Round-Up // Quilted DIY

Last year I dabbled in quilting.  With the weather getting chilly again, I’m ready to start stitching again.  Pinterest is loaded with inspiration.  I have a pin board I’ve been filling with tutorials and inspiration for some winter projects.   Here are some of my favorites.  Some are perfect for newbies like me, and others are more of a down-the-road goal.

See Jate Sew Quilt

Triangle Ombre Quilt from See Kate Sew

The Purl Bee

A Wedding Quilt on The Purl Bee

A Crafty Fox

Starflower Quilt from A Crafty Fox

Mer Mag Quilt

Black Cat Quilt by Mer Mag

Very Truly Me

Herringbone Quilt by Very Truly Me

I still need to finish my Wedding Napkin Quilt.  I’m still debating if I want to try hand-quilting or if I want to have it quilted and bound professionally.  I have a few other fabric bags full of future projects.  I’m to clean and grease my sewing machine and make some tea!

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Early Autumn Round-Up

Autumn Medley on Lost & FawnedOctober will be here in no time at all.  Our heat kicked on for the first time this morning and I was inspired to do my first autumn round-up.  The leaves are starting to change and I’m caught between wanting to be bundled up inside with a cup of tea, and being outside in the brisk air with boots and my plaid coat on.

  1. Sedna Swing Trench  //  Totally not a budget pick, but goodness is it gorgeous!  I would live in this beauty all autumn if I could.
  2. Autumn Tree Print by Georgianna Lane  //  Perfectly captures one of my favorite times of year here in Ohio.  When the leaves finally turn but are still on the trees the whole town looks magical.
  3. Shelter-Co  //  Of course our camping style is far more rustic, but these rental tents from Shelter-Co are so inviting for a relaxing weekend in the woods.  I think they call this “glamping”, but I hate words like that.
  4. Pumpkin Dream Cake  //  I know.  I know.  This time of year is PUMPKIN IN ALL THE THINGS.  But there is a reason why everyone goes pumpkin crazy.  It’s delicious.  The color of this cake is utterly perfect.
  5. Stacked Wood at Ranch at Live Oak  //  Someday in our farmhouse I would love to have a fireplace with plenty of wood stocked up to get us through the winter.  This hearth is at a spa in sunny Malibu, but you get the picture.
  6. DIY Woven Rope Basket by CeciBean  //  This looks like perfect project for a chilly weekend.  It’s super cheap and the end result is practical and professional.  You could even use bright red or orange yarn for a more contemporary look.

Easiest Makeover Ever // Owl Facelift

Easiest DIY Makeover Ever - Owl Facelift

I know this horse has been beaten to death in the blogosphere, but I had to share my spray painted animal project.  I bought this ceramic owl ages ago at a garage sale for $1.  He’s pretty cute and has moved around the house from shelf to shelf.  I’ve always thought he could use a little update.  When I was working on accessorizing our new shelves I finally found the motivation.

All I did was grab a leftover can of multi-surface spray paint from an old project, sanded Mr. Owl lightly and spray him down in a box in the backyard.  It took a few coats, but I was able to get other projects done while I waited for them to dry.

Owl Makeover Progess

I think he turned out pretty cute!  I put him under my glass dome (which I also got at a yard sale for $1) and hes now perched happily next to a milk glass catch-all tray on the shelf.  He adds a nice bit of drama and contrast that the shelves sorely needed.

Hall Nook Accessories

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DIY Shelves // Our Hall Nook

DIY Shelves in Hall Nook - Lost + Fawned

We have one more goal we can cross off on our big To-Do List!  For years I’ve been wanting to utilize this little nook in our upstairs hallway.  It’s been begging for shelves since this first time we looked at the house.  If you recall, this was the plan I had proposed a few weeks ago…


Plan for our Hall NookSimple enough.  However this did get a little more complicated (which tends to happen when your house is as old as ours).  The walls were far from square and the nook is too narrow for your standard hamper.  But with some determination and some online shopping help from my mom, we managed to get it done!

