Living for Less / A Historic Living Room

Living for Less - A Historic Living RoomI’m back!  And I have a new installment to my Living for Less series, where I take magazine ready spaces and try to make them attainable and affordable for the masses.  As usual, I tried to pick a space that didn’t rely heavily on unique architecture and will include one semi-splurge item that really sets the tone.

This living space was featured in the July/August online issue of Lonny.  The living room is in the kid-friendly vacation rental, the Whitfield Road Residence in Accord, New York.  Though the house was built in the 1730’s and has stunning floors, I still believe the casual and cozy look can be achieved in just about any home.

The big splurge came in the form of the Grasshopper Floor Lamp which was designed by Greta M. Grossman in 1947 and is an iconic piece of design.  It’s not cheap, but there really isn’t much that is comparable, and it’s on sale (I was born with my mom’s gift of finding a way to justify just about any purchase)!  The Ikea chairs have a similar shape and character for a fraction of the cost.  We actually have one of these in the living room as seen in my feature in Ikea Family Live.  I love the original pouf, but the Target version is about half the price.  The look is rounded out with an unfinished portrait of George Washington and a ton of candles.

  1. Kilim Square Pouf from Target  /  $69.99
  2. ‘George Washington’ Print by Gilbert Stuart from  /  $29.99
  3. STRANDMON Wing-back Chair from Ikea  /  $279.00
  4. Medallion Throw Pillow from Overstock  /  $25.46
  5. Grasshopper Floor Lamp from France & Son  /  $268.00
  6. Mercury Glass Candlesticks from Michael’s  /  $12.99
  7. Lantern Candle Holder from Amazon  /  $20.30
  8. Root ‘ Juniper Rosewood’ Scented Candle from Amazon  /  $15.97

Greetings from Oceanside, Oregon



Im still enjoying some time off, but I wanted to touch base quickly.  I’m heading home on Sunday, so we will be back to our normal posting schedule next week.  It’s cloudy today, but the weather has been warm and beautiful.  My mom and I have been checking out a few museums and restaurants, but we mostly sit in the house and watch the waves (and Netflix) or go for walks.  My brother and I went to the Tillamook County Fair (which was a blast) and hiked to the beach at Cape Lookout State Park (which was gorgeous).

We will be heading back to Portland on Wednesday or Thursday to shop and spend time with family.  After that I will be on a plane home to see my husband and dogs.  I am missing on out 5th wedding anniversary this Friday, but we are planning to celebrate when I return.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more updates on my trip.  The next time I post will probably be when I return next week.  Have an awesome day!

Dove / The Sleeveless Summer Challenge

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of  Influence Central for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.


Summer is here and as you may know, I’m taking some much needed time off at the coast to unwind and soak up some sun.  I’ll be sharing more from my trip soon, but I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on a review coming soon to Lost & Fawned.

When I return home I will get the chance to try Dove Advanced Care Deodorant and share my experience with you.  I will also be sharing a stick with my friend, who is a soon-to-be bride, as we all know if there is any day you want to be dry and odor free it’s your wedding day.  Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is also clinically proven to reduce irritation from shaving and provide smoother and softer skin in just 3 days, which is super important in a summer of sleeveless styles.

In the mean time, you can enter to win a trip to New York City Fashion Week and a VIP styling session with A-list Hollywood stylist, Erin Walsh from Dove by ditching your sleeves this summer.  To enter and read the official rules head over here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay tuned for more about this review in the coming weeks!

2014 Wearable Trends from the Runway

Fall 2014 Wearable Trends from the Runway

I’ve already talked about the color forecast for Fall 2014, and now it’s time to talk about the trends and how to wear them.  I’m not ready to wear a full teddy bear fur suit (courtesy of the Olsen Twins label, The Row) but once you read enough reports and flip through a ton of slideshows of the shows, you do start to see some patterns.  And I’m really liking what I see.  We are getting comfy and cozy this fall in wrap coats, shift dresses and sneakers.  I’ve tried to break down some of my favorite trends into more wearable versions of the runway looks.

  • A T H L E T I C  L U X E  ::   Classic athletic style pieces in updated materials are in for casual wear.  Leather sneakers, sweatshirts in cashmere, wool letterman style jackets, etc.  /  Women’s Felt Baseball Cap from Old Navy – $14.94
  • W R A P  C O A T S  ::  Wrap coats were everywhere.  Most had a ton of volume and were in every color imaginable.  This one is a tamed down, totally wearable (but still cool) version.  /  Zig to Zag Warp Coat from Tulle – $54.50 SALE
  • B U C K E T  B A G S  ::  This is one trend I can get behind.  Roomy enough for all my junk, but not so oversized and ridiculous (like we were sporting for awhile).  Try it out without a big commitment or investment with this faux leather version.  /  Tasseled Bucket Bag from Old Navy – $32.94
  • S T A T E M E N T  E A R R I N G S  ::  While statement necklaces are fading, statement earrings are on their way up.  I love this mixed metal version with a little black dress, or try something edgier like these.  /  Metallic Chandelier Earrings by Betsey Johnson – $17.39
  • 1 9 6 0 ‘ S  M I N I  D R E S S E S  ::  The 60’s were everywhere for fall.  I’m not ready to go head to toe go-go boots and clear plastic cut-outs, but this little dress is easy to wear this autumn.  /  Throwback Theory Dress from Modcloth – $69.99
  • L E O P A R D  P R I N T  ::  Leopard print always seems to find it’s way back onto the runway.  I like this version in unexpected navy and orange on a sweatshirt.  It also come in a pencil skirt that is equally amazing.  /  Leopard Print Sweatshirt from H&M – $24.95
  • S N E A K E R S  ::  Our feet will thank us for this one.  Sneakers were seen up and down the runway from designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chanel.  /  Nike In-Season TR 4 from Zappos – $75.00


