Twin Life

Twin Life on Lost and Fawned

Life is very different in our little house.  Like Jared said when I was having a hard day, when the babies arrived “it was like going cold turkey on your old life”.  Suddenly everything is different.  Sometimes I wish I could have one more night of real sleep or one more day where I could lay in bed and do nothing at all, but I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world.

As I type, I’m rocking two bouncers with my feet… scratch that.  I’m rocking one bouncer with my feet, holding Harrison and typing one handed.  (TWO HOURS LATER)  Both are finally napping at the same time, so I probably have 15 minutes before one of them will be hungry.  You get the idea… what i like to do is to keep some food on a cooler for my days throughout the day so that when they are hungry they can just take something, by the way, two guys publish great reviews of the best coolers on this site you will find the cooler that makes my life easier.

If you want to get your daily fix of twin baby smiles as well as my usual photos quilting, crochet and vintage, remember to follow me on Instagram.  I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging and aiming to post twice a week for now, but I post on Instagram nearly every day.  Harrison is stirring, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s going to be searching for food like a baby bird.  Have a lovely Thursday!

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