Here is how it looks now…

Upgraded Hall Nook with DIY Shelves

Hall Nook Accessories

Hall Nook DIY Shelves

Art in Upstairs Hall

I’ve already switched around some of the accessories, but I’m very happy with how the shelves looks as a whole.  I actually like the visible brackets.  I’m going to fill the wire basket with either my postcard collection or extra pillow cases.  the top shelf has our antique wood caddy full of extra vases.  I would love to find a pretty box for extra linens to put up there since we’re low on closet space.

For now, here is where you can get the look…

Get the Look - Hall Shelves

  1. Antique Cast Iron Pig Bank from Reconstitutions – $29.50
  2. Collection Print by Julianna Swaney – $26
  3. Porcelain Good Luck Horseshoe from Redraven Studios – $32
  4. Antique Rustic Wood Caddy from Gizmo & Hooha – $42
  5. Wildwood by Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis – $7.88
  6. Laundry Gearbox Eyelet Hamper from Wayfair – $24
  7. “Junk in the Trunk” Ceramic Stash Box from PLNDR – $24

The only item I purchased specifically for this nook was the hamper.  Everything else was from around the house or from boxes in the basement.  So overall, this was a pretty cheap upgrade.  It goes a long way in making the upstairs feel like a thought out space instead of an afterthought.

Finn is still not too sure about the camera clicking, so he had to take a peek upstairs and see what I was up to.

Hello from Finn

And don’t even get me started on these stairs.  These poor, abused steps need some love.  But that’s a can of worms I’m not ready to open quite yet.  For now they will remain as they are (covered in paint).

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Things Left to Do // Our Home

Our Home To-Do List

We have done a lot to our little house in the past couple of years.  But it still has a long way to go.  This isn’t our forever house, but we are thinking we can get another 5-8 years out of it.  There is still a long list of things we would like to do before we move on.

  • Bathroom
    • Gut the whole darn thing and start from scratch.  Seriously the worst room in the house.
    • New floors.  We have out eye on white ceramic octagonal tile.
    • New shower surround.  In a perfect world we would have a beautiful tiled shower, but in this house a new clean surround will do just fine.
    • Storage.  It’s the only bathroom in the house and the only storage is a small medicine cabinet.  There is a ton of room in the toilet nook though.
    • New sink.  The sink is an opportunity for more storage or a really beautiful sink.  There is not a lot of room though.
    • Regular height toilet.  Our toilet is “comfort height”.  Being a vertically challenged individual (without getting too graphic) I hate it.  I know comfort height is preferred by most… but not by me.
    • Art.  Some art in this bathroom would really help.
    • Vent out the house instead of into the crawl space.  Seriously, when we moved into the house we discovered they vented the bathroom into the attic.  *mind blown*
    • Miscellaneous things.  Laundry basket, towel storage, new window, new lighting, new medicine cabinet, etc.
  • Kitchen
    • New floor.  This is still up for debate.  The rest of the downstairs has the original oak hardwood floors we restored when we moved in.  Tile floors would be nice, but we have also considered painted wood floors.
    • New cabinets.  The cabinets in our kitchen seem to have been built by someone who had no idea what they were doing.  The drawers are not on tracks (just boxes in cuts outs that fall when you open them).  The shelves don’t make much sense in their layout.  Plus they will never look clean.
    • New back-splash.  The back-splash is the same cheap faux marble tile that we have on the floor in the bathroom and kitchen.  In my dreams we have a white subway tile back-splash.
    • Install our garbage disposal.  It’s one of the first things we purchased and it’s still sitting in it’s box in the basement.
    • New faucet.  The one we currently have has to be pushed a little to the side to prevent a continuous drip.  It is also pretty basic.  I would like something with a little more visual impact and function.
  • Dining Room
    • New Dining Set.  Our little table from Ikea was perfect in our small apartment, but we need something larger now.  It seats the 2 of us just fine, but 3 or 4 gets a bit crowded.  We love this one (in antique stain) from Ikea.  In a perfect world we would find a lovely mid-century table of a similar size.
    • Art.  I have no idea what I would want.  But we have a large bare wall.
    • Clean up the built in shelving in the hall.  I’m thinking of painting the shelves and back wall semi-gloss white for a cleaner look.
  • Guest Room

