First May Weekend

May Weekend - Lost and Fawned

We have a full weekend planned to celebrate the first weekend in May.  If the weather holds out (fingers crossed) a majority of the weekend will be spent getting our garden planted, finishing up the mulching, filling the pots on our porch with flowers and generally getting our hands dirty outside.  If/when it rains, I am embarking on sewing my first garment (a floral wrap dress… yikes… stretch knits!).  If there is still time, I would love to hit the library and peruse the cookbook section for some seasonal recipes to add to the file.

Happy May!  I hope your weekend will be sunny and productive.  Summer is officially on it’s way in the Northern Hemisphere!

123 // Things I’m Loving 02.08.13

123 Things Im Loving 02:08:13

123 is back.  We can’t stop listening to this album.  Of Monsters & Men is yet another reason to love Iceland.  Rounding out the group is rose gold and upcycled mail sacks.  What’s not to love?

  1.  14k Rose Gold Handmade Feather Ring by Nangjijala Jewelry – $245
  2. My Head Is an Animal by Of Monsters & Men – $9.99
  3. Upcycled Mail Sack Ipad Case from Uncommon Goods- $55


NPR Music // The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile And Stuart Duncan: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert from NPR Music on Vimeo.

Last night was my first mandolin lesson.  I’m feeling excited and inspired.  I’m starting for scratch since this is really the first stringed instrument I have played since a miserable year of violin when I was 3.  I barely sound musical, but hopefully with some practice I’ll be able to pick out some pretty tunes and jam with Jared.

I’ve been hooked on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts this past year and while searching for mandolin inspiration I stumbled on The Goat Rodeo Sessions TDC.  The second song, “Attaboy” may be the most uplifting song I have heard in awhile.  The mandolin player, Chris Thile just won a 2012 MacArther Fellow for his music.  I have the full album on order already.

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123 // Good Things 1.11.13

123 Lost and Fawned

I’m dealing with a minor computer emergency, so please excuse sloppy post images for awhile until I can get my laptop figured out.  Even with sub-par graphics, you can still enjoy these 3 pretty things I’m loving this week.

  1. Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now? – $11.88
  2. Friends of the Forest Sweater – $74.99
  3. The Brooklyn Family by Goose Grease – $50.00

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Covet // Celentano Woodworks

Jared and I are starting to build quite the arsenal of instruments.  He’s been working on guitar and recently purchased a new electric.  I have been toying around with a cheap little ukulele.  We finally have the piano from my childhood in our living room.  Our most recent acquisition is a pair of mandolins.  I’m officially obsessed.  They have such a rich tone.  I just lost half the day messing around with chords and making up a few little tunes.

I’m nowhere near ready to invest a quality instrument, but if I ever get to that stage I know exactly what I would have my eye on.  Celentano Woodworks makes the most beautiful custom Ukuleles, Mandolins, Banjolins, etc.  I have had the Dove Mandolin in my etsy favorites for ages.  When I was browsing today and saw the new Stag Mandolin my heart skipped a little.  Too bad we didn’t win the Powerball jackpot.  I think this would be my first purchase.

I know I usually try to blog about budget-beautiful items, but these are too pretty not to share.  For more, visit Celentano Woodworks on Etsy, on Facebook or see them in action on YouTube.

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Burning River Fest on Whiskey Island

Saturday afternoon Jared and I trekked up to Cleveland for Burning River Fest, an environmental festival sponsored by the Burning River Foundation and Great Lakes Brewing Company on Whiskey Island (the lighthouse on the right in the picture above is the Old Coast Guard Station where the concert venue was).  We got there with plenty of time to spare and spent some time on the beach.

We made tiny mosaics in the cracks of the logs with sea glass…

And played with shadows…

When the doors opened we perused booths, ate overpriced festival food and stayed for two sets.  First up was Young Man, a new band to us that we now love.

The final set (for us at least) was Bethesda, a local band from Kent that we have been fans of for a year or so.  They are fresh off their first year at Bonnaroo and just finished recording their 2nd full length album (due out in March I believe).  They were great live.

We left early before the bulk of crowd would be trying to get out as well.  If you are in North East Ohio, I would highly recommend checking it out next summer.  The venue is truly unique and of course it’s for a great cause.


Weekend Playlist // Spring Cleaning

By no means am I a master at mixing playlists.  I just pick whatever songs I feel for the occasion and go with it.  This weekend is a weekend built for cleaning.  I’m getting ready for a little house feature on another blog and have a busy spring to summer transition coming.  The house is in desperate need of some freshening up.

So I threw together a little playlist of some songs to blast while I open the windows and clean.  It’s pretty random.  It’s certainly not a masterpiece in mixing music cohesively.  But it should get your feet moving.

Featured art // The Cleanup by Catwalk

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Video: “Take me Over” by Cut Copy & Ryan Patrick


Jared just sent me this beautiful music video from Cut Copy  directed by Ryan Patrick.  I like to imagine our little ones will be just as imaginative.

Hope you are starting your week out right.  I’m having a pretty stressful start.  Spring cleaning tonight and leftover pizza.  Looking forward to finally putting my feet up and having a glass of iced tea with fresh mint.

Voice of Ages – The Chieftains

Voice of Ages Trailer | The Chieftains from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Looking for some new music to get you through the week? Check out ‘Voice of Ages’, a collaboration between the Chieftains and some of today’s best folk acts.

Also, sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  Lots going on. I’ll be a better blogger, I swear.

Help Bethesda Make a Full-Length Album

Jared and I are new fans of a local band, Bethesda from Kent, Ohio.  They are currently raising money to fund a new full length album.  Jared and I made a pledge via their Kickstarter. Every little bit helps make their dream a reality.  Support great music!

I’m totally digging their song “Oh! How we Crane our Throats!” today…

Live From Bad Racket: Bethesda from Ohio Authority on Vimeo.