Pantone Fall 2014 Colors

Pantone Fall 2014 Colors  on Lost and Fawned

Whether we like it or not, fall is right around the corner.  I always miss summer once it’s gone, but like a lot of you, I look forward to boots, layering and autumn fashion.

This season’s color forecast isn’t what you normally expect when you think of fall hues.  Many of the featured colors from Pantone lean toward the cool end of the spectrum and are soft and muted (with the exception of a few bright pops).  I love the idea of mixing these with the normal range rich of fall colors, like a Misted Yellow sweater over super dark jeans and rich brown ankle boots.  Or mixing a Mauve Mist scarf with a khaki utility jacket.  Of course the color of the year is Radiant Orchid and it’s a killer unexpected shade to adorn your nails.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear this season’s hottest colors…

Bachelorette Party Day-to-Night Look

Bachelorette Weekend Day to Night Look on Lost and Fawned

Bachelorette parties are so not my thing.  I’m a homebody, especially at night.  Once the sun starts to set, there is nowhere else I would rather be than sewing in the dining room, gaming with my husband or snuggled up in bed with the dogs and Netflix.  But, when you have an amazing sister-in-law that is getting married in a couple of months, sometimes you have to bow to fate and hit the bars.

This weekend I will be headed up to Cleveland for a brewery tour followed by dinner and the out for drinks and dancing.  My closet is not well equipped for this kind of outing, so I have had to get creative.  There won’t be much time to gussy up before going to the nighclub, so I’ll be switching out a couple of accessories and shoes to feel a little more fancy.

Here is a similar look to what I will be rocking this weekend.  The day look is for the tour and dinner and the night look is for dancing and drinks.

D R E S S  ::  Paint Love Grand Dress from Modcloth  -  $59.99

D A Y  L O O K  ::

  1. Pointelle Cardigan in Coral from Target  -  $9.18 SALE
  2. Narrow Embossed Belt from H&M  -  $5.95
  3. Right Chevron Time Necklace from Modcloth  -  $27.99
  4. Defined the Scenes Flats in Black from Modcloth  -  $29.99

N I G H T  L O O K  ::

  1. Emerald Clutch with Crossbody Strap from Target  -  $26.99
  2. Bright and Brilliant Earrings from Modcloth  -  $12.99
  3. Gold Metallic Skinny Belt from Target  -  $14.99
  4. Stagefright D’Orsay Sandals in Tan/Metallic by Seychelles  -  $34.82 SALE

Summer Travel in Comfort

Traveling in Comfort and Style on Lost and Fawned

I’ll be getting on a plane in 2 weeks to visit my family.  I go 2 (sometimes 3) times a year and it’s a very familiar flight for me, so I have my routine and packing list down to a t.  So today I’m sharing my favorite outfit for summer travel.  As always, this is what works for me on my 8-10 hour itinerary.  Here are the details…

  1. A Roomy Tote Bag:  I usually shop for price, but my carry-on bag is a place where I am willing to spend a little money.  I don’t like to carry and purse AND a tote (mostly because I have to save one of my bags for my rolling suitcase), and this beautiful leather tote works as both.  It carries everything neatly and unzips to open wide enough to not need to rummage around blindly.  /  Setauket Travel Tote by Lucky Brand
  2. A Jersey Maxi Dress:  I get cold, but on longer flights I hate being stuffed into jeans.  A soft jersey maxi is about as close as you can get to pajamas without actually wearing PJs.  It’s not for everyone, but it works really well for me.  I love this one because it has a waist without having to wear a belt to take off in the security check.  I have a similar one in black I will be wearing on my flight.   /  Summer Night Stroll Dress from Modcloth
  3. A Watch:  I try to keep my jewelry minimal, but I like to wear a watch when I fly.  Running for gate to gate is stressful enough without having to dig through your bag to find your phone to check the time.  I bought myself this classic little watch for my birthday this year and it’s great to wear casually, professionally and in dressier situations.   /  Mini Marci Gold Mirror Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs
  4. Flat Stud Earrings:  If you are going to wear earrings I prefer to wear a flat stud, just in case I want to sleep (try leaning your head on a pillow with raised or dangley earrings) or wear headphones.  Plus they are minimal enough that you can probably wear them through security (don’t quote me on that).  /  Matte Gold Flat Metal Earrings from Jacobs & McCartney Collection
  5. A Cardigan:  As I mentioned earlier, I get cold.  A little cardigan is easy to stuff in your bag or ball up for a pillow if needed.  I have a very similar to this one that I wear constantly over summer dresses.  /  Merona Cardigan in Oatmeal from Target
  6. Easy to Slip Off Sandals:  I prefer to wear a sandal or open flat when flying in summer.  I like a little bit of ventilation around my toes.  These are easy to slip off (no buckles) in line for security or in flight when you are ready for a nap (I like to bring a pair of fuzzy socks for longer flights).  /  Concentrate Gladiator Sandals by Seychelles
  7. A Scarf:  I always travel with a big, lightweight scarf.  I use it as a pillow, blanket and wear it instead of a necklace (which would set off the metal detectors).   /  Fringe Fest Scarf in Lilac from Modcloth

