Color Me Inspired: Garden Edition

Gardens are packed with color inspiration. Of course flowers are the obvious choice, but fruits and veggies are beautiful as well are come in such a range of hues.  I picked a couple of inspirational edibles to feature in my Color Me Inspired series this week.

Photo by Market1.

Photo by Rubyherelam.

Color Me Inspired: Shades of Ice & Steam

I intended to post this earlier this week when the landscape in Ohio was whitewashed.  Instead I posted color.  I was fascinated by all the hints of color in this all “white” photograph of Iceland.

Photo by Stephan Toner via National Geographic.

Color Me Inspired: Kitten Soft

It’s gray and snowy today.  I felt like making a gray palette that was soft and warm.  It makes me feel a little better that it’s snowing in April.

Photo via ache (via inglorion).

Color Me Inspired: Mid Century Ikat

I fell in love with this rocker awhile ago.  In my dream nursery, this would be my rocking chair.  And the whole palette would center around this ikat fabric.

Finn Rocker from Anthropologie.

Color Me Inspired: Vintage Perfume Bottles

I’m feeling extra girly today.  Vintage perfume bottles and dried flowers it is.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Whiting.

Color Me Inspired: Summer Adventure

This weather has me dreaming of summer heat and all the adventure it brings with it.  I love this photo.  It reminds me of summer in Utah, my birthplace.

Photo by Coquinete.

Color Me Inspired: Contrast

I love this photo.  I wish I could rock a red lip.

Photo Xinyuanjang via Sunday in Bed.

Color Me Inspired: Blueberries & Bleached Wood

I love that colors this rich occur in nature.  Put them in a clean white bowl and it only makes them that much more vibrant.

Photo courtesy of Erica Lee via Tiny White Daisies.

Color Me Inspired: Denim & Wheat

A new kind of vintage country color. Like a farm girl in her Sunday dress trying on her grandma’s coral earrings.

Photo of Elle Fanning from Lula Magazine via Haw-lin.

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Color Me Inspired: Rust & Glacier

I love winter by the sea.  The absence of vacationers makes it feel quiet and still,  but ocean wild and untamed in winter.  I think this palette is a perfect reflection of that.

Photo by Our Long Nights.