My Lush Wishlist

My Lush Wishlist on Lost and FawnedI’m a comfort eater.  When I’