Get your living room guest-ready in 30 minutes

Guest Ready Living Room in 30 Minutes on Lost and Fawned

Time to get real.  My living room does not look like this 80% of the time.  Since our house is smaller we actually LIVE in our living room.  Like most of the rooms our house, it is a multipurpose room.  I cut fabric, lay out quilt blocks, prep our backpacking gear, sort laundry, pack orders, eat the occasional meal and lounge on that sofa.  But we live near the middle of our small town, so when people are in town I often get the dreaded “Hey! We will be passing by in 30 minutes.  Mind if we pop in?  I’d love to see you!” text in the afternoon.

So today’s post is my 30 minute routine to get that room looking, smelling and feeling fresh, welcoming and ready to entertain.  It’s all about priorities.  You need to do the things that make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

ONE  /  Open the blinds

Letting some natural light in if you are expecting daytime guests is HUGE.  It instantly makes the room feel more welcoming and open.  I usually don’t pull the blinds up, but I do rotate them to flood the room with soft natural light.

TWO  /  Refresh your wood surfaces

Running a quick cloth (or a clean sock) with some Pledge Lemon Clean over all of your wood furniture to refresh those surfaces.  It not only makes the wood look clean and radiant, it also makes the room smell fresh and clean.  I usually grab a sock out of Jared’s drawer (shhh….) and slip it on my hand.  Dump any clutter in a box to get it out of the room and give your coffee table, entertainment center, side tables or piano a good wipe.

THREE  /  Run the vacuum or broom over the floor

This should go without saying.  You don’t have to be totally thorough.  But a quick run around the room with a vacuum goes a long way.  Pay attention to chair rails and molding as well.  I use the hose attachment to do a quick sweep of the top of the molding where it’s visible to pick up any dust.

FOUR  /  Put something fresh in the room

Run out to the yard and cut some flowers or even some greens and throw them in a vase or drinking glass.  Grab some apples out of your fridge and put them in a bowl on the coffee table.  Grab a potted herb from your patio.  Something fresh makes a room feel alive and inviting.

FIVE  /  Think about the details

Are they staying awhile?  Or are they just popping in?  My aunt used to keep a basket of fluffy clean socks by the door for guests to get comfy.  Re-stock your bar cart.  Get a pot of coffee going or have a kettle of water boiling for tea.  Put out a light snack on the coffee table (even if it’s just some fresh fruit or nuts) if it’s between meals.  Pillows on couches or chairs are great, but if you have too many, get rid of a few so they can actually sit down.  If it’s nice out (not too humid) open a window.  Make sure it’s a comfortable temperature in the room.  Little details make a big difference.

So that’s my routine in a nutshell.  Please share your priorities when preparing for unexpected guests in the comments!  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

More Art Please / Spring 2015

More Art Please - Spring 2015 on Lost and FawnedTime to freshen up the house for spring!  I’ve already started my spring purge and deep clean, but another great way to renew your home to rotate some art.  I’ve put together a quick collection of pieces that are perfect every room from your powder room to your entryway.

Living for Less / Relaxed & Eclectic Nook

Living for Less - Relaxed and Eclectic NookLiving for Less is back!  This is one of my favorite features to do, but it can take time to hunt down pieces that feel right for the collection.  It’s been one of my more popular series though, so I’m thrilled to start doing these again.  If you have any requests (take a peek at your favorite pins!) feel free to link to them in a comment and I will add them to my list.  See my other Living for Less posts over here.

This one comes from one of my favorite blogs, sfgirlbybay.  This corner was from a feature of Jaclyn Campanaro‘s Portland, Oregon home.  I fell in love with the cool and casual charm.  The retro wall color gives it personality without being overwhelming.  I love rooms that feel collected over time, instead of overly designed.  I wish I could keep houseplants alive.  I’ve always wanted a sunny window full of healthy plants.

