Holiday Bath with Lush

Holiday Bath with Lush on Lost and FawnedYou can’t escape it!  Once Halloween is over, holiday shopping is everywhere.  But there is no denying that Thanksgiving is a mere two and a half weeks away.

As you know, we live on a budget.  We don’t go on expensive dates or go overboard for holidays and birthdays.  But my one big indulgence has become bath-time.  Lush is my go-to for delicious yummy baths.

Lush launched their 2015 holiday collection a few weeks ago and I’ve been drooling over all of the new arrivals.  Get the turkey in the oven and then soak in the tub for an hour to get your skin glowing and smelling amazing.  Or after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve night, grab a cup of nog and soak away in a bubbly tub.  Long day of last minute shopping with the holiday crowds?  Fill that tub and throw in a bath melt.

  1. Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb  –  $6.95
  2. Cinders Bath Bomb  –  $4.95
  3. Rose Jam Bubbleroon  –  $8.95
  4. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb  –  $6.95
  5. Father Christmas Bath Bomb  –  $6.40
  6. Bar Humbug Bubble Bar  –  $6.95
  7. Snow Angel Bath Melt  –  $7.95
  8. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb  –  $6.95
  9. Yog Nog Bath Bomb  –  $6.95

Lush also has a huge collection of wrapped gift boxes full of goodies that are guaranteed to spoil and wow your loved ones.

Here we go!  Holidays 2015, here we come!

Craft Round-Up / Fall 2015

November DIY and Craft Projects with Lost and Fawned

Chilly weather makes for great days to do indoor activities and try new hobbies!  Here is a little collection of projects to keep you busy.  Some are simple, and others a bit more advanced.  All of these would make amazing holiday gifts for your loved ones as well.

  1. Easy Pom Pom Rug from Say Yes
  2. French Dot Constellation Table Runner from Design Sponge
  3. Copper Tealight Candles from The Merrythought
  4. Wooden Bead Trivet from Carnets Parisiens (French)
  5. Semi-Precious Stone Soaps from Fall for DIY
  6. Felt Leaf Garland from Lindsay Stephenson


Remix Your Coffee with Folgers Flavors

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Folgers. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Folgers Flavors on Lost and Fawned

We love a cup of coffee in the morning.  Usually on Saturday or Sunday I wake Jared up with a hot cup and some kind of breakfast in bed.  It’s a great way to spend 30 minutes together before we kick start a busy day.  We aren’t usually into plain old black coffee though.  We like cream, sugar and flavor, and we aren’t afraid to admit it.  As the one usually making the coffee, I know how much time it can take to make a lovely mocha if you aren’t a professional barista with all kinds of fancy equipment.  Cue Folgers Flavors.

I seriously love these little bottles.  If you crave variety, this is a great trick to remix your morning cup.  I add my milk (if you are too lazy to use that fancy frother, just shake the milk jug vigorously) and a squirt of that day’s selection, and my plain old joe suddenly becomes much more interesting.  This week I have been tossing one in my purse or lunch bag to wake up my office coffee too.  Since they don’t need to be refrigerated, they are great to take on the go.  Use a little for a whisper of flavor, or a lot if you need a serious treat.  Folgers Flavors are killer iced as well.

Remix your coffee with Folgers Flavors on Lost & Fawned

This weekend was all about classic vanilla and a little hot milk.  I added a little hazelnut to Jared’s as well to celebrate the first day of November.

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Grab a Book / Fall 2015

Grab a Book - Fall 2015 on Lost and FawnedColder weather is the perfect time to grab a fresh book for your collection or from the library.  I’ve been bringing home stacks or crafting books lately, but I have a long reading list this fall and winter that include fiction, biography, food and more.

Here are some of my picks right now…

What are you reading right now?  What’s on your list?  Please share!  I’m always looking for new books to be inspired by.

Autumn Kitchen Wishlist

Autumn Kitchen Wishlist on Lost and FawnedPretty soon it’s going to be the busiest season in my kitchen.  The mornings of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I LOVE to wake up early, listen to a holiday playlist or watch one of my favorite holiday movies (usually White Christmas or Elf) while I cook.  We don’t host a holiday party, but I do like to bring a dish or two to each event, which means MULTI-TASKING.