August Update & Harvest Report

Sunflowers on Lost and Fawned

Since July has come and gone (seriously faster than I could imagine), I thought it was a good day for a little update.  This has been the summer of craziness and I’m looking forward to fall now.  I feel like we haven’t even had a summer since we have been so busy.

The garden is still thriving, despite our neglect.  Next summer I am going to have to share a tutorial on the bean trellis we built this year.  It’s working perfectly and the beans are loving it.  We are picking a handful of beans (see below) nearly everyday, but as I have noted in our garden journal, Kentucky Pole Beans are not our favorite variety.  I find they get pretty woody if they get too big.  We will have to find something different next year.  My decorative sunflowers have been blooming all month.  These two were knocked over in a nasty summer storm, so I am enjoying them in the living room.  We had in a battle with our resident chipmunks over the tomatoes.  We keep finding half eaten cherry tomatoes and skins all over the yard.  We have managed to pick a few and I’ll be making a nice sauce out of them on Sunday.

Bean Harvest on Lost and Fawned

As you may have noticed, the blog got a facelift last week.  I have been just as neglectful to this blog as I have been to the garden this summer.  I kind of fell out of love with it this winter, but I’m feeling inspired again.  Ever So Splendid (my quilting, sewing and DIY blog) is growing and healthy, and so is Lost & Fawned.  They both reflect different sides of my personality and I intend to keep them separate but equal.  It’s been a rocky transition as I have been learning to balance both, but things are falling into place and it has pushed me creatively.  I’m looking forward to my blogging future.

Today is going to be crazy.  I’m dealing with a perfect storm of appointments, while trying to prepare to get on a plane on Tuesday to visit my mom for 10 days.  We aren’t making too many plans other than heading to the coast and spending a ton of time watching Netflix on the couch together.  I’ll return home on the 15th which is also our 5 year wedding anniversary.

Hoping all is well with you and yours.  Thanks for sticking with me during this busy busy summer.  Once things calm down and the weather cools, everything should go back to it’s normal pace here.

Cheese Boards for Beginners

Cheese Education on Lost and Fawned

I love cheese.  Who doesn’t, right?  I’m not fancy and I certainly don’t know a lot about cheeses and pairings, but I find the whole culture and history quite fascinating.  Plus, cheese is delicious.  I often end up bringing a cheese board or plate to parties because they are super easy (very little prep) and are always a huge hit.  Lately I’ve been doing more reading and plan to up the ante a bit.

To start upping your game when it comes to cheese boards, you will need a few things…

  • AN EDUCATION  ::  Learn a little about cheese.  Maybe try your hand at making some cheese, so you can understand the science and art.  Pick up a cheese book.  The one I feature in this post is a great beginners guide.  Or look up some of the thousands of guides online.  A quick Pinterest search turns up tons.  Learn about pairings and the origins of different varieties.  Visit a local cheese shop (or if you are lucky, maybe you have a cheese vendor at your farmer’s market) and try some new cheeses.
  • CHEESE TOOLS  ::  You’ll need a basic cheese tool kit that includes cheese knives and a cheese board (a wood cutting board works great as well).  Why not pick up some cute cheese markers or fancy little bowls (which you’ll need for the next part).
  • FANCY FIXINGS  ::  Try something different with your cheese.  Honey and chutney are both traditional choices, but not something you see everyday.  Fresh fruit, herbs, nuts and olives are also classic pairings to cheese.

Here are a few of my picks for cheese newbies like me…

  1. Cheese Storage Kit from Fromaticum  /  $18.99
  2. Ohio State Cheese Board by AHeirloom  /  $48.00
  3. ‘Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese’ by Tenaya Darlington  /  $16.66
  4. Cheese Marker Set from Modcloth  /  $24.99
  5. Italian Cheese Kit from Uncommon Goods  /  $24.95
  6. Adjustable Cheese Slicer from Amazon  /  $11.73
  7. Raw & Unfiltered Honey from Rodale’s  /  $12.00
  8. Old Yorkshire Chutney from Cachette  /  $4.30
  9. Cheese Chart from Uncommon Goods  /  $29.00

Living for Less / A Sunny Office Space

Living for Less - Office with a Pop of YellowI’ve decided to go back to my roots in interior design and start a new series.  Introducing ‘Living for Less’, a blog series where I will take amazing magazine inspiration and help you build the look in your own home for a fraction of the cost.  I plan to do my best to use inspiration images that don’t rely on architecture and “good bones” so that the look can be achieved in almost any home.

