Creating Your Own Mood Blanket

Knit or Crochet your own Mood Blanket with Lost and Fawned

I journal.  I have a 5 year journal that I’ve nearly completed (one year to go!) and I love looking back and remembering all the moments that have brought me to where I am today.  It’s a way to celebrate the victories and reflect on the low times.

In 2016 I’ll still be working on my traditional journal, but I will also be doing an alternative form of journaling, in the form of a blanket.  You read that correctly!  Mood blankets are becoming increasingly popular in the crochet and knitting community.  Creating a mood blanket, involves selecting a set of colors that represent various moods.  Each day/week you complete a row or a block in the color or colors that represent your daily/weekly mood.  At the end of the year, you have a beautiful blanket that chronicles a year in your life.

Mood Blanket Examples on Lost and FawnedI’ve compiled a handful of examples of mood blankets (and one that isn’t technically a mood blanket, but would be gorgeous if it was).  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Habitual Homebody
  2. According to Matt
  3. Purl Bee (not technically a mood blanket)
  4. Shhshh on Ravelry
  5. Bella Coco
  6. Le Monde de Sucrette

There are some variations on the project including a temperature blanket (using the colors of the average temperature each day) and sky blankets (using the color or colors of the sky at high noon every day).

Here is a quick guide to start planning your own for 2016…

Planning Your Mood Blanket on Lost and FawnedI’m in the process of planning my own and soon I’ll have a plan ready to share.  If you want to take this project on, visit our new facebook community, Mood Blanket Darlings.  We are a very international group of yarn addicts and I can’t wait to watch everyone’s 2016 blankets come together.

Stick around in the next couple of months to see where I’m taking my mood blanket and get tons more tips and maybe some tutorials!  I’d love to share more of my crafting life with you.

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