Here are my picks to get the look…

  1. Electrohome Vinyl Record Player on Amazon – $199.99
  2. GAGNET Rattan Chair from Ikea – $59.99
  3. Wood 8×10″” Photo Frame on Amazon – $24.99
  4. ‘Asking for Directions’ by Emily Rickard Art Print on Society 6 – $15.00
  5. Olsen Ottoman on Wayfair – $208.99
  6. KOLDBY Cowhide Rug from Ikea – $199.99 (Coloring varies)
  7. Deroma Ceramic Hanging Planter from Sears – $4.88
  8. CRASSULA Potted Plant from Ikea – $6.99
  9. WALLS / SW 6483 ‘Buoyant Blue’ from Sherwin Williams

Fall Flea Market / Hudson, Ohio

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetMy Saturday morning was productive (though counterproductive toward my resolution to save money).  I found so many treasures at the final flea market of the season in my neighborhood.  Our local flea isn’t huge but with over 40 vendors and shops, it’s not hard to find a few things that are to your taste.

The pennant flags and marquee numbers were a steal and have been on my wishlist for awhile.  The numbers are 8-15 (our anniversary) and have found a temporary home on top of the hutch in our bedroom.  The pennants will most likely end up downstairs in the living room or dining room.  The adorable paint-by-numbers of a deer couple was also super cheap and goes really well with the big one we have in our dining room.  I might actually hang it in the bedroom or leave it on my sewing table.

The apple picking bag was a splurge.  It was too cool to pass up though.  I used my negotiating skills (is use the word ‘skills’ loosely, I’m a terrible negotiater) to bring them down by nearly half.  I have no idea when I’m going to do with it.  It’s hanging on a hook in our bedroom right now.  It needs to be cleaned up a little since it looks like it’s been hanging in a garden shed for 40 years.  Jared says he will use it to harvest the beans next year.

There were tons of things I loved that I couldn’t bring home.  Here are some of my favorites.

Card Catalog at Flea Market in Hudson, Ohio

Fall Flea Market Finds in Hudson, Ohio

Vintage Red Stools at Hudson, Ohio Flea Market

Note the adorable heart shaped leaf that snuck into the photo above.

The rest of the day was spend relaxing and quilting.  Jared made a detour while running errands and brought some pumpkin donuts home.  I’ll be having another one with a cup of tea shortly.  Nom.

Pumpkin Donut on Lost and Fawned

I hope you are having a lovely October weekend.  Enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s still here!  We will probably be up to our knees in snow in a month.

Vibrant Comfort

Vibrant Comfort on Lost and Fawned

This morning the sky is bright blue and the leaves are in their most vibrant stage, and all I want to do is eat a grilled cheese and tomato soup and wrap myself up in a blanket by the window.  That is what inspired this week’s coveted collection.  Simple comfort in vibrant and unexpected hues.  Enjoy!

  1. Kate Spade Carlyle Watch on Amazon  /  $168.75
  2. Grilled Cheese Print by Kendyll Hillegas  /  $25.00
  3. Pinky Promise Print by Emily Rickard  /  $32.00
  4. Writers Block Journal from Amazon  /  $12.30
  5. Full of Blithe Dress from Modcloth  /  $49.99
  6. Hunter Original Tour in Peacock from Zappos  /  $148.00
  7. Myth Perfect Jewelry Holder from Modcloth  /  $59.99
  8. 14k Stacking Rings from Andrea Bonelli Jewelry  /  $268.00
  9. Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Foods from Amazon  /  $22.13

Living for Less / Warm & Contemporary Bedroom

Living for Less - Warm and Contemporary BedroomIn this week’s Living for Less I really wanted to tackle a cozy space that was very contemporary and a little creepy (since halloween is on the way!).  I found exactly what I was looking for in this beautiful bedroom on Fancy, originally from Home Style Magazine.  I love that it has the white walls and off-white carpet of a new apartment or condo.  It’s a look you could replicate in a contemporary rental space.

The big splurge item is the limited edition print by Kelly Thompson, who created the drawing in the original inspiration image.  If the skulls are a little too whimsical for you, bring them out as modern seasonal decor in October.  Leave the duvet plain for a cleaner look, or jazz it up with some block printed shapes in royal blue to make it a little more edgy (here is a great DIY tutorial on Design Sponge).  I think the lamp is a steal at just $14.99.  It’s perfect for late night (or as the days get shorter, late evening) reading in bed.