This week’s ‘Living for Less” is inspired by this beautiful office designed by Doherty Design Studio (as featured in EST Magazine) in Melbourne.  The palette is pretty simple featuring a base of white, wood and black.  It’s the addition of the sunny yellow that really makes it sing.  It’s a perfectly clean and sunny look.

The chair is still a little bit of a splurge, but since the original chair costs $1200+ (check it out here) it’s a pretty good replacement and is a real statement piece.  For the desk, I’d pick up a simple white desk top from Ikea and some legs for one side.  The other side would rest on top of this gorgeous yellow filing cabinet.  I wish I could find a deal on that stunning herringbone floor, but this rug is a lovely substitution for smaller budgets.  Accessorize the shelf and desk with simple simple framed prints (Bonus Tip:  Society 6 sells cards for cheap.  Frame one and keep the rest to send thank you notes), boxes to stash office supplies and some fresh potted plants.

Here are my picks…

  1. Bisley Filing Cabinet in Yellow from Container Store  /  $199.00
  2. RANARP Pendant Light from Ikea  /  $24.99
  3. Safavieh Bandelier Chair from Lowes  /  $300.38
  4. RIBBA Frame from Ikea  /  $1.99
  5. ‘The Artist’ Print by 1100 Illustrations  /  $24.00
  6. ‘People’ Photo Print by Anne Staub  /  $19.76+
  7. Kensington Rug from Target  /  $129.99+
  8. White Storage Box from Amazon  /  $9.69
  9. Matte Black Ceramic Planter by eGardenStudio  /  $13.50
  10. RISKORN Pot from Ikea  /  $5.99

Pantone Fall 2014 Colors

Pantone Fall 2014 Colors  on Lost and Fawned

Whether we like it or not, fall is right around the corner.  I always miss summer once it’s gone, but like a lot of you, I look forward to boots, layering and autumn fashion.

This season’s color forecast isn’t what you normally expect when you think of fall hues.  Many of the featured colors from Pantone lean toward the cool end of the spectrum and are soft and muted (with the exception of a few bright pops).  I love the idea of mixing these with the normal range rich of fall colors, like a Misted Yellow sweater over super dark jeans and rich brown ankle boots.  Or mixing a Mauve Mist scarf with a khaki utility jacket.  Of course the color of the year is Radiant Orchid and it’s a killer unexpected shade to adorn your nails.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear this season’s hottest colors…

Bachelorette Party Day-to-Night Look

Bachelorette Weekend Day to Night Look on Lost and Fawned

Bachelorette parties are so not my thing.  I’m a homebody, especially at night.  Once the sun starts to set, there is nowhere else I would rather be than sewing in the dining room, gaming with my husband or snuggled up in bed with the dogs and Netflix.  But, when you have an amazing sister-in-law that is getting married in a couple of months, sometimes you have to bow to fate and hit the bars.

This weekend I will be headed up to Cleveland for a brewery tour followed by dinner and the out for drinks and dancing.  My closet is not well equipped for this kind of outing, so I have had to get creative.  There won’t be much time to gussy up before going to the nighclub, so I’ll be switching out a couple of accessories and shoes to feel a little more fancy.

Here is a similar look to what I will be rocking this weekend.  The day look is for the tour and dinner and the night look is for dancing and drinks.

D R E S S  ::  Paint Love Grand Dress from Modcloth  –  $59.99

D A Y  L O O K  ::

  1. Pointelle Cardigan in Coral from Target  –  $9.18 SALE
  2. Narrow Embossed Belt from H&M  –  $5.95
  3. Right Chevron Time Necklace from Modcloth  –  $27.99
  4. Defined the Scenes Flats in Black from Modcloth  –  $29.99

N I G H T  L O O K  ::

  1. Emerald Clutch with Crossbody Strap from Target  –  $26.99
  2. Bright and Brilliant Earrings from Modcloth  –  $12.99
  3. Gold Metallic Skinny Belt from Target  –  $14.99
  4. Stagefright D’Orsay Sandals in Tan/Metallic by Seychelles  –  $34.82 SALE

Whale of a Tale / Etsy Round-Up

Whale of a Tale - Etsy Whale Round-Up on Lost and Fawned

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ll be heading home in just 2 weeks to spend 10 days with my family.  A good chunk of that time will be spent at the coast.  The last time we went to visit we got to catch the beginning on the winter whale migration and could see spouts from the deck of the house.  If you are ever given the opportunity to go whale watching, don’t hesitate.  One of my fondest memories is seeing whales up close and personal in their natural environment.  They are such beautiful creatures.

Here is a collection via the craftsmen and shopkeepers on etsy inspired by the beauty and power of whales.  Enjoy!