Splendid 10 / Month One

Splendid 10 - Must Have Items for First Month with Baby

I know there are millions of posts out there about “must have baby products”.  I looked at tons of them while I was pregnant.  Everyone has different needs and priorities, so none of these should be taken as fact, but rather what worked in one family’s experience.  Well here is mine.  I’m hoping to do these every so often as the boys grow so I can share the items that I purchased, used and loved and tell you why.

So we were clueless about what we would actually need and what would be a luxury when the boys arrived.  There were some things I thought I wouldn’t need or had too much of that actually ended up being a godsend and honestly we didn’t have much that we didn’t use.  Here are my top 10 for the first month…

  1. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat:  I did so much research to find a car seat that would fit in our Mini Countryman.  We ended up settling on this one after reading tons of reviews and looking at it in store.  We couldn’t be happier.  Not only does it fit nicely in our compact backseat but they are super quick to install and click in and out of their bases super easily.  /  Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat – $199.99
  2. Non-Diaper Bag:  Who said you have to buy a DIAPER bag.  As long as it carries what you need and is durable, get one you love.  We opted to get a classic Fjallraven backpack in Sand and it’s perfectly sized for what we need, the backpack is way easier to carry while wrangling twins and it was cheaper than official diaper bags.  /  Fjallraven Kanken Daypack – $60.39
  3. Burp Cloths:  You can’t have too many.  And they don’t have to be cute.  These classic cloth diapers make perfect inexpensive burp cloths.  I got a set and keep them in a bin on top of the changing table.  /  Gerber Birdseye Cloth Diaper 10 Pack – $12.34
  4. Wubbanub Pacifier:  I had always heard that soothie pacifiers were the best, but our little guys had trouble keeping them in their mouths.  I saw these on one of those “must have” lists and grabbed one on my first post-baby Target run.  They boys love them.  They easily clutch the little animal and can keep them in their mouths all by themselves.  Plus, the animal makes them easy to find when they go missing.  We have a fox and a giraffe.  /  Wubbanub Fox Pacifier – $13.95
  5. Boon Bottle Drying Rack:  I confess that I purchased this not only because of the good reviews, but because it is adorable.  I’m glad I did.  Since we are constantly washing and drying bottles, this set sees a lot of action.  And it looks really cute on our kitchen counter.  /  Boon Grass Bottle Drying Rack Set – $34.99
  6. Wipe Warmer:  I usually see this luxury on the list of items people didn’t use.  We actually ended up buying this one ourselves after a few weeks of middle of the night diaper changes.  Since we have two babies to feed, change and sooth back to sleep, we try to keep stimulation as minimal as possible at night.  Wiping them with a cold wipe often startled them awake and made easing them back to sleep a struggle again.  This was $20 and was worth it for us.  /  Munchkin Wipe Warmer – $19.76
  7. Receiving/Swaddling Blankets:  After our shower I thought there was no way we needed that many blankets.  I had made some and we received piles of them from people.  Little did I know that they would be one of the most versatile things in our dresser.  Swaddling, cleaning up emergency spit up, an impromptu diaper changing station, gathering and carrying dirty onesies, rolling them up to support their heads in the stroller… I use them and wash them constantly.  You can’t have too many blankets.  /  Carters Flannel Receiving Blankets – $24.95
  8.  Wrap Style Carrier:  We have a double stroller that we do use, but these are my favorite way to take the babies places right now.  We have two wraps (although I have seen that you can carry both twins in one) and when we go to Costco or for a walk, we each wear a baby.  They love them.  After I put one in the carrier, I bounce a little bit and he’s down for the count.  We did this for a 2 hour walk at an art festival and to get coffee and they slept almost the entire time.  Plus since they are right against your chest it helps deter “baby-touchers”.  /  Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – $35.68 (We also use a Cozitot Wrap Carrier as a less expensive option)
  9. Avent Glass Bottles:  We ended up using bottles a lot more than we anticipated (long story for another post) and I was so glad we had these sterilized and ready.  I wasn’t super comfortable with heating their milk in plastic, so I opted for glass.  These bottles are wonderful.  They clean easily, are super durable and they come with a more natural shaped nipple that the boys easily latched and used right away.  /  Set of 6 4oz Avent Glass Bottles – $49.99  (Also pictured Avent Bottle Sleeve)
  10. Whale Bath Scoop:  This guy is super cute and is my favorite bath time tool.  It’s huge and pours a nice waterfall of warm water on their little tummies.  They seem to love it.  /  Skip Hop Whale Scoop – $9.99

BONUS – Costco Membership:  One thing that isn’t pictured that we invested in, is a Costco membership.  We plan to start cloth diapering once things settle down, but in the beginning when things were SO HARD we started with disposables.  We are fully committed to using cloth long term, but for my sanity and survival, I couldn’t handle it in the beginning.  With twins, we burn through diapers and it’s expensive.  Kirkland diapers from Costco are cheap (192 for $29.99) and I prefer them to name brand diapers.  We have way less leaks with them and the boys can wear one overnight without needing a change until morning (unless they get them dirty).  Costco is also great for formula, quick meals that just need to be tossed in the oven and stocking up on necessities so you don’t have to run to the store for toilet paper.

So those were our first month essentials!  We survived partially in part to the items on this list.  What were your “must haves” when you brought your kiddo home from the hospital? 

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