The one thing I just could not track down was a faux fur throw that is under $50 and has the same luxe feel as the beautiful (but likely authentic) pelt on the bed.  A nice fluffy throw blanket in cool gray or a graphic pattern would make the bed just as cozy.

  1. “Moonlight Drive” Limited Edition Print by Kelly Thompson  /  $250.00
  2. Industrial Side Table from Target  /  $89.99
  3. Wood Pole Scholar Lamp from Target  /  $15.99
  4. Yellow Skull Candle Holder by Hodi Home Decor  /  $26.00
  5. Platform Upholstered Bed from Amazon  /  $393.48
  6. Peach Cotton Duvet Cover & Shams from Amazon  /  $49.99
  7. Linen Skull Pillow from Amazon  /  $11.29
  8. Color Blocked Pillow Cover from Ikea  /  $14.00

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Featured image is from Home Style Magazine as seen on Fancy.  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

Living for Less / Effortless Farm Kitchen

Living for Less - Effortless & Cool Kitchen on Lost and FawnedThis week’s Living for Less might be one of my favorites to date!  I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and tracked it all the way back to this article on  One of my favorite things about this beautifully casual kitchen is the peacock blue/green cabinets.  The paint was found in the barn of the home, but this shade from Benjamin more is a pretty good substitute.  Finish the look off with rustic bar stools and fresh flowers in mismatched vases to create a look that is effortless and cool.

As always, I did have to splurge a little on one item, and this time it was the stools.  While these weren’t a perfect match to the ones in the photograph, they have a similar feeling.  Fresh flowers are also always a detail that can be pricey but is so worth it.

Here are my picks to recreate this look in your kitchen…

  1. Kohler Coralais Low-Arc Faucet  –  $108.64 (Shown in Recently Discontinued Color)
  2. Moroccan Straw Market Bag  – $34.00
  3. RANARP Pendant Lamp  –  $24.99
  4. Satin Nickle Cabinet Knobs (Set of 25)  –  $32.39
  5. Benjamin Moore ‘Dragonfly’  –  Cabinet Paint
  6. Light Pink Roses with Free Delivery  –  $50.00
  7. Rustic Elm Wood Barstool  –  $219.99
  8. Merola 4″ x 4″ Sea Blue Tile  –  $1.97 each
  9. Marble Mortar & Pedestal  –  $22.99
  10. ‘The Farm’ by Ian Knauer  –  $20.80
  11. ENSIDIG Vase  –  $1.99
  12. SOCKERART Vase  –  $19.99

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Featured image is from  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

Living for Less / A Casual Gray Bedroom

Living for Less - Warm and Cozy Gray Bedroom

It’s time for another installment of Living for Less!  I wanted to do something that involved a little more DIY this time.  This cozy bedroom from Better Homes & Gardens would make a beautiful and homey guestroom.  Fresh flowers and a clock on the bright orange nightstand make the room so inviting.  I would also add a carafe of fresh water and some clean towels on the dresser.

The key to this look for me is the layers of linens on the bed.  Floral patterned sheets, a clean solid white quilt, an antique quilt at the foot of the bed and lots of pillows make it look lush and warm.  Love this wall color.  We used the exact shade listed below in our office and it’s the perfect smokey gray to pair with white.  The nightstand is a steal, and with a coat of paint it really pops.