My mixer is pretty much dormant 10 months out of the year, but for those two months, I get my money’s worth out of it.  There is nothing like having your meringue mixing on it’s own while you help your husband find a matching pair of nice socks.  I usually spread all the way out into the dining room since we have a tiny kitchen, but a folding kitchen cart like this one would really be handy.  Here are some of other my must-have tools for holiday cooking…

  1. Le Creuset Wide 3.5 Quart Dutch Oven in Eggplant  /  $179.95
  2. Melamine Mixing Bowl Set in Yellow  /  $29.95
  3. Origami Folding Kitchen Cart in White  /  $99.95
  4. Soho Mixing Bowl Set  /  $34.95
  5. Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan  /  $36.00
  6. Kitchenaid Mixer in Boysenberry  /  $279.78
  7. Alpine Cuisine White Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale  /  $20.69
  8. Hudson Marble Mortar & Pedestal  /  $39.95

Creating Your Own Mood Blanket

Knit or Crochet your own Mood Blanket with Lost and Fawned

I journal.  I have a 5 year journal that I’ve nearly completed (one year to go!) and I love looking back and remembering all the moments that have brought me to where I am today.  It’s a way to celebrate the victories and reflect on the low times.

In 2016 I’ll still be working on my traditional journal, but I will also be doing an alternative form of journaling, in the form of a blanket.  You read that correctly!  Mood blankets are becoming increasingly popular in the crochet and knitting community.  Creating a mood blanket, involves selecting a set of colors that represent various moods.  Each day/week you complete a row or a block in the color or colors that represent your daily/weekly mood.  At the end of the year, you have a beautiful blanket that chronicles a year in your life.

Mood Blanket Examples on Lost and FawnedI’ve compiled a handful of examples of mood blankets (and one that isn’t technically a mood blanket, but would be gorgeous if it was).  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Habitual Homebody
  2. According to Matt
  3. Purl Bee (not technically a mood blanket)
  4. Shhshh on Ravelry
  5. Bella Coco
  6. Le Monde de Sucrette

There are some variations on the project including a temperature blanket (using the colors of the average temperature each day) and sky blankets (using the color or colors of the sky at high noon every day).

Here is a quick guide to start planning your own for 2016…

Planning Your Mood Blanket on Lost and FawnedI’m in the process of planning my own and soon I’ll have a plan ready to share.  If you want to take this project on, visit our new facebook community, Mood Blanket Darlings.  We are a very international group of yarn addicts and I can’t wait to watch everyone’s 2016 blankets come together.

Stick around in the next couple of months to see where I’m taking my mood blanket and get tons more tips and maybe some tutorials!  I’d love to share more of my crafting life with you.

Giveaway / Live Beautifully Paper Co.

Giveaway on Lost & Fawned - Live Beautifully Paper Co

I hinted at this giveaway earlier this week and I’m thrilled to announce it officially today!  Meet Live Beautifully Paper Co, the creation of graphic designer Kynley Wallace, of Denver, Colorado.  For years, she has been gently nudged by friends and family to bring her adorable and personal cards to the masses. Finally, she has taken the leap by launching her Etsy store.

Each card is not only designed by Kynley herself, but also printed, scored, folded and packaged with love and care.  I was lucky to get a sampling to photograph for this giveaway and they are amazing in person.  Every detail is so thoughtful.  Even the envelopes are brilliantly curated to enhance the card designs.  You will be proud to give these to your loved ones, no matter what the occasion.

Live Beauitfully Paper Co Hand Lettered Cards - Giveaway on Lost & Fawned

If all that wasn’t enough, a percentage of each card purchased from Live Beautifully Paper Co is donated to charity (which is noted on the back).  So not only are you giving a card to celebrate or comfort, but you are also giving back in a small way.

Live Beautifully Hand Lettered Cards on Lost and Fawned

Kynley has generously offered one lucky reader an amazing prize pack to stock their card drawer (if you don’t have a card drawer, this would be a perfect way to start one!).  The winner will receive one 12 pack of cards in a single design of their choosing and 5 individual cards of their choosing from Live Beautifully Paper Co, a $42 value.  There are lots of ways to enter.  Giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada only.  Select as many or as few as you like using the widget below (if you can’t see the widget, click here or try another browser).

