Spring in the Kitchen

Spring in the Kitchen on Lost and Fawned

While fall will always be my favorite season for flavors, Spring for sure has some of the brightest seasonal ingredients.  From classic snow peas, citrus and strawberries, to less common lychee, fiddlehead ferns and jackfruit.

Here are some amazing seasonal recipes fresh from Pinterest to add to your spring menu…

  1. Roasted Rhubarb Fancier from Hint of Vanilla
  2. Spring Pea & Lemon Pesto Pizza from Running to the Kitchen
  3. Dark Chocolate & Apricot Tarts from Figs & Pigs
  4. Dilled Red Potatoes & Peas from Foodie Crush
  5. Lemon Lava Cake from The Novice Chef
  6. Tarragon Chicken Salad from Feasting at Home
  7. Pan Fried Cod in Citrus & Basil Butter Sauce from Foodness Gracious
  8. Strawberry Goat Cheese Crostini from Foodess
  9. Seared Scallops with Snow Peas & Orange from Real Simple

Nocturne Quilt Progress

Half Square Triangle Crib Quilt in Moda Nocturne on Lost and Fawned

Both of my quilts are in the home stretch.  Quilt A is being quilted (I think I bit off more than I can chew with my stitch choice… but we will get to that in a future post) and today I wanted to share a little of Quilt B’s progress.

I picked up one charm pack of Moda’s Nocturne and a couple of yards of higher quality unbleached muslin for this simple fabric pull.  I thought about adding a color to the mix, but didn’t want to over complicate things.  Since the pattern for the other quilt was a little on the ambitious side, for this one I went with super simple half square triangles and added interest by creating a gradient with the triangles from corner to corner.  I kind of wanted it to almost feel like twilight when the moon is rising.

Nocturne by Moda Crib Quilt on Lost and Fawned

It came together super quickly using this tried and true method and 5″ squares.  After I laid them all out in a way I felt worked, I sewed them all together using TONS of pins to make sure my corners were nice.  Accuracy is one of the most important keys to quilting even in simple patterns like this.  I added a nice thick border with the muslin to finish it and bring it up to size.

Moda Nocturne Crib Quilt on Lost and Fawned

Today I’ll be making my sandwich and prepping it for quilting.  I picked some yardage of Winter Sweater from Cotton + Steel’s new Bluebird collection for the backing and will be using simple dusty blue Essex yarn dyed linen for the binding.  I’m still trying to decide how I want to quilt this.  I’ve never done “stitch in the ditch” before, which is kind of appealing.  Usually I work 1/4″ off the seams with HSTs.  I’m trying to keep the border in mind too.  I don’t want too many starts and stops that don’t extend to the edge.  I’d love some suggestions.

Planning a Spring Twin Baby Shower

We have nearly made it to the third trimester.  And how fitting it seems that we would be in the viability window and having a baby shower (something I only dreamed of before) during National Infertility Week.  I’m still planning to do a write up about our struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss, but it’s honestly in it’s 200th draft now.

But that brings us to the shower!  Believe it or not, being the center of attention terrifies me.  But I’m so thrilled to celebrate our boys with a group of family and friends and I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and love we have received so far.  What I also love, is planning parties.  My sister-in-law was gracious enough to host this event for us, and we have had so much fun planning the details together (with a little help from Minted).

It didn’t take long to settle on a garden/woodland/nest theme since it’s spring here in Ohio.  It was a theme we knew we could execute easily and inexpensive with what we had in our homes and gardens.

Garden Twin Baby Shower Inspiration on Lost and Fawned

We didn’t select a set of colors and kept the theme interpretation really open.  My sister-in-law recently took up cake decoration and was super inspired to recreate this speckled birds egg cake with spun sugar nest and 2 candy eggs.  We ordered some customized banners and some other details from Minted’s Alford Park Party Decor collection.  And as for invitations…

JSquarePresents printed craft papers

We ended up selecting the Les Renards Invitation by Bonjour Paper on Minted.  I suppose those two foxes at the top could have been intended to be Mama and Papa fox, but for our purposes, they were perfect to set to tone for our twin shower.  They have already obviously been mailed and received by the guests, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to see how adorable they look printed (although I did post a preview on Instagram).

Despite my state fright, I’m really looking forward to Sunday.  I’ll have a wrap up post this month to show you how everything turned out.

Sample product was supplied by Minted for this review.  I only blog about brands and products I truly love and all opinions expressed are my own. 

My Lush Spring/Summer Must Haves

Lost and Fawneds LUSH Spring and Summer Must Haves

Since I just placed an order for some of my favorites basics, it’s time for me to fan-girl out about Lush Cosmetics again.  Today I’m bringing you my top 10 must have items for spring and summer.  I know these are a little splurgier than my usual fare, but this is where I indulge and these products are worth the price for me.

  1. Sea Vegetable Soap  ::  Not only is this bar the prettiest bar of soap I have ever seen, but it smells amazing.  The salty/seaweed/citrusy/lavender scent is unisex and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.
  2. Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar  ::  This is a new one for me.  My other favorite is Seanik (great for guys and girls who need extra oil control in the summer), but this one smells so beautifully feminine and gives me silky shampoo-commercial hair.
  3. Imperialis Face Moisturizer  ::  This is one of my “deserted island” items (if I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one product).  This moisturizer changed my skin and made a bigger difference in my complexion than any soap, toner or blemish cream.  It smells lovely and balances out my combination skin.
  4. Fresh Farmacy Face Cleanser  ::  This is a daily use product for me year round.  It’s a calamine based soap and is soothing and gentle, but still leaves my skin feeling clean.  I used overly harsh cleaners for far too long, and now I’m never looking back.
  5. Avobath Bath Bomb  ::  While I am usually drawn to spicy, warm bath bombs, in summer Avobath is the perfect zesty, fresh and fizzy combination.  All the fresh avocado also makes your skin feel amazing.
  6. Dream Cream Body Lotion  ::  Admittedly I didn’t buy this one the first time I tried it.  Lush sent it to me when I had a reaction to one of their scrubs.  Super smart on their part, since it totally sold me on the product and it solved my problem.  I’ve been using this daily on my itchy skin as it stretches.  It’s so silky and relieves all my irritation without the greasy leftovers.
  7. Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask  ::  This mask.  Holy smokes.  This mask is amazing.  I tried it first in a sample.  It’s exfoliating and deep cleansing.  And the cool tingly peppermint feels awesome in hot weather.
  8. Tea Tree Water Toner  ::  I use this year round, but in the summer, I love putting this in the shower and using it as a skin refresher on hot days.
  9. Angels on Bare Skin Face Cleanser  ::  This one is on my wishlist.  I loved the sample they sent me and I’m dying for a full sized pot.  Another gentle cleaner, this one is loaded with lavender and finely ground almond and exfoliates just enough while calming the skin with rose absolute and lavender oils.
  10. Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair) Massage Bar  ::  Massage bars are one of my favorite Lush product categories.  Like all of their massage bars, this one is packed with cocoa butter and shea butter, but also adds avocado, mango kernel butters and fresh citrusy scents.

From Ohio with Love

From Ohio with Love on Lost and Fawned

Today I have a ton to do around the house, so I set out to do a quick post about some amazing local Ohio Etsy shops.  It ended up being an endless rabbit hole that I fell down for the last 4 hours.  I included a couple of very talented friends in today’s round-up as well.  Enjoy!

Starting in top row, from left to right:

Cozyblue Sea Captain Embroidery Pattern

Sea Captain Embroidery Hoop Pattern by Cozyblue on Lost and Fawned

As if I needed to start something new… The quilt I shared with you last week is coming along REALLY nicely though, I promise!  I should have the finished top to share with you soon (if not here, than on Instagram).  Right now I’m obsessing over this mini project I started last week.

I love doing embroidery.  It’s so therapeutic and meditative.  However, I really don’t like transferring patterns onto fabric, so I end up buying patterns and sticking them in a drawer for a later day that never comes.  When I saw this Sea Captain by Cozyblue, I didn’t want that to happen.  So, I paid the extra $2.25 to have her send me an iron-on transfer of the pattern!  Genius!

Cozyblue Sea Captain Iron On Transfer on Lost and Fawned

Cozyblue Sea Captain Pattern Iron On Transfer on Lost and Fawned

I love how it’s looking in this dark teal thread on linen essex.  I’m determined to finish it ASAP so I can get back to my never ending in-progress list.  It’s the perfect project for laying in bed and resting my poor back right now (these humans are getting HUGE and heavy!).

Cozyblue Embroidery Patterns and Projects on Lost and Fawned

I have hoops, thread and needles galore, but if you don’t, she also sells kits ready for the beginner.  Check out all of Cozyblue’s kits, pdf patterns and other projects on her Etsy Store.  I want to do them all!  One step at a time though.  First to FINISH some things and then I can pick up another new project to keep my hands busy.

What are you working on right now?  Starting something new?  Finishing something old?


Photo by Andrew B Myers

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”   ~ Mark Twain

April has brought be a little case of spring fever.  I’ll be spending the day being as productive as I can until I collapse into bed with the windows open and take an afternoon nap.  I have a long list of things I need to accomplish before summer sets in and time seems to have sped up 1000 times.  I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done.  Happy April!

Photo by Andrew B. Myers as seen on The Cool Hour.

First Crib Quilt

First Crib Quilt in Progress on Lost and Fawned

I’m falling way behind on so many projects, but a few have been pushed to the forefront as I quickly become less and less able to do anything physical.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that we are in fact having two boys.  So far both are healthy and growing very fast.  I’m very smitten and trying my hardest to enjoy every second of this (admittedly sometimes that’s hard when you are exhausted and your body is constantly finding new and creative ways to make you miserable).

I know we are going to get a lot of matching stuff for the boys, so I really wanted to make them each something special and unique.  Of course I had to go as ambitious as possible and settled on crib quilts.

First up is Twin A’s quilt (they have names, but you will have to wait until the are born to find out what they are).  Twin A is the smaller and much more active twin.  He’s always looking for attention and loves to thrash around and wake me up.  I selected this charm pack from Carolyn Friedlander’s Doe collection and grabbed about a yard and a half of Essex in Black for the background.  I’m using the Flying Geese Arrows pattern from Quilty Love as my inspiration, but I’ll be improvising a little with the layout of the final piece.

Crib Quilt in Progress on Lost and Fawned

It’s coming together slowly but surely.  I’m doing a lot of strategic pinning and marking some of my seams to make sure they are as accurate as possible.  I’m planning to put in some serious machine time today and hopefully get all 40 arrow blocks finished so I can start laying them out and constructing the top.  I’m planning to keep the quilting very simple, maybe even stealing Quilty Love’s model and using a simple zig zag stitch in horizontal channels just to add a little texture.

Next up is Twin B’s quilt.  He is the gentle giant (in the normal range but still pretty huge for a twin).  I picked out the Nocturne Collection by Janet Clare for him and I’m planning to keep it pretty simple.  Once I finish this one, I’ll be sharing that plan with you.  Off to get some chores done, and then to spend some quality time with my sewing machine.  Have a lovely day!

This post uses affiliate links that result in commission based on sales.  Links like this help provide funds that keep Lost & Fawned running.  All opinions expressed are truly my own.

Fresh from the Garden

Fresh from the Garden on Lost and Fawned

The trees have a green glow and the buds are starting to open!  Spring is really on it’s way!  I’m ready to shed my winter layers, open the windows and fill vase after vase with pretty blooms from the yard.  Here are some garden fresh picks from me to you…

  1. Flora in Peach II by Yao Cheng from Minted – $138.00
  2. Spring Meadow Embellished Butterflies Pillow from Pier 1 Imports – $27.96
  3. Rifle Paper Co. Clear Floral iPhone Case from Paper Source – $36.00
  4. Kai Rattan Basket from Pier 1 Imports – $69.95
  5. Heirloom Lavender Garden-in-a-Bag from Amazon – $14.95
  6. Nine West Starship Flats from Zappos – $69.99
  7. Dynamic Duo Desk Set in Mint from Poppin – $24.00
  8. Fair Trade Rose Quartz Earrings from Novica – $43.99

This post uses affiliate links that result in commission based on sales.  Links like this help provide funds that keep Lost & Fawned running.  All opinions expressed are truly my own.

Selecting Twin Shower Invites with Minted

Finding Twin Shower Invitations from Minted on Lost and Fawned

My amazing sister-in-law offered to throw us a shower for our twins.  I can’t wait to celebrate our upcoming arrival with a small group of friends and family.  Last week we set out to find some sweet springy invitations to send to guests and set the tone.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there for moms of twins and multiples.  Most sites will have a few options, but it can be disappointing seeing all the amazing options singleton moms have.  So we turned to Minted.  Not only is their multiples invitation selection much larger and way cuter, but all of their regular invitations are also easy to customize!

Minted sources designs from independent designers across the globe (read more about that here) and makes it easy to get unique custom stationary of professional quality delivered to your door.  We have used them for years for our holiday cards, so I know when I get my finished cards they are going to look flawless.

All of these picks are either twin specific, or easily adaptable using Minted’s personalization.  “Baby Shower” becomes “Twin Shower”.  “She’s having a little girl!” turns into “She’s having twins!”.  It’s so easy and free to change almost any field on Minted’s invitations.  It opens up so many options to moms of multiples or adoptive moms.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations from Minted on Lost and Fawned

  1. Twice the Fun by Joanne Williams
  2. Les Renards by Bonjour Paper
  3. Dipped Feather Foil-Pressed by Pistols
  4. A Little Lady by Alethea and Ruth
  5. Hey Baby Baby by Itsy Belle Studio
  6. Bright Balloon by Jill Means
  7. Twin Owl Babies by Peetie Design
  8. The Wild World of Twins by Loree Mayer
  9. Woodland Romp by Olivia Ruafman
  10. Sweet Delivery by Rebecca Bowen
  11. Les Bichettes by Bonjour Paper
  12. Baby Blooms by Faiths Designs

Pictured at top:  Two Sweet by Kelli Hall

No matter what kind of shower you are planning, from classy (gold foil and floral) to classic (storks and baby bottles) to trendy (owls and hedgehogs), Minted has plenty of perfectly designed invites that are ready to be customized.  We were overwhelmed with options, in a good way!

Stay tuned to see which design my host and I selected (they are already here!!) and how we customized it to make it perfect for our shower!  We found something perfect.  We will also be having a giveaway for Minted credit!  You won’t want to miss this.

This post series was made possible by Minted.  I was provided with sample product in exchange for sharing this information with you.  I also used referral links throughout this post.  Posts like this provided necessary funding for hosting and support to keep Lost & Fawned running smoothly.  I only endorse products and companies I truly love and everything expressed is my own words and opinions.  For more information on advertising with L&F, please visit my sponsor page.  Thanks!