    • Last room in the house that needs a fresh coat of paint.
    • Restyle and reorganize.
    • New light fixture.  Still have a florescent light on the ceiling.
  • Upstairs Multipurpose Room

    • Replace florescent fixture on ceiling.
    • Add shelves and hanging storage to closet.
    • Seal the access to the attic to prevent condensation in the closet.
    • Reorganize and reconsider the layout and furniture to make the room more useful and efficient.  Right now it’s fine, but it could be better utilized.
  • Shed
    • You can see the tentative plan in this post.
  • Yard
    • Have front steps demolished and rebuilt.  We toyed with having a porch across the whole front, now I think we’ll probably settle with just having it structurally sound and clean.
    • Cut down front hedges.  They have never looked good and are impossible to keep up with.  It’s time for them to go.  Hedges are gone!
    • Landscaping!  We will need to do something to jazz the front up when the hedges come down.  We’d like to actually grow grass.  We need to do something in the front under the window and something along the shady side of our house.
    • A few more beds along the back of our lot.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Finish painting the stairwell.  Just need to get the right ladder and finish it up.  UPDATE //  We made progress on 8/31/13 but still need a special ladder to do the edging up in the peak of the ceiling. 
    • Have an electrician look at the light in the stairwell.  The switch has never functioned well and has stopped all together now.
    • Build built-in shelving in the nook in the upstairs hallway.  We have this sweet little nook in at the top of our stairs.  We have always thought it would be the perfect place for some built in book shelves and a hamper.  You can check out the finished shelving here.
    • Patch ceiling in the upstairs hallway and paint.
    • Steam clean the carpets upstairs.
    • Clean out the basement.  When we moved in the floors on the first story were still drying.  So EVERYTHING went in the basement.  We used that as a base camp and “unpacked” everything.  In reality, the basement is full of half empty boxes.  It’s impossible to navigate and I have no idea what is actually down there.
    • Hold a garage sale.  We REALLY need to purge.  We have a lot (mostly in the basement and shed) that we simply don’t need.  Most of it has been sitting in the basement since we moved in.  If we haven’t looked for it in three years, we probably don’t need it.
    • Add quarter-round around the whole downstairs floors.
    • Have the chimney tucked and reinforced.

This list may grow, and as we knock things off the list I’ll cross it out and link to an update post.  It looks like a lot, and in reality there is so much more.  But we are trying to take it one day at a time.

– The Fowlers

Weekend Progress // The Good & Bad News

Weekend Progress

Well we have good news and bad news.

THE BAD  //  Our bathroom renovation will have to be put off for another year.  I probably jinxed it by spilling the beans to early here on the blog.  Oh well.  Financially it just wouldn’t be responsible to do it quite yet.  It’s really disappointing, but that’s life.  I had already purchased some accessories for a fresh bathroom.  I’m going to pack those up in a box for now.

THE GOOD  //  Since we’ll be holding off on that big project, we have made it a goal to tackle some of the smaller DIY type objects on out to-do list.  We started making some progress this weekend on two of those projects and I can’t wait to show you some more finalized photos.

Shelf Progess

We spent a chunk of Saturday working on the upstairs hall nook.  I showed you the plan last week.  As with all of our projects, it ended up becoming more complicated than anticipated.  Our walls are far from square, so fitting the shelves we cut into the nook was far from easy.  In the end we got it to work and they look great.  I’m working on accessorizing that space now and thanks to my mom, I found a hamper that SHOULD (fingers crossed) fit in that narrow space.  I’ll have some after photos and tips on DIYing your own shelves later this week or next weekend.