In my Carry On Bag on Lost and FawnedI also wanted to touch on a couple of my favorite things to bring in my carry-on bag when I travel.  This isn’t everything I bring, but it’s a good collection of some of my must-have type items.

  1. Boar Bristle Brush:  I started doing the whole “no-poo” thing a little over a month ago, and one of my favorite discoveries was a boar bristle brush.  It’s great for a little light de-greasing in the summer and leaves my hair baby soft (sometimes staticy, but a paper towel with a little water tames it right down).  I keep one in my purse for when I get off the plane to freshen up before meeting my loved ones.  /  Spornette DeVille 100% Boar Bristle Brush
  2. Hand Sanitizer:  Space for liquids in my bag are limited, but I make room for a little bottle of hand sanitizer.  Bathrooms can be crowded in airports and they can also be pretty icky.  This sanitizer from the Honest Company is my favorite.  It has a much gentler scent than conventional brands which makes it ideal to use in-flight.  /  Hand Sanitizer Gel from The Honest Company
  3. Hair Ties:  If a brush can’t save your hair after falling asleep during your flight, keep some of these in your bag and throw it up in a messy bun or teased ponytail.  /  Signature Hair Ties from Mane Message
  4. A New Magazine:  I usually treat myself to a new magazine at the newsstand while I wait to board.  It’s my own little traditions when I fly by myself (along with buying lo mien while on a long layover).  Dwell is one of my favorites.  It totally beats the in-flight magazine.  /  Dwell Magazine
  5. A Page-Turning Book:  I like to bring a really suspenseful book with me.  I get easily distracted in airports so I need something that is really going to hold my attention.  Bonus tip:  Tell the librarian you are going on vacation when you check out the book and they can sometimes extend the length of your check-out time.   /  Annihilation by Jake Vandermeer
  6. My Tablet:  It’s practically glued to my arm when I’m home.  Obviously it goes with me when I travel.  This case is adorable.  I just wanted to share it with you.   /  Heritage IPad Sleeve by Herschel Supply Co.
  7. A Special Treat:  These are my guilty pleasure.  I treat myself to a bag when I fly.  Seriously these are awesome.  I get them at Target for under $5.  /  Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Candies
  8. A Sleep Mask:  I think this is pretty self explanatory.  I save this for if I have a window though.  It might as well be a “do not disturb” sign and I don’t like to trap people in their seats.   /  Travel Mask by Ganesha’s Rat
  9. A Backup Battery:  Unless you are lucky to be in a seat with an outlet you are at the mercy of the batteries in your electronics.  I keep a backup battery in my purse just in case I get stuck somewhere or can’t find a free outlet at my gate.  Its nice to keep on in you dashboard in the car too when you are not traveling.  /  Pilot 2GS Dual USB Portable Charger from Poweradd

Happy travel this summer!

Something Charming / Charm Necklaces

Something Charming for Everyone - Lost and FawnedStatement necklaces are still going strong but lately I have been hooked on layering delicate charm necklaces and pendants.  I have a decent (and growing) collection of mixed metal charm necklaces.  Some are meaningful or heirlooms, others are just pretty fashion pieces.  I love mixing different lengths and metals with a v-neck tee and jeans or a sundress.  The end-look is always effortless.

