New Year / New Start

Happy New Year with Lost and Fawned

This fresh start couldn’t come at a better time for me.  2015 was tough.  I took some serious knocks and had some serious lows (all of which I’ll get into when the time is right).  But with 2016 I’m hopeful that this year will be different.  I’m making a couple of resolutions and starting some new projects to celebrate.

  • Journaling  /  I’m in the last year of my 5 Year Diary.  I’m so glad I stuck with it and will be following through and finishing it.  I’ll probably pick up a fresh one and start over.  I’ve also started my mood blanket for 2016.  I’m promising to be honest about my daily moods and make this a real keepsake.
  • Positivity  /  I’ve always been somewhere between a realist and an optimist, but the past year has made me lean much more toward to realist side.  It has occasionally caused me to focus too much on what could be and not celebrate life in the moment.  I’m hoping to regain some of my optimism and positivity in 2016.
  • Home  /  We need to stop procrastinating and knock some projects off our list.  After the bathroom fiasco two years ago, we got really burnt out on home improvement.  We don’t have the saving right now to do any major work, but we can organize, purge and make small updates that will make a huge difference.  It begins next weekend.
  • Blogging  /  Last year I really retreated into my own shell, not only here on the blog, but also in life.  I withdrew from a lot of people.  In some ways it was necessary, but I’m ready to come back.  I’m newly motivated and can’t wait to share some new things with my blog pals as well.

None of these resolutions are terribly daunting, and all are realistic.  Are you making resolutions this year?  Did you stick to yours last year?  Happy 2016!  Cheers to a fresh start!


  1. My only resolution is to survive, and not constantly criticize myself for not Doing It All. Because I will not Do It All.

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