Doing things the old school way

The other project we started is going to be a little more long term.  We have a tiny little yard in the front of our home.  It was made even tinier by the ancient, overgrown hedges.  We’ve tried a few times to clean them up and make them look nice, but they grow so quickly and it’s nearly impossible for us to keep up with them.  To top it off, they make our front yard so shady the grass has never been able to grow.  So this weekend we took a deep breath, grabbed a hand saw and hedge trimmers and went to town.

Cutting them down didn’t take long, but breaking them up took a bulk of the day.  We are now left with a line of stumps, mountains of trimmings drying in the back of our lot and a barren landscape in the front.

What we were left with
No More Hedges

We have to now decide what we want to do with our clean slate.  We are going to try to address the stump issue this weekend.  To get through the fall, we’ll probably seed the yard and try to get some grass growing (according to This Old House the best time to do this is late August).  The photo above is just progress.  We cut the hedges all the way back past that tree on the left.

You can now see the side of the house and all of our utilities.  We we’ll be on the lookout for some end-of-season deals on some flowering bushes to hide those.  Next year, we’ll need to add some beds, particularly under the front window.  We dont want to put anything too large with roots that could damage the foundation close to the house, but we need something with some height and impact (suggestions?).  We’ll probably need to mulch around our tree and add a bed there.  I would love some peonies in the front corner.  Lot’s to think about and lots of possibilities!  It’s hard to believe how far the house has come since we purchased it in 2011 (check out some photos here).

More soon!  What last minute projects are you tackling as the summer wraps up?  Also, I’m totally open to some suggestions for plants around the tree and under the front window!

Plan for our Hall Nook

Upgrading the Hall NookWhile we wait to get started on the bathroom renovation, I thought it would be a good time to knock a mini-renovation off our list.  The little nook in the upstairs hallway (which is really just more of a landing at the top of the stairs) has been begging for some shelves since we first looked at the house.

It’s a really tight space so it’s difficult to photograph.  The above photos were from when we first moved in.  The one on the left is after we ripped up the old carpet (only to uncover the worst pine floors I have ever seen) and the photo on the right is during the inspection before we moved in.  We have painted the hall since we moved in and we did get new carpet, but otherwise that nook has stayed bare.

I dusted off Google SketchUp and got out my handy drawing board and I have a visual for you!  It feels good to stretch my designer muscles again.  Anyways, back to the plan!Plan for our Hall Nook

The plan is pretty much three “simple” things.  Simple goes in quotations, because everything “simple” we set out to do always ends up being not-so-simple in the end.

  • Add Shelves  //  This is the part Jared will be assisting me with.  I bought some brackets online and we are planning on doing a semi-floating shelf.  The brackets will probably show, but they shelves should still feel lightweight in theory.  We are kind of winging it, so we’ll see how this goes.
  • New Art  //  Or old art… I need to go through some boxes in the basement and see what I have from the old apartment that is not being utilized.  If I can’t find anything suitable, I might buy something new.
  • Find a Hamper  //  Harder than it seems!  It has to be 16″ wide or narrower to fit in the nook.  I would like something tall since we go through way more laundry than 2 people should.  And of course I want something attractive but also affordable.

And that’s it!  It should be a quick project.  We are planning on putting the shelves up this weekend.  At least getting the brackets hung and the shelves cut.  I’m planning on painting them white to match the trim.  I’ve already started trying to track down a hamper.  It’s proving to be a challenge already.  Any tips would be appreciated.

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Progress // Anniversary Napkin Quilt

Scrap Quilt from Wedding Napkins

Some of you may remember the mountain of patterned napkins I sewed for our wedding with the help of my mother-in-law (if not, you can see them here).  For four years they have been sitting in a bag in the basement (after being cleaned of course).  I always planned to do something with them and I’ve finally gotten started on a rather large scale DIY project.

