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Lets Clean on Lost and Fawned

We are in the thick of winter, but I love to start the year with a clean house.  January is a great time to give your home a good scrub.  I’ve tried a lot of products, and finding a good balance between products that aren’t too harsh but actually work can seem impossible.

Here are some of my very favorite staples that I keep stocked in our cleaning cupboard.

Quick tip!  I’ve started getting a majority of our cleaning products from ePantry.  The prices are great, shipping is cheap and you can even schedule re-deliveries of your favorite products.  Get $10 off your first order by clicking here.


  1. Meghan @ Hayes Days says:

    My parents swear by natures miracle. They’ve been using it for years now.

  2. Nature’s Miracle is indeed, a miracle. I say this as someone with two out of three vomity cats.

    Also, Method’s hardwood cleaner is what we use for our floors – it smells like almonds, and if the cats walk through it before it’s perfectly dry, I don’t freak out.

  3. lostandfawned says:

    One of our dogs has acid reflux and has an almost scheduled 3 o’clock puke when he starts to get hungry for dinner. If he doesn’t make it to the tile or hardwood floors, this stuff does the trick. Its saved carpets, rugs, the sofa, a mattress… you name it.

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