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Oh boy.  I’ve done it again.  I was doing so well tackling unfinished projects on my crafting table and then stress kicked in, and my therapy was starting new things.  I have a huge pile of things I started or intended to start this winter and it’s time to get organized.  I’ve bagged them all separately, so at least the supplies/half finished items are all contained.  But here is what I have started and where it stands…

  • Crocheted Baby Blanket  ::  STILL IN PROGRESS – I started this gray and orange baby blanket when we first got a positive test as a way to manage my anxiety while we waited to see if it was viable.  The middle went super fast, since it’s all double crochets (US terms) and then I hit the border, which is all singles and it slowed down.  I got totally bored with the slow progress, but it’s SO close to being finished!   Plus I’d like to make a second one to match with maybe a mint green border.  This is getting top priority.
  • Zig-Zag Afghan  ::  STILL IN PROGRESS – I started this maybe last fall?  My great-grandma was a zig-zag afghan queen, so it’s always been a goal to tackle one of these.  Even with some large stitches, this beast is going to take ages since it’s SO big.  Might put it on hold until I finish some higher priority projects.
  • Polaroid Quilt  ::  ON HOLD – This project started when I did a block swap on instagram.  Each “polaroid” came from another quilter around the globe and I framed them all up in this gorgeous Essex yarn dyed cotton.  I’m hoping we will do another round of this swap or two, so I can get enough to make a twin sized quilt.  Packing this one away until I know if I’ll have enough to do what I want with it.
  • Various Sewn Garments  ::  ON HOLD – Obviously these are going on hold.  All my patterns are in my size last year and who knows what shape my body will be in next year.  Since I don’t have a dress form, I tailor everything on my frame.  Not much I can do about these until I know what size I will be.
  • Amigurumi Projects  ::  STILL IN PROGRESS – I have three main projects I’ve had in the wings that I would LOVE to get done by next summer, a Totoro doll, a fox (pictured above) and an aqua bear.  None of them are started, but I have the materials and patterns ready for each.  These always take me longer than I think they will.  I love the results, but I get really frustrated with the process.  Going to finish some other stuff as a “warm up” first and then try to chip away at these.
  • Christmas Quilt  ::  ON HOLD – It’s always been the plan to have a different christmas quilt for each bed in the house.  I would love to have a tradition of getting them out when December hits and spreading them on their beds to get ready for the holiday season.  I got a killer deal on fabrics for my first one (a queen sized monster) and started cutting a piecing the top, but life had other plans.  I think this is going to unfortunately have to go on hold until I can get my sewing space figured out.
  • C+S Patchwork Quilt  ::  ON HOLD – I love our patchwork quilt that we use to add extra weight to the bed.  It’s simple 5″ squares and is a great workhorse piece in the house.  I started a second one using a whole bunch of different Cotton + Steel prints gradiated from top to bottom, but alas, somewhere along the way it got lost in my pile.  This one is so simple.  I think when I figure out my sewing space, it will be the first thing I finish, but I have no idea when that will be.
  • Birthday Swap  ::  PLANNING – I’m doing one last swap that I signed up before I knew what our outcome would be.  I have an awesome partner though, and I can’t wait to make her an amazing birthday box!  I’m currently on the planning stage on this one since it’s not due until October.  No procrastinating though!  I can’t let it creep up on me.  I really want to do something quality.
  • Quilt Bee  ::  IN PROGRESS – One block a month for that month’s queen bee.  So far it’s been going great.  January is done.  February is also done and ready to ship out.  I also finished the tutorial for my block in July and uploaded all the directions, so that’s ready to go.  I committed to keeping up with this one, so I’ll be prioritizing this every month.  I’ll probably try to do some in advance for the summer months when things are really in flux.

There are probably more projects hiding around the house.  I know I have a long list of things I would love to make as well, but I really cannot start anything else until I at least finish the “in progress” projects.  Organizing my supplies and containing them is another priority.  They are truly out of control right now.  Hoping to get started on that this afternoon.

What are you currently working on?  Anything long overdue to get picked up again and finished?  How do you motivate yourself to finish unfinished projects?


  1. You’re a better woman than I, I’d be scared to take inventory of all of my started projects! There are. so. many. I think my biggest hurdle is that I love the challenge of learning something new. And since I love working on the new skill (whatever it happens to be) mid-way through I buy more supplies to continue making projects using that skill after I finish the first. But by the time I finish the first one, I don’t feel like doing another since I already know how to do it. Insert supplies for knitted Christmas stockings, cross stitching, large needle knitting, entralac knitting, seasonal felt banners, linocut stamps, glittered ornaments, and who knows what else populating my “guest” room.

    • lostandfawned says:

      Oh man. I totally forgot about the christmas cross stitch that is 50% done too. Whoops.

      I totally get this. I think this is part of my problem too. I love learning new stitches. I think that’s why I actually finished my Spice of Life blanket. Most of the rows were new fancy stitches, so I was able to stay motivated to the end. Haha. And yea… the dreaded “guest room”. That’s actually what I’ve been working on all afternoon! Unfinished projects, supplies, clothes to be dontated, amazon boxes, etc. Yikes.

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