I’ve started cutting and sewing the napkins into quilt blocks for a twin sized quilt.  I’ll be putting the top together myself, but I’m debating on having quilted and bound professionally.  I’m learning to quilt, but I really want this one to be nice.  I’m also aiming to have this finished by our 4th wedding anniversary this August and I’m not sure I could quilt it myself in time.

photo 3

I also took one block to one of my part-time jobs (at the embroidery and screenprinting shop) and stayed a little late to personalize it with our wedding date, location and our names.

Embroidered Wedding Scrap Quilt

Quilt from Wedding Napkins on Lost and Fawned

I’ll of course post photos when I do get it finished.  I still have hundreds of scraps to stitch together and a lot of work.  I think it will be a lovely keepsake and a great story.  It’s certainly a better use for the napkins then letting them sit in the basement collecting dust.

DIY // Rosewater: Method One

Do-It-Yourself Rosewater on Lost and Fawned

One of my goals this summer is to find more uses for the things we spend so much time and energy growing.  Of course I love bouquets of roses and lavender on our kitchen table, but I’ve been doing research on ways to stretch them further.  One way I’m going to get more mileage out of my roses is buy making my own rosewater.  Rosewater has been used for ages all over the world as a refreshing skin toner and light fragrance.  It can also be used to rinse hair and as a linen spray.

You can buy it already made, but it often has preservatives and other impurities (like artificial fragrance).  There are a ton of methods of making it yourself, so I’ll be testing out a few over the course of the summer and perfecting my recipe.

Make Your Own Rose Water

Rose Water Tutorial Progess

The first method I’m trying is the simplest. This is all you need…

  • Roses
  • Clean Glass Jar that Seals (I love these ones from Schoolhouse Electric)
  • Distilled Water
  1. Bring the water to a pretty decent boil.
  2. While the water is boiling, clean your jar really well.  You don’t want bacteria in your rosewater.
  3. Wash your roses gently to rinse away any bugs or dirt from the garden.  Carefully pluck the petals and toss them in the jar.
  4. When your water is boiling, carefully pour the hot water over your petals.  Seal the jar and let it soak for at 24-48 hours.
  5. Strain your water and return it to the jar.  I used a large spoon to wring the petals out.
  6. Store in the refrigerator.

DIY - Rosewater

This method is SUPER easy, which is it’s biggest advantage.  Because I used peach colored roses, my rosewater turned a (not-so-lovely) shade of yellow.  It still smells nice though.  It’s a little “planty”, but I suspect that is because I used fresh petals instead of drying them first.  Next time I plan to dry them before I let them seep.

Stay tuned this summer for more as I refine my technique.  I also am planning on making lavender oil!

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Delightful Things // 04.23.13

Delightful Things via Lost and Fawned

We’re in the middle of a busy week.  But I wanted to take a moment to share a few things that made me pause between walking the dogs and getting the yard in shape.

Clockwise from Top Left:

  • It’s almost S’mores season!  Why not have a little fun with them this year (not that I don’t love the classic flavor combo)?  Cooking Classy has some great new ideas including these Lemon Meringue s’mores.
  • I wish we had a kiddo just so we could try making our own sidewalk chalk this spring with Playful Learning.  The color possibilities are endless!
  • How lovely are these handcarved wood toothbrushes by the Japanese artist Yohei Murai on Mr. Kitly?  They are totally impractical price-wise, but it’s a dreamy idea.
  • I just want to dive into this fluffy bed photographed by Bryce Covey on Style Me Pretty.  I also want to find out what color they used on those walls.  I’m convinced it’s the perfect shade of soft gray.

Don’t forget to enter the big Spring Cleaning Giveaway before the 4th!  This is one of the best prizes yet on the blog.  I can’t wait to select a winner.