Review / Lush Dark Angels Cleanser

Review of Dark Angels on Lost and Fawned

It’s time to start my Lush reviews!  As I mentioned before, Lush is my new no-calorie indulgence and I’m excited to share some of my product experiences with you.

To give you a frame of reference, I have always had a pretty oily complexion.  My skin is acne prone (and has been since I was 12), but has calmed down a little since college.  I have a few areas that get dry, mainly around my jawline.  Overall, I look for products that help me control oil throughout the day, even out my skin tone and would love to minimize my pores.

Review of Lush Dark Angels on Lost and Fawned

Review of Lush Dark Angels on Lost and Fawned

I’ve been using Coalface for about a month.  I originally selected Coalface, because a bar is easy to travel with and it’s a very economical choice.  I liked the charcoal soap so much that I wanted to try Lush’s other charcoal cleanser.  I’ll do a separate post down the line comparing Coalface and Dark Angels.

Dark Angels comes in a pot and is a thick paste.  You pinch off a piece off and mix with a little water to work into the consistency you like.  The base is Rhassoul mud  They add charcoal and lots of exfoliating black sugar.  Additionally it has Avocado oil and some other natural oils.  It is best used fresh and the pot adorably displays the best used date next to the portrait of the Lush mixer that created your batch.


  • I love the fragrance.  It could be masculine or feminine (it’s actually a favorite amongst men) and I get a serious black licorice vibe from it that I really enjoy.  I’ve seen some other reviews that put this in the “con” category.  It’s really a love or hate scent, so if you aren’t sure, visit a store and give it a whiff.  If you like licorice, you’ll love this.
  • You don’t need to use much to get nice coverage on your face.  These products are a luxury for me, so I definitely weigh amount of uses in my review.  This ends up being a great value.
  • Using coal cleansers has seemed to help my skin.  I have noticed my pores shrinking and I get to the end of the day without feeling like an oil slick.  Nothing has ever been able to draw the gunk out of my pores in the past, so I’m thrilled.
  • I don’t find it over-drying.  I do have naturally oily skin, and this seems to do just the right amount of drying, without making me flaky or peeling.  I think it’s probably the addition of the avocado oil that helps to counteract the drying properties.


  • The exfoliation is pretty heavy, so it’s not a product you want to use daily.  I’m using it once or twice a week right now when I need extra pampering after a long day.
  • It is a little messy.  If I use it in the bath, I need to rinse away charcoal out of my tub after it drains.  If I use it in the sink, I do have to rinse the sink out after cleansing.

This really works for me.  I have seen results and when I use it, I really feel like I’m pampering myself.  I will probably only even buy the small pot.  I only use it once or twice a week and a small pinch goes a long way for me.  I think I will run out right around the ‘best use by’ date in October.  I like to put it on my face before a soak in the tub and let it draw out all the impurities.  If I have extra left on my hands, I’ve been spreading it on my shoulders and chest as well.

Lush Dark Angels Review on Lost and FawnedStay tuned for more Lush reviews in the coming months.  Please share your experiences and favorite products in the comments!  I would love to know what you thought of things I review, or if you have suggestions for some of your favorites for me to try I’d love to hear them.

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