Fabric Love

Fabric Love on Lost and Fawned

Love is in the air this weekend!  Flowers and chocolate are great, but a “bouquet” of fabric is guaranteed to charm your sewing sweetheart this weekend (if you are still shopping).  I’m not usually a pink kind of girl, but I’m feeling warm and fuzzy today.  Here are some beautifully blush fabrics to inspire you this weekend.

  1. Heather Ross “Underwater Sisters” from PinkDoorFabrics
  2. Leah Duncan “Gramercy Brownstones” from FreshModernFabric
  3. Stacy Iset Hsu “Lil Red Grandmas Wallpaper” from MetroQuiltCompany
  4. Miriam Bosfor Birch “Wild Horses” from OwlandDrum
  5. 3 Sisters “Passport Paris Map” from FreshModernFabrics
  6. Eloise Renouf “First Light Flock” from discoverfabric
  7. Cotton + Steel “Sprinkles” from OwlandDrum
  8. Katarina Roccella “Rosewater Tears” from SouthernStitchFabric

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