Due with Two (but it wasn’t easy)

Due with Two on Lost and Fawned

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know, but it was suggested that I also share here.  It’s totally true.  Jared and I are thrilled to be expecting fraternal twins this summer (technically August 4th is our due date, but twins come early).  I’ve been super quiet around here because this has (understandably) distracted me for the past few months.  I’m through the first trimester now, and for the most part the morning sickness is gone.  I’m hoping for a very uneventful and quiet pregnancy.

If you did see our post on Instagram or if you are super perceptive, you picked up on the fact that this wasn’t an easy road for us.  It’s actually been a 4 year ordeal.  Infertility and pregnancy loss has this weird shroud of secrecy over it.  I’ve written and rewritten a post for L&F probably 8 times over the course of the years and never had the courage to post it.  I still have it in my drafts and I’ll probably post it in the next month or so (it’s pretty disorganized and rambling since it’s a tough story to tell).  But I want to share it.  It’s the least I can do to give back.  I’ve had an amazing amount of support from the online infertility community, especially when I was dealing with tough decisions or just in a really dark place.

For now we are busy preparing for our family to grow quickly and significantly.  I’m dying to find out the sexes (hopefully this month) and we are trying to celebrate every little milestone.  The plan is not for the blog to become a “mommy blog” but I will be sprinkling in some more parenting related posts from here on out.  Two babies means lots of stuff and money, so I have been hard at work finding ways to afford everything we need for these kiddos.  So far I’ve found some amazing tips that I can’t wait to share.  The goal is to spend no more than half of the retail price on everything since we need two, and I’ve been successful!

Thank you all for sticking with me, despite my radio silence.  I can’t wait to get a weekend of relaxing, cleaning and sleeping started.


  1. The first thing to do is register and let happy friends buy things for you.

    Just sayin’.

    • lostandfawned says:

      Haha. Of course. I’ve got a little cash from a relative to start our shopping and I’ve been tackling some of the doubles myself with that.

  2. How super thrilling! I love these kinds of stories, good job doin hard work! Can’t wait to see everything :o)

  3. I am so excited for you!!! :D

    How cute are onesies? Just saying- I always have to stop and admire them when I’m in Target.

    • lostandfawned says:

      Target has some super cute ones too! I had a nice stash going from randomly checking for clearance. They came in handy when I had to send a gift for a shower or new arrival. I got this set (plus one more) for like $2.50 on clearance. That’s cheaper than thrifting!

  4. The online IF community is so wonderful — they helped through my loss & IVF tremendously. I’m so glad for you and so excited to keep reading. Don’t know if you read her, but Peonies & Polaroids writes wonderfully about twins and IF (they’re older now but her older stuff is still valid): http://www.peoniesandpolaroids.com/2010/07/four-years-minus-nine-months.html et al

    • lostandfawned says:

      I honestly can’t say enough good things about the online support community. I went through some awfully dark moments (including a loss as well) and it was comforting just to know I wasn’t alone.

      I will for sure check out her twin posts! I know I frequently saw links to her IF posts. As we start to feel little flicks and butterfly tickles coming from inside, it’s really feeling quite real very fast. I’m thrilled, but also overwhelmed. Hah.

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