Here is a mix of “charming” pendants in all shapes, colors and styles.  I think I found something for everyone.

  1. Coral Branch Necklace by The Vamoose  -  $36.29
  2. 14k Rustic Heart Necklace by Andrea Bonelli Jewelry  -  $204.00
  3. Solitaire Rose Gold  & CZ Pendant from GlitterLounge (via Amazon)  -  $28.95
  4. Delicate Silver Spike Necklace by Minnie Grace  -  $18
  5. “Stop and Smell the Roses” Necklace by Kate Spade (via Amazon)  -  $34.80
  6. Soho Initial Charm from Stella & Dot  -  $18.00
  7. Simple Circle Charm Necklace by Juliet Jewelry  -  $24.00
  8. Gold Charm Necklace by Lucky Brand (via Amazon)  -  $39.00
  9. Zodiac Braille Necklace by Leigh Luna  -  $39.00

Birthday Dream Outfit

Dream Birthday Outfit on Lost and Fawned

Today is my birthday!  Twenty seven years and counting.  When we have a free weekend we will do our annual zoo trip, my favorite birthday tradition.

Tonight Jared and I are doing dinner and seeing a movie (Tuesday is discount tickets day at our favorite theater).  I plan on dressing up a little for our date, but if I was granted a wish to pick out the perfect outfit for my birthday date, here is what I would pick out.

  1. Kate Spade Initial Necklace
  2. Day After Day Dress in Aviary
  3. Classic Hillier Hobo in Black by Marc by Marc Jacobs
  4. Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Earrings
  5. Swedish Hasbeens Heart Platform Sandals

I typically focus on more budget options, but birthdays are special, especially when you are granted imaginary wishes to shop to your hearts content.  So happy birthday to me!

New Frames for Spring

Bonlook Spring 2014 Frame Picks - Lost and Fawned

I think it’s time to consider bumping up my prescription again.  I can still function without wearing my specs, but it’s getting more and more difficult (getting older is awesome, right?).  The only bonus of new lenses, is a chance to try some new frames.  My Bonlook frames have stood up to two years of wear, and I am terrible about putting them in a case before I shove them in my purse, so that’s saying something.

My face is round, so I usually stick to square frames.  Thanks to the help of a stylist and Bonlook’s Perfect Fit questionnaire, I nailed it last time with my Bonnie & Clydes.   They are seriously perfect for my face.  Not too heavy, stylish but classic and they fit perfectly with the width of my face.  So do I stick with my old stand-by?  Or should I try something new?  I took the questionnaire again and got a few more options to consider…

If I’m being totally honest, I’ll probably stick with Bonnie & Clyde in Macchiato.  At heart I’m a pretty practical person and I know they are something I can wear everyday with just about any look.  I’m really digging Midnight Express in Blue for a sunglasses option though.  They look great from every angle.  Time to make an appointment with my optometrist…


the trip / the outfit – Orcas Island, Washington

the trip the outfit - Orcas Island WashingtonIt’s almost time for summer travel.  I don’t think we’ll be taking any trips this year, but it doesn’t stop me from planning the hypothetical trips I would take if we hit the lottery.

A new addition to my list is a week in the San Juan Islands between Washington and Canada.  I’d rent a cabin on Orcas Island and spend the week hiking, whale watching and stuffing my face with farm-fresh, local produce.

  1.  Canvas Tote Bag from GAP – $37.99 on sale
  2. Striped Tee from H&M – $14.95
  3. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses from H&M – $7.95
  4. Gray Canvas Sneakers from Target – $15.99 on sale
  5. Knee-Length Denim Shorts from H&M – $24.95

Image of Orcas Island by Danny Nicklas from  Feel free to pin and share this graphic, but please link back to this post so others may find sources and information regarding the featured items.  Thanks!


