Finn Update

Hello I'm Finn

Finnick has officially been a part of our little family now for over 3 months.  And it feels like it was always meant to be. I figure it’s a good time for an update and share our experience as a 2-dog household.

Finn and Logan get along like brothers.  They  disagree on occasion, but are learning how to tell each other when they have had enough.  They are learning how to play with one another and finding each others limits (though we still sometimes have to intervene when things get too rough).  Meal times are getting a lot better.  They are sharing toys.  Things are really coming along beautifully in their relationship.

Finn is fully crate trained now and it’s really made him so much more secure and confident in the house.  We switched to a large plastic crate (from a wire crate) after a break-out when we were at work.  The people at the shelter were wonderful and helped tremendously with suggestions and support.  He loves his crate.  It’s become his safe and cozy place.

He’s still not sure about strangers, especially out in the world.  He’s doing better when we have guests, but still avoids people for the most part.  On walks he really struggles if a stranger approaches us.  It’s going to take time.



Jared and Finn

We took him backpacking last weekend.  Logan went to the Pooch Palace since our tent is only big enough for one dog (not that he minded… he got to flirt with girl dogs all weekend).  Finn did great!  He found a new “safe spot” in the bushes and spent the day basking in the sun and nights curled up with us in the tent.  We did find out he gets a little car sick when we were on the curvy back roads.  A messy lesson learned.  We’re working on finding a bigger tent so we can take them both next time.

All in all, things are going really really well.  I already can’t imagine life without him.  He is the best cuddler and is so grateful for every morsel of attention.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better addition.

Gadget Love // Etón Self-Powered Radio

My blog is usually more focused on vintage and handmade, but we also have a soft spot in our heart for gadgets in this house.  Our most recent purchase is this little workhorse, the Etón Microlink Self-Powered Radio.  It’s not just an AM/FM/NOAA weather radio.  It also has a super bright flashlight and (this is the real kicker) a cell phone or small electronic charger.  It can be charged with the hand-crank or with the small solar cell on top.

We just bought a simple black one for backpacking, but it would be great to keep one in each car and one  in an emergency kit.

First Hike of the Year – The Ledges

It was a brilliantly beautiful day!  One of the first nice days of the year.  As I mentioned, we are gearing up for a backpacking trip this May and we’ll be taking Logan with us for the first time!  He’ll be carrying his load of the weight on the long weekend so he is in training.  We tested out his pack on a little walk yesterday and he actually seemed to love it.  So today we loaded him in the car and made the 15 minute drive over to “Happy Days Park” in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and took the trail up to the ledges.

Logan did great in his pack, but he was pretty tired (and so were we!) after a few hours of hiking up and down the terrain to the overlook and back.

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