New Year // New Art

New Year New Art - Lost and Fawned

A new year is a great time to freshen up the house.  New art is a great way to change things up without breaking the bank.  Today’s collection has a little something for everyone.  No rhyme or reason, just great art and great prices.

  1. The Other Side of lapetus by Meredith Mackworth-Praed  //  from $20
  2. Extinction by Terry Fan  //  from $18
  3. Let it Go by Ricardo Garcia  //  from $22.88
  4. Portrait of a Heart by Christian Schloe  //  from $18
  5. I’ll go to Bed Early Tonight by Daily Dishonesty  //  from $20
  6. Cape Lookout by Lindsey Fowler  //  from $16
  7. Chrysantheme by Vargamari  //  from $17.68
  8. Pinky Promise by Emily Rickard  //  from $15
  9. A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor by Oliver Shilling  //  from $17
  10. Because Cats by Kitten Rain  //  from $15.60


All images property of the cited original artists.  Please visit the links above to learn more and support these talented folks.  Feel free to pin or share this graphic, but please make sure to link back to this post so people can find the sources.  Thanks a bunch!

Covet // Goodafternoonan


What do you get the cat-lover who has everything on your list?  This is it.  GoodAfternoonan creates custom cat portraits from a photo of your feline friend.   Magnet, brooch or print, the cat lady (or cat guy) in your life is sure to be smitten.

Katie currently works from New York out of her Brooklyn Studio.  Her blog is full of her custom creations as well as space, places and things that inspire her and her work.  Our shared love of vintage and Arrested Development leads me to believe that if we lived closer we’d be Netflix Night buddies.

Not into cats?  No worries!  Katie also does dogs, bunnies and even humans!

For more about Katie and to purchase her work, please visit GoodAfternoon on etsy or check out her Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and on her blog.  Happy shopping!






This post is sponsored by the wonderful people behind Good Afternoonan.  All opinions and words are my own and I only include products and artists I truly love.  If you would like your own in-post feature, please visit my sponsor page for details.

Illustration // Naomi Wilkinson

Naomi Wilkinson - Heidi

Naomi Wilkinson - Floral

Naomi Wilkinson - London MapNaomi Wilkinson - Homestead

Oh goodness!  This week I find myself head of heels for everything Naomi Wilkinson has ever done.  Her style, her color, her subject matter…  It’s all made me smile.  Check out her website for more of her portfolio or follow Naomi on Twitter.

All images property of Naomi Wilkinson.  Fee free to share, but please credit and link back to the original source.  Thanks a bunch!

Erik Riley Illustration

Four Horsemen - Erik RileyDoppelganger - Erik Riley   Hound - Erik Riley

Man and Horse - Erik RileyGrowth - Erik RileyI’m so smitten with Erik Riley Illustration right now.  His pieces feel old and new at the same time.  Clean and rustic.  And I’m always a sucker for dogs and horses.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

See more at Erik Riley’s website and blog.  Purchase these prints and more in their shop.

All images property of Erik Riley Illustration.  Please link lovingly and credit the original source.

Wildwood // By Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis


Wildwoon by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis


Wildwood Illustrations by Carson Ellis

If you need a literary escape to hep you push through these last winter months, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Wildwood by Colin Meloy with illustrations by Carson Ellis.  Wildwood is a novel (yes, an illustrated novel, not a picture book) that tells the story of a girl named Prue who must find strength when her little brother is carried off by a flock of crows and whisked to a nearby wilderness.  It’s everything a modern fairy tale should be.

You can also now get the sequel, Under Wildwood if you can’t get enough.

All images property of Wildwood.  Visit Carson Ellis’s website or the Wildwood Chronicles Website for more illustrations.

Winter Art for the Home

Decorating for the holidays with tinsel and fake snow isn’t for everyone.  One of my favorite decorating details is as simple as switching out the art in your favorite frame.  I leave my holiday prints in the frame behind the year-round art.  When it comes time to make the house festive, I take the frame down and swap the prints around.  Instant cheer!

Here are some winter prints (and some original editions) that are singing to me this year.

Clockwise from Top Left:  1. Reindeer by Sharon Montrose $25  //  2. Midwinter Daydream by Elle Moss $18  //  3. LOVE from The Calm Gallery $55.66  //  4. Mr. Frostie from The Calm Gallery $71.57  //  5. Original Etching of Deer by Fleurografie $119  //  6. Winter by Irene Sophia $16  //  7. My Heart by Bold & Noble $69  //  8. Bearly There by Hisss $14  //  9. Winter Horses by Kevin Russ $15  //  10. Winter is Coming by Gabriella Barouch $22.88  //  11. Deer Lady! by Sandra Dieckerman $18  //  12. Howard the Christmas Elf by Lost & Fawned $16

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Covet // NS Pottery

This week’s Covet is NS Pottery.  Natalie crafts beautiful stoneware jewelry and homegoods with function and impeccable taste.  She is even up for the Martha Stewart American Made Award this year!  You can vote for her here.  Congrats Natalie!

(PS: She’s on vacation this week, but you can still vote for her, heart her shop, ‘like’ her on Facebook and follow her on twitter.)

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Lost & Fawned on Society 6

I have been stock-piling photographs for years.  I loved the idea of opening a photo or card shop on etsy, but the start-up costs in printing, packaging, etc. made it a far off dream.  And then a light bulb went off this week.  Let Society 6 do my printing, packaging and shipping for me!  Plus, they have the capability of also printing iphone cases, stationary, canvas prints and framed prints.

I stayed up until the wee hours last night reformatting photos and uploading them to my new Society 6 Photo Shop.  It’s a great week to open my shop too since they now have Iphone 5 Cases (as well as Iphone 4, 4S & 3) and free worldwide shipping on all items!

Here are some of my favorite item combinations in the introductory collection…

I still have a boatload of photos to go through, so stay tuned for new additions.  I plan to keep my prices as affordable as possible.  Be sure to check out my Society 6 Iphone Case review for more information on  the cases.  Having purchased a number of prints, including the print above our bed I can vouch that they are beautifully printed.

I’m just getting started, so please stop by my shop and ‘promote’, pin, stumble, facebook and share!  Also, be sure to let me know what you like!  Feedback will drive this collection.

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Covet // Ruby Taylor Illustration

This week’s Covet is all about Ruby Taylor Illustration.  I ran across her spread from Flamingo Magazine on Pinterest and had to know more.  You can also see her work on the Just Us Collective or on her blog.

All images property of Ruby Taylor Illustration.  Feel free to pin and share, but please link lovingly.

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More Art Please


I started this post with a theme in mind, but before I knew it it evolved into a “things I like” post.  Oh well.  I tried.  Anyways, here is a collection of art I am digging this month.  I don’t have room in my home for all of it, but I do on this blog.

  1. Organic Beauty by Dawn Gardener  //  (21″ x 28″)  $60
  2. Equine No. 1 by Kiki & Polly  //  (8″ x 10″)  $20
  3. History Lesson by Emily Rickard  //  (13″ x 16″ canvas)  $85
  4. Daybreak in the Meadow by Joy StClair  //  (23″ x 17″)  $40
  5. you are lovely by Please be Still  //  (12″ x 16″)  $39.99
  6. Ring of Roses (Original) by Tastes Orangey  //  (8.5″ x 9″)  $215
  7. Wildlife by The White Deer  //  (23″ x 17″)  $40
  8. Sprout by Debbie Carlos  //  (36″ x 48″)  $175
  9. Three Beasts by Oh my Cavalier!  //  (8.5″ x 11)  $26
  10. The Pretend is Near by Nick Nelson  //  (17″ x 23″)  $28

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