Product Reviews I’m happy to review quality products on my blog.  If you have something you would like me to review and promote, please contact me so I can assess if it’s something I think my readers would be interested in and assure your product fits with the aesthetic of the blog.  I like to keep L&F somewhat positive, so I only review products I love.

Giveaways One way to promote your product is through a giveaway.  I am happy to host giveaways on L&F.  I will put the post together, usually including an interview and some product photos.  To sponsor a giveaway, contact me through my contact page.

Discount Codes I love to host discount codes on L&F.  Part of my blog philosophy is making a budget-life beautiful.  If you are interested please contact me with the type of discount you would like to offer (I prefer the discount to be at least 15% off or free shipping).  Discounts should run for at least a week (though I prefer 2 weeks to a month).  Discount codes will also be displayed on my sidebar for the duration of the discount.

All advertising inquiries can be made here or emailed to me directly at sendlindseymail(at!)

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