Holiday Bath with Lush

Holiday Bath with Lush on Lost and FawnedYou can’t escape it!  Once Halloween is over, holiday shopping is everywhere.  But there is no denying that Thanksgiving is a mere two and a half weeks away.

As you know, we live on a budget.  We don’t go on expensive dates or go overboard for holidays and birthdays.  But my one big indulgence has become bath-time.  Lush is my go-to for delicious yummy baths.

Lush launched their 2015 holiday collection a few weeks ago and I’ve been drooling over all of the new arrivals.  Get the turkey in the oven and then soak in the tub for an hour to get your skin glowing and smelling amazing.  Or after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve night, grab a cup of nog and soak away in a bubbly tub.  Long day of last minute shopping with the holiday crowds?  Fill that tub and throw in a bath melt.

  1. Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb  –  $6.95
  2. Cinders Bath Bomb  –  $4.95
  3. Rose Jam Bubbleroon  –  $8.95
  4. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb  –  $6.95
  5. Father Christmas Bath Bomb  –  $6.40
  6. Bar Humbug Bubble Bar  –  $6.95
  7. Snow Angel Bath Melt  –  $7.95
  8. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb  –  $6.95
  9. Yog Nog Bath Bomb  –  $6.95

Lush also has a huge collection of wrapped gift boxes full of goodies that are guaranteed to spoil and wow your loved ones.

Here we go!  Holidays 2015, here we come!

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