Nocturne Quilt Progress

Half Square Triangle Crib Quilt in Moda Nocturne on Lost and Fawned

Both of my quilts are in the home stretch.  Quilt A is being quilted (I think I bit off more than I can chew with my stitch choice… but we will get to that in a future post) and today I wanted to share a little of Quilt B’s progress.

I picked up one charm pack of Moda’s Nocturne and a couple of yards of higher quality unbleached muslin for this simple fabric pull.  I thought about adding a color to the mix, but didn’t want to over complicate things.  Since the pattern for the other quilt was a little on the ambitious side, for this one I went with super simple half square triangles and added interest by creating a gradient with the triangles from corner to corner.  I kind of wanted it to almost feel like twilight when the moon is rising.

Nocturne by Moda Crib Quilt on Lost and Fawned

It came together super quickly using this tried and true method and 5″ squares.  After I laid them all out in a way I felt worked, I sewed them all together using TONS of pins to make sure my corners were nice.  Accuracy is one of the most important keys to quilting even in simple patterns like this.  I added a nice thick border with the muslin to finish it and bring it up to size.

Moda Nocturne Crib Quilt on Lost and Fawned

Today I’ll be making my sandwich and prepping it for quilting.  I picked some yardage of Winter Sweater from Cotton + Steel’s new Bluebird collection for the backing and will be using simple dusty blue Essex yarn dyed linen for the binding.  I’m still trying to decide how I want to quilt this.  I’ve never done “stitch in the ditch” before, which is kind of appealing.  Usually I work 1/4″ off the seams with HSTs.  I’m trying to keep the border in mind too.  I don’t want too many starts and stops that don’t extend to the edge.  I’d love some suggestions.


  1. Love this quilt!

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