Here are my picks…

  1. TARVA Nightstand from Ikea  –  $39.99
  2. Knockout Orange Paint from Sherwin Williams  –  For nightstand (1)
  3. FORMAT Chrome Lamp from Ikea  –  $19.99
  4. Mint Ceramic Vase from Amazon  –  $12.13
  5. Silver Clock from Target  –  $39.99
  6. Ozark Shadows Paint from Benjamin Moore  –  For walls
  7. LEIRVIK Bed Frame from Ikea  –  $99.99
  8. Antique Dresden Circle Quilt from Prairie Vintage Finds  –  $85.00
  9. French Tile Queen Quilt in White from Wayfair  –  $80.43
  10. Linen Striped Sham from Pottery Barn  –  $29.99
  11. Scoop Wire Basket from Amazon  –  $9.99
  12. Blue Toile Pillow Sham from Townhouse Linens  –  $25.99

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

Living for Less / A Historic Living Room

Living for Less - A Historic Living RoomI’m back!  And I have a new installment to my Living for Less series, where I take magazine ready spaces and try to make them attainable and affordable for the masses.  As usual, I tried to pick a space that didn’t rely heavily on unique architecture and will include one semi-splurge item that really sets the tone.

This living space was featured in the July/August online issue of Lonny.  The living room is in the kid-friendly vacation rental, the Whitfield Road Residence in Accord, New York.  Though the house was built in the 1730’s and has stunning floors, I still believe the casual and cozy look can be achieved in just about any home.

The big splurge came in the form of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp which was designed by Greta M. Grossman in 1947 and is an iconic piece of design.  It’s not cheap, but there really isn’t much that is comparable, and it’s on sale (I was born with my mom’s gift of finding a way to justify just about any purchase)!  The Ikea chairs have a similar shape and character for a fraction of the cost.  We actually have one of these in the living room as seen in my feature in Ikea Family Live.  I love the original pouf, but the Target version is about half the price.  The look is rounded out with an unfinished portrait of George Washington and a ton of candles.

  1. Kilim Square Pouf from Target  /  $69.99
  2. ‘George Washington’ Print by Gilbert Stuart from  /  $29.99
  3. STRANDMON Wing-back Chair from Ikea  /  $279.00
  4. Medallion Throw Pillow from Overstock  /  $25.46
  5. Grasshopper Floor Lamp from France & Son  /  $268.00
  6. Mercury Glass Candlesticks from Michael’s  /  $12.99
  7. Lantern Candle Holder from Amazon  /  $20.30
  8. Root ‘ Juniper Rosewood’ Scented Candle from Amazon  /  $15.97

Living for Less / A Sunny Office Space

Living for Less - Office with a Pop of YellowI’ve decided to go back to my roots in interior design and start a new series.  Introducing ‘Living for Less’, a blog series where I will take amazing magazine inspiration and help you build the look in your own home for a fraction of the cost.  I plan to do my best to use inspiration images that don’t rely on architecture and “good bones” so that the look can be achieved in almost any home.

This week’s ‘Living for Less” is inspired by this beautiful office designed by Doherty Design Studio (as featured in EST Magazine) in Melbourne.  The palette is pretty simple featuring a base of white, wood and black.  It’s the addition of the sunny yellow that really makes it sing.  It’s a perfectly clean and sunny look.

The chair is still a little bit of a splurge, but since the original chair costs $1200+ (check it out here) it’s a pretty good replacement and is a real statement piece.  For the desk, I’d pick up a simple white desk top from Ikea and some legs for one side.  The other side would rest on top of this gorgeous yellow filing cabinet.  I wish I could find a deal on that stunning herringbone floor, but this rug is a lovely substitution for smaller budgets.  Accessorize the shelf and desk with simple simple framed prints (Bonus Tip:  Society 6 sells cards for cheap.  Frame one and keep the rest to send thank you notes), boxes to stash office supplies and some fresh potted plants.

Here are my picks…

  1. Bisley Filing Cabinet in Yellow from Container Store  /  $199.00
  2. RANARP Pendant Light from Ikea  /  $24.99
  3. Safavieh Bandelier Chair from Lowes  /  $300.38
  4. RIBBA Frame from Ikea  /  $1.99
  5. ‘The Artist’ Print by 1100 Illustrations  /  $24.00
  6. ‘People’ Photo Print by Anne Staub  /  $19.76+
  7. Kensington Rug from Target  /  $129.99+
  8. White Storage Box from Amazon  /  $9.69
  9. Matte Black Ceramic Planter by eGardenStudio  /  $13.50
  10. RISKORN Pot from Ikea  /  $5.99