First May Weekend

May Weekend - Lost and Fawned

We have a full weekend planned to celebrate the first weekend in May.  If the weather holds out (fingers crossed) a majority of the weekend will be spent getting our garden planted, finishing up the mulching, filling the pots on our porch with flowers and generally getting our hands dirty outside.  If/when it rains, I am embarking on sewing my first garment (a floral wrap dress… yikes… stretch knits!).  If there is still time, I would love to hit the library and peruse the cookbook section for some seasonal recipes to add to the file.

Happy May!  I hope your weekend will be sunny and productive.  Summer is officially on it’s way in the Northern Hemisphere!

Spring 2014 Wishlist

Wishlist Spring 2014 - Lost and Fawned

Yesterday was the first official day of spring and it’s snowing out.  But the good news is that I spotted some bulbs popping up in the front yard.  We will be cooped up this weekend but I’ll be thinking sunny thoughts and browsing seed catalogs.  Hopefully it will be warm enough for sundresses and sandals soon.

I’m on a strict no-spending kick at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t window shop (and be a bad influence!).  Here are my picks to freshen up your spring wardrobe this year.  I know some are on the luxury side, but tax refunds are on their way!

  1. Star-Studded Cast Dress from Modcloth  -  $49.99
  2. 14k Gold Pear Pink Tourmaline Ring by Andrea Bonelli  -  $310.00
  3. Night Owl Glasses in Frosted Aqua from BonLook  -  $99.00
  4. Pink Multi Jutti Flats from TOMS  -  $84.00
  5. Blush Avalon Tote from Stella & Dot  -  $148.00

Product images are all property of the original cited sources.  Feel free to pin and share this collage, but please link lovingly back to this post so people can learn more about these picks.

Trend Guide | Dark Florals for Spring

Dark Florals - Spring 2014 Inspiration

As always, Spring means florals.  But there is a trend that started to emerge last year and is going strong for spring and summer.  Dark florals are trending in fashion, home decor and of course in floral design.  Pastels have never been very flattering for my skin, so this trend really sings to me.  Plus I have always been attracted to anything William Morris ever designed.  Colors always seem to be more vibrant against a dark background, like how chromatic and bright the trees and flowers look after a summer storm.

I’ve picked out some of my favorite dark florals in dresses, accessories, fabric yardage (for you DIYers), home and gifts.

above:  1. Hermes Spring/Summer 2014  |  2. H&M from Spring/Summer 2013  |  3. Elie Cashman Wallpaper  |  4. Last But Won Floral Tee  |  5. Givenchy Jacket  |  6. Saipua Bouquet

Dark Floral Dresses - Spring 2014above from left to right:  One Floral, All for One Dress $139.99  |  Bursting with Blossoms Dress $112.99  |  Retreat to the Rose Garden Dress $52.99


Dark Floral Accessories - Spring 2014above:  1. Rayban Wayfarers in Texture Surf – $112.58  |  2. Beautiful Botany Scarf – $22.99  |  3. Garden Party Getaway Bag – $84.99  |  4. Cheekster Panty in Dark Floral – $9.50  |  5. Friendly Ballet Flat – $29.99  |  6. Sophisticated Stroll Heel – $118.99  |  7. After You Flat in Navy – $44.99


Dark Floral Fabrics - Spring 2014above:  1. Vintage Floral Cotton Voile  |  2. Liberty of London ‘ Strawberry Thief’ Cotton  |  3. Black Floral Silk  |  4. Grant Park Navy Floral Cotton  |  5. Black Floral Design Japanese Fabric  |  6. Black Floral Cotton  |  7. Coventry Court Cotton


Dark Florals for Gifts and Home - Spring 2014above:  1. Rifle Paper Rosa Case – $34  |  2. William Morris Textiles Book – $38.49  |  3. Floral Curtains – $29.99  |  4. William Morris Umbrella – $60  |  5. Linen Cushion Cover – $17.95  |  6. William Morris Journal - $12.82  |  7. Rifle Paper Midnight Garden Tin – $34

Product images are all property of the original cited sources.  Feel free to pin and share this collage, but please link lovingly back to this post so people can learn more about these picks.  Some links on Lost & Fawned may result in commission based on sales.  Affiliates like this help provide crucial funding for blog related expenses like hosting and support.