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Learning to Crochet - Free Online Tutorals on Lost and Fawned

First up, a little house cleaning.  For the last year I dabbled with moving all my crafting and DIY posts to another blog.  It became too much for me to maintain, so as of today, those posts are coming home to Lost and Fawned.  Along with my usual fare of shopping, style and decor, I’ll be sprinkling in my quilting, sewing and now crochet as well.  I can’t wait to show you more.

On to the topic at hand… learning to crochet!  You may know that I’m an avid quilter (if not, be sure to check out my Instagram feed).  I’m also a chronic dabbler in the world of crafting.  I needed a new hobby like I needed a hole in the head, but here I find myself, hording yarn and starting projects.

My great grandmother was a whiz with a crochet hook.  Our family has piles of amazing zigzag afghans that she made over the course of her life.  They are full of memories and are so comforting, physically and emotionally.  The last time I was in Oregon, my mom and I spontaneously picked up some crochet hooks and yarn while we were at the coast for the weekend, and made it our mission to learn Granny’s craft.

It didn’t really click for me until I got back to Ohio.  My goal was to learn to make granny squares.   My search brought me to this video tutorial by Bella Coco.  I settled in for the evening with my hook, yarn and iPad.  It took me about and hour and half of stitching, ripping out (also called “frogging”… riiiip riiiip riiiiiiip) and starting over before I got it.  It clicked!  I was not only understanding what I was doing, but I was also getting faster and more comfortable with the hook.

Learning to Crochet on Lost and Fawned

I’ve officially finished a couple of projects, including 2 chunky infinity scarves, an adorable coffee cup cozy and a little amigurumi bunny doll.  I also have a few other projects in progress (like my huge scrap yarn granny square blanket and a hexagon afghan).  I’m having a blast learning new stitches and techniques.  Everything think I have finished was guided by video tutorials.  I’m getting comfortable enough to modify the tutorials and read patterns.

Interested in giving it a try?  Here are some of my favorite tutorials to get you started.  These are ones I have tried myself and had success with.

Some tutorials (including the ones by Bella Coco) will use British terminology.  Here is a great conversion chart to help you translate.

So there you have it!  This is how I learned in the matter of a couple of weeks.  With enough practice and determination, I am convinced anyone can learn.  It’s a very portable hobby.  It’s so easy to throw a ball of yarn and a hook in your purse and crank out a granny square or two while you wait for your appointment.  Please share your favorite resources or tutorials in the comments!  In the future I will cover some of my favorite tools and yarns for beginners.


  1. Just wanted to leave you a little note to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I will freely admit that after seeing the cutest coozie you made for Chen on IG, I just had to click on over to your blog to check things out. It’s beautiful and you really have such a great eye for design. I also can’t wait to check out some of these crotchet tutorials. Thanks for sharing!

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