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to all!  And a huge thank you to Kynley of Live Beautifully Paper Co for sponsoring this amazing giveaway.  Her Christmas line should be launching soon, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on her Etsy Store.

Spice Up Your Home / Etsy Edition

Spice Up Your Home - Etsy Edition on Lost and Fawned

As far as Instagramers are concerned, fall is the “most wonderful time of the year”.  Autumn is for pumpkin patches, apple orchards, hot drinks and chilly nights.  It’s also a great time of year to add a few warm and toasty touches to your home as the heat kicks on.  Of course Etsy is a treasure trove of amazing handmade and vintage spice up you space.  Here are some of my picks…

Spice of Life Crochet Along

*Cricket Chips*  I know I have been a wee bit quite, but it’s because I am hooked… literally.  I have become an overnight crochet addict.  I can’t get enough yarn and I spend every free moment with a hook in my hand.  It’s become very natural very quickly and I’m thrilled to have discovered a new hobby that is giving me so much joy.

The project that is currently sucking up most of my time is the Spice of Life Crochet Along (CAL) with Black Sheep Wools and Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart.  A crochet along is a project that is divided into parts.  Each week a new piece of the pattern is released and the whole group follows along, encourages each other and shares their progress on social media.  There is a very active facebook group of amazing crocheters of all levels of skill.  The best thing about this crochet along (also known as a CAL) is that each step increases in difficulty.  It’s perfect for a new crocheter who has a good grasp of basic stitches (a Chain, US Double Crochet and Single Crochet).  It gives you lots of practice with counting stitches, controlling your tension and stacking and combining various types of stitches to create new patterns.

Another great thing about this CAL, is that everyone is making it their own!  Obviously the suggested colors are amazing, but most people have looked in their stash and created beautiful and unique palettes that make the blanket one of a kind.  A lot of people are also adding stitches and rows to make the finish blanket larger.  I skipped a row when I started my waves in part four.  To “fix it” I went rogue and created my own design by adding a couple of rows.  I love how it ended up looking, even though it doesn’t follow the original pattern.

The community aspect of a CAL really encourages you to keep going and is a great way to troubleshoot if you struggle with a stitch or find your blanket shrinking.  The #spiceoflifeCAL hashtag on Instagram already has over 1,000 tags.  It’s a global group too!  Black Sheep Wools is located in the UK, so the group is mainly focused there and here in the US.  There are people from every continent (except Antarctica of course).

Spice of Life Crochet Along on Instagram

I’m using all Stylecraft Special DK for mine.  It’s the very best acrylic I have come across.   It comes in tons of colors and have a beautifully soft hand.  It also stitches really nicely and the price is great.  I get most of mine from Love Knitting.  Get 15% off your first order AND free shipping by visiting this page.  You will also need the following…

By the end of this crochet along, I’ll have a gorgeous one-of-a-kind blanket to throw over my lap on a cold Ohio winter night while we watch TV.  I’ve started a second one in ice cream colors for a future baby shower as well. I think it’s going to be a stunning (but deceptively inexpensive) gift for a lucky kiddo and mama.  If I didn’t have a million things in my “in progress” pile, I would make a ton of these for Christmas gifts.

You still have time to catch up!  Visit this page to get all the current PDF’s and check back there on Tuesday morning for the newest section to be released.

Flavors of Fall

Flavors of Fall on Lost and Fawned 2015October starts tomorrow!  I’m in full fall mode and ready to start cooking with some of my favorite seasonal flavors.  I love spicy chai, root vegetables, apple cider and (the flavor of the hour) pumpkin.  Here is a group of recipes that are going on my to-do list for the next couple of months.  Enjoy!

  1. Chai Hot Chocolate from Tasty Yummies
  2. Brie & Cheddar Apply Beer Soup from Half Baked Harvest
  3. Chai Spiced Sugar Cookies from My Baking Addiction
  4. Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops from Gimmie Some Oven
  5. Pumpkin Magic Custard Cake from The Gunny Sack
  6. Autumn Harvest Granola from Half Baked Harvest
  7. Apple Cider Cake from Buns in my Oven
  8. Pumpkin Butter from High Heels & Grills
  9. Bread Pudding with Ham, Cheese & Caramelized Onions from Buns in my Oven