Etsy Round Up / Bear Hug

Etsy Round Up on Lost and Fawned - Bear Hug

I love bears.  Logan has always been our “bear dog” ( Finn is our “fox dog”), we have a huge print of a bear above our bed and I often refer to these twins as the cubs.  Lucky for me, bears are totally trendy and you have find tons of them in stores and on etsy.  Here is a quick round up of some of my favorite etsy bears.

Starting in top row, from left to right:

Living for Less / Casual & Neutral Dining Space

Living for Less - Casual and Neautral Dining Space

I think it’s time to bring back Living for Less again, just in time for the spring and summer home improvement season!  We won’t be doing much renovation or redecorating for awhile, but I love living vicariously through these collections!  Please feel free to submit designs to me via any of my social media outlets.  I LOVE taking requests!

This dining space from Fashiontoast is a great inspiration for just about anyone.  The room has beautiful light, but otherwise it’s a pretty attainable.  The chairs are totally the splurge piece in this grouping.  I would start with 2-4 of those and save on the rest of the room by shopping smart.

Layering a classic natural fiber rug like this with a cowhide, makes the room looks casual and luxe.  A trestle bench on one side also adds that easy going feeling.  Adding bamboo blinds and framing the windows with tall potted plants make the windows a focal piece.  I love how easily the space can be transformed for a large formal dinner by adding the extension and dressing up the table with accessories, but also doesn’t feel too formal for brunch with the family.

Here are my picks…

  1. Light Filtering Bamboo Roll-Up Shades from Lowes  /  $29.97
  2. RENS Sheepskin or TEJN Faux Sheepskin from Ikea  /  $29.99 and $12.99
  3. Light Oak Accent Chair from Lowes  /  $309.79
  4. Nolan Extension Trestle Table from Pier 1  /  $509.95 SALE
  5. 3-Light Brushed Nickle Chandelier from Lowes  /  $175.23
  6. KOLDBY Cowhide Rug from Ikea  /  $199.00
  7. Nolan Trestle Bench from Pier 1  /  $212.45

Graphic is original to Lost & Fawned.  Featured image is from  Feel free to share, pin and post, but please make sure you link back to this post so people can get the accompanying information and links.  Thanks a million!

IKEA Hell Week

Ikea Hell Week on Lost and Fawned

It begins.

Shopping at IKEA is great… until you have to put everything together.   I’m exaggerating a little.  We’ve had pretty good luck in our many purchases.  It’s actually pretty impressive how well things are packaged and in general how accurately things are at such high volume.  But every once in awhile when you least expect it, the directions will start looking like ancient hieroglyphics and nothing seems to line up right.

The rest of our furniture (including the bed and both cribs) showed up today.  We would love to put everything together slowly overt he course of a month or so.  But IKEA likes you to call within 48 hours if there are any problems with your order.  So we are going to be marathoning it.  In addition to putting together the new stuff, we also have to dissemble and move 2 other beds in the house to shuffle them around into the correct rooms.  I’m pretty useless at the moment, so my job will be fetching tools and cold beers.

The good news is the mattress is here and after some strategic pushing and pulling, we managed to get it into the attic bedroom.  I loaded it up with sheets and pillows and we spent our first night on it last night.  It’s such a major upgrade from our old mattress that it’s really going to take some getting used to.

Keep up with our progress (good and bad) on Instagram.  While I wait for Jared to need me to pass him tools, I’ll be hanging out on my phone.

Ikea Trip / Spring 2016

Ikea Trip Spring 2016 on Lost and Fawned

Time is passing quicker than I could have imagined.  Since the weather this weekend was unbelievably beautiful (in the 60’s in February in Ohio?!) we decided to make the trek to Ikea in Pittsburgh to tackle our short list for the nursery.  Of course that short list became a full car and a delivery truck, but we did really well with maximizing our little budget, the delivery guys recommend us Socal fleet service witch we will take into count if we ever need truck repair.

After lots of research and talking with fellow moms I trust, we went with the Sniglar cribs with the Vyssa Vinka mattresses.  We have a twin bed that is going in that room too, so we stocked up on new linens and a mountain of pillows to make it a comfortable place to nurse two babies at once.

  1. PATRULL Bathtub Mat – $4.99 (Regularly $6.99)
  2. GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover in Orange – $10.00
  3. LEKA Baby Gym – $29.99
  4. GASPA Sheet Set in Turquoise – $16.99
  5. VARART Duvet Cover Set – $29.99
  6. GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover in Yellow – $7.00
  7. SANELA Cushion Cover in Light Turquoise – $8.00
  8. SNIGLAR Crib – $79.99
  9. ANTILOP Highchair with Tray – $19.99
  10. LEKA Rattle Set – $2.99

As a MAJOR bonus, we also finally decided it was time to upgrade our bed set-up.  Our bed and mattress were our first Ikea purchase back in probably 2006.  Somehow in our excitement, we ended up bringing home a full sized bed and a queen sized foam mattress.  Since we couldn’t afford to go back and exchange it, we just plopped it on top of the bed and have been sleeping on a concave mattress ever since.  In addition to being the incorrect size, it is just worn out and way past it’s prime.  Every time we saved up the money to upgrade, something would come up (We love you Logan!).

So this time we just did it.  We are moving into the office and all our dressers and clothing storage are staying in the nursery, so we picked a bed frame that is super practical.  In a week our Brimnes bed with the storage headboard are going to be delivered, along with a brand new Hesstun mattress.  And they are both queen sized!  Yay!  I’m most excited for the matress.  It’s such an upgrade from our old, thin mattress.  Sleep will be precious, so we might as well be comfortable.

Holidays for the Home / Etsy Edition

Holidays for the Home - Etsy Edition on Lost and Fawned

Today I’m planning to spend the afternoon doing a deep clean of our tragically neglected home.  I’ve been dying to put up our mini tree and stockings, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it until things weren’t looking so shabby.

No matter what you celebrate, Etsy is of course a great place to find unique seasonal decor to get your home ready for the holidays.  Here are some of my picks…

From left to right starting at top:


Spice Up Your Home / Etsy Edition

Spice Up Your Home - Etsy Edition on Lost and Fawned

As far as Instagramers are concerned, fall is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  Autumn is for pumpkin patches, apple orchards, hot drinks and chilly nights.  It’s also a great time of year to add a few warm and toasty touches to your home as the heat kicks on.  Of course Etsy is a treasure trove of amazing handmade and vintage spice up you space.  Here are some of my picks…

Pyrex 100 Limited Edition Collection / with

Pyrex 100 Anniversay Collection on Lost and Fawned

If you read Lost & Fawned regularly, you might remember that I collect vintage Pyrex.  Awhile ago I shared a little of my personal collection here and I frequently feature my favorites on Instagram.  This year, Pyrex turns 100 and to celebrate they released a limited edition collection of storage bowls, pie plates, measuring cups and a travel casserole inspired by some of their iconic colors and designs.

Pyrex is truly a part of design history and has been a staple in kitchens for a full century.  From their colorful and fun bowls and casseroles from the 1950’s to their current collection of clear glass workhorse pieces, they continue to make functional glass kitchenware that will last a lifetime.

Pyrex 100 Year Anniversary on shopworldkitchen

The full collection is currently on sale at, so now is a great time to grab them before these limited edition pieces are gone forever.  Here are some of my must-haves…

  1. Pyrex 100 9.5″ Pie Plate – $6.29
  2. Pyrex 100 4-Cup Red Measuring Cup – $6.29
  3. Pyrex 100 3-Quart Portables Casserole Set – $24.49
  4. Pyrex 100 2-Cup Blue Measuring Cup – $4.89
  5. Pyrex 100 10 Piece Simply Store Box Set – $27.99

Pyrex 100 Anniversay Collection on Lost and Fawned

Pyrex 100 Anniversay Collection on Lost and Fawned

I adore this new collection.  I use the 4 cup storage bowls all the time as a safer alternative to plastic storage containers.  The pie plate is simple, but the wide brim is so elegant and functional.  The travel casserole is my new favorite thing.  The carrier is so cute and I can see myself using this all the time (I’m already planning my holiday contributions specifically so I can bring this carrier and show it off).  I have a measuring cup in every size, and they really come in handy when cooking in bulk (like I tend to in fall and winter).

Each piece is so thoughtfully designed and beautifully made.  I’m so happy to have a little piece of history in my cabinets.  Maybe in 100 years these will be the new collectible pieces!  Get them all on sale right now at  This collection is a limited edition, so it won’t be around much longer!

This post was sponsored by  I was provided with sample goods to photograph and review, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  I only work with brands I love.

Dot Bowl photo via Sassboxclassics on Etsy.

Contain Everything

Contain Everything on Lost and FawnedSeason changes always motivate me to get organized.  I’m slowly trying to tackle every room in our house.  With my new yarn obsession, I’m looking for ways to contain my newly overflowing craft room and organize in process projects on the road.

Here is a small collection of storage for the home and on the go.

  1. Stuva Storage Bench from Ikea – $79.99
  2. Raskog Utility Cart from Ikea – $29.99
  3. Market Catchall from Pier 1 – $55.96
  4. Wire Basket in Chrome from Amazon – $17.00
  5. Lady Alamo Burlap Tote from Blue Fly – $42.00
  6. Fair Trade Handwoven Cotton Clutch from Novica – $39.99
  7. Fair Trade Canvas Messenger Bag from Novica – $124.99

Late Summer 2015 Ikea Picks

Ikea Late Summer 2015 PicksThis week I got my new Ikea catalog, and as usual, I dogeared about half of the pages.  I don’t know if we will be making our normal fall pilgrimage to the Pittsburgh store, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite deals from the their catalog.

  1. NIPPRIG Storage Basket – $16.99
  2. SOMMAR Raspberry Pillow Cover – $4.00
  3. IKEA 365+ Pitcher with Lid – $6.99
  4. RÅDVIKEN Chair – $179.00
  5. IKEA PS 2012 Coffee Table – $49.99
  6. ENIGT Mug – $2.99
  7. RIGGAD Work Lamp with Wireless Charging – $79.99
  8. RISATORP Utility Cart – $59.99

Rejuvenation Lighting for the Whole Home

Rejuvenation Home Lighting on Lost and FawnedToday we are discussing one of the most important design necessities, which is often overlooked in home decor… lighting!  We need it to function, but often consider it to be a detail.  With lighting I have found more often than not, you get what you pay for.  Discount lighting can be tempting, but investing in quality pieces that are classic, well designed and suited to the character of your house can make a huge difference.

Rejuvenation is the perfect place to find an amazing variety of inspired and reproduced lighting fixtures.  Every time the Rejuvenation catalog arrives in my mailbox (get your own here), I set it aside and wait until my chores are finished to crack it open with a cup of tea.  Almost everything is customizable, from mixing and matching shades and bases, cord length, bulb options, metal finishes and more.  For someone like me, that has a vision before I shop, it’s amazing to have options.  Their customer service department is super knowledgeable and happy to help you find just the right piece for your home if you aren’t sure where to start.

Our home was built in the late 1800’s but has a “modern” addition that was added in most likely, the 1950’s.  We have taken queues from many eras when selecting not only furniture, but fixtures.  Our eclectic style consists schoolhouse style fixtures, danish mid-century and some industrial details.  Over the years, we have been replacing all of the lighting to fit the era of our house and the furniture.  Here are my picks our home…

  • LIVING ROOM  |  Medium Mid-Century Wooden Table LampWe have a ceiling fixture in our living room to provide function, but a table lamp is just the thing to create a cozy atmosphere in the evening.  This mid-century inspired lamp coordinates with our vintage pieces and gives some height to our side table.  And of course I adore those brass details.
  • DINING ROOM  | Haleigh Wire Dome Pendant:  The dining room is a great place to let your lighting be the star.  This pendant is a little out of the box, but I think in our deep slate dining room it would really shine (see what I did there… shine… hah.).  One would be enough in our small space, but in a larger dining room, a row of these would be so stunning.
  • BATHROOM  | Thurman Wall SconceSince our bathroom is pretty small, I tend to keep things clean, simple and functional. These sconces are just right to fit on either side of the mirror and give off tons of soft, evenly dispersed light.  To match my sink hardware, I selected a bright chrome finish.
  • BEDROOM  | Linnton Wall Sconce: It’s always been a dream of mine to have sconces flanking our bed.  It makes the room feel custom and cozy.  These mid-century sconces with brass details would coordinate beautifully with our existing furniture and would cast the perfect soft light while you wind down for a restful night of sleep.
  • KITCHEN  | Jefferson Classic Flush Ceiling FixtureWe have low ceilings in the kitchen, so a flush ceiling fixture is a must.  A classic schoolhouse style lamp is perfect to add functional light to the whole space.  Over the sink I would do something coordinating, like the George Single Pole Pendant.

This post is sponsored by Rejuvenation.  All opinions expressed are my own and I only endorse brands and products I truly love and use.  To partner with Lost & Fawned, visit this page for details and contact information.