Amazon  /  $22.13

Quick Costumes

It’s almost crunch time!  And unless you want to end up in whatever is left at the bottom of the bins at your local big box store (probably a shotty version of Miley Cyrus’ VMA look) you are going to need to get creative.

If you are going to spend money on a costume, I am a huge fan of buying things you can wear outside of Halloween parties.  I’ve compiled a few ideas for costumes that can come together partially from what is in your closet, or comprised of pieces you can re-style and wear year-round.

Quick Costume on Lost and Fawned - Nancy Drew CostumeI did this one last year!  This dress is perfect for sleuthing around an abandoned house in search of the source of mysterious voices.  And it can easily transition to a work outfit once you strip away the knee socks and magnifying glass.  For bonus points add a vintage (or reproduction) leather messenger bag to carry your detective tools and any artifacts you recover on your investigation.

  1. Work to Play Dress in Eggplant from Modcloth  /  $54.99
  2. Fine-Knit Cardigan in Black from H&M  /  $12.95
  3. Fine Knit Knee Socks in White from Nordstrom  /  $8.50
  4. Vintage Look Flashlight from Amazon  /  $24.49
  5. Rosewood Handle Magnifying Glass from Amazon  /  $4.99
  6. Oxford Pumps in Tan from Amazon  /  $28.90

Quick Costume on Lost and Fawned - Mad Men Megan Draper CostumeMaybe this is a little last year, but it’s such an iconic look from Mad Men that it won’t soon be forgotten.  For something a little sexier (but still classy and smart) try on Megan Draper’s look from the famous Zou Bisou Bisou scene.  Add a fierce cat-eye and a wig (or try a faux bob if you are a brunette) to complete the costume.

  1. Open Mic Songstress Dress from Modcloth  /  $89.99
  2. Rhinestone Bracelets from Target  /  $10.39
  3. Bayville Platform Loafers from Amazon  /  $89.95
  4. Crystal Cocktail Ring from Amazon  /  $12.99
  5. Handheld Microphone from Amazon  /  $7.74
  6. Seamless Fishnet Tights from Amazon  /  $19.99

Quick Costume on Lost and Fawned - Porcelain Doll CostumeFor something that is a little softer, dress yourself an antique porcelain doll in a lacy baby-doll frock.  Tights could add some coverage from cold autumn air if necessary.  I would add a heavy bottom lash and a more dollish lip shape to this make-up look to make it even more doll-like.  You could take it creepy too by adding a crack or two to your porcelain face and rip some holes in the tights.

  1. Sunlit Sweetness Dress from Modcloth  /  $89.99
  2. Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial from Doe Deere Blogazine
  3. 4-Pack of Fashion False Eyelashes from Amazon  /  $12.36
  4. Patent Mary Jane Pumps from Amazon  /  $24.69
  5. Big White Hair Bow from Amazon  /  $14.55
  6. Wheatley Teddy Bear from Amazon  /  $19.99

Have you settled on a Halloween costume?  Have you ever had to pull something together quickly for a party?  Please share your favorite quick costume ideas in the comments!

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

The Trip – The Outfit / Shopping in Columbus, Ohio

The Trip The Outfit  -  Shopping and Dining in Columbus Ohio in AutumnAutumn is the perfect time for a weekend away.  If you are in the midwest, Columbus is a great getaway for a weekend of food and shopping.  I’ve put together an outfit that would be perfect for a day in some of my favorite neighborhoods.  It would start with a  walk in German Village, then browsing shops in the Short North, dinner at any of the amazing restaurants on  High Street (might I recommend Surly Girl Saloon or The Rossi) and of course dessert at the world famous Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

Here are my picks for warm, comfortable and stylish look for this trip.

  1. Sleeveless Blouse from H&M  /  $9.95
  2. Charter School Cardigan in Camel from Modcloth  /  $34.99
  3. Opaque Black Tights from Target  /  $10.00
  4. Pink Circle Skirt from H&M  /  $59.95
  5. Lucky Ehllen Boots from Amazon  /  $139.00
  6. Heshe Leather Handbag in Dark Green from Amazon  /  $73.75

Image at the top of the graphic courtesy of Derek Jensen via Wiki.  Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!