Church Pew Headboard from faith*buss

I see pews like this on craig’s list all the time.  What a fantastic idea.  For more photos of the process and finished product check out faith*buss.  In addition to amazing projects like this one they also have the most adorable kids and a beautiful garden.

Plywood Chairs from Desire to Inspire

I’m loving this simple chair makeover from Desire to Inspire!  No paint, just some love and danish oil to the original wood and beautiful typographic vintage bus roll fabric seats.  Just gorgeous.  I really hope they will share a photo of this in the context of their home.  They look wonderful!

From Jared: DIY Tree Stump Table

Jared sent me this yesterday and we put it on our list of things to do when we have a yard (and if we have the perfect tree stump under a large tree, hah).  The top is poured concrete and the whole project only costs about $45.  I love the vintage chandelier and folding chairs.  This looks like the perfect spot for a romantic candle-lit dinner or a lovely lunch with the girls.  Find out more on the project on This Old House.

Feed Sack Pillows

I mentioned earlier I felt inspired to sew.  I got to work early and found an old feed sack I had purchased ages ago.  I cut off one side and used most of it for the front of a large pillow and one of the extra strips as the accent on a smaller pillow.  I paired it with natural linen.

Logan seems to like them and they are pretty sturdy so I don’t have to worry about him actually using them as a pillow.  I need to make a slightly larger pillow form for the big one so it looks fuller, but generally the look really cute in the living room.

Sewing today…

Whipping out the fabulous plaid fabric scissors today and sewing some new pillow shams.  Some for us and some to sell I think.  I got some amazing 1960’s floral curtains from that amazing estate sale that I want to make something with.  Also I haven’t used all the fat quarters Jared got me for Christmas.  Time to get cracking.

Child’s Hooded Cape by Saint Reagan’s Hollow

I wish I had a little one for the sole purpose of buying them this knitted hooded cape by Saint Reagan’s Hollow on etsy.  This would be so perfect for chilly summer evenings, cold days at the coast and the beginning of autumn.  I think it’s so chic and looks so cozy.  Read about the story of its concept and design here.

I’ve you’re an amazing knitter you can also pick up the pattern from her shop and make it yourself.

Ta-Da! We have a porch herb garden.

So, here it is!  I sat on the porch for a good long while putting together our little container garden.  We now have sweet basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary growing in the little crate by the door.  It smelled so beautiful and I can’t wait to start tending and harvesting them for fresh summer meals.  I have to say I’m most excited about the basil and would love to try to make some homemade pesto.  Also steaks with fresh basil butter… perfect for summer.

I planted some lamb’s ears in another planter box just because I like them.  I’m hoping we can find some more cute containers so we can get some flowering plants out there.  We’ll see though.  Off to research organic porch gardening…

Pretty Gift Wrap on Etsy

I love pretty gift wrap.  I just love it.  There is so many beautiful and simple options out there these days, anyone can look like Martha Stewart wrapped their gifts.  Here are a few summery picks to brighten your day and your gifts.

Graph Paper Flag Bunting by French Toast Friday – 3 sets for $5

Baubles Wrapping Paper by Pikkuwares – 4 sheets for $12

Recycled Bay Map Paper Garland by Kristina Marie – 10 feet for $18

Practical Painting Tips from Apartment Therapy

Since my dad worked for companies like Sherwin Williams and Glidden I’ve been house painting since I could hold a paintbrush.  He taught me to paint like a pro and it’s something I’ll always cherish (I know it’s not a typical fond childhood memory, but it’s useful right?).  I know quite a few tips and tricks of my own but I am loving the article today on Apartment Therapy on practical painting tips.  Using a nail hole to drain paint from the lip is particularly clever but was one of those palm-to-forehead/”why didn’t I think of that” moments.

Check out the full article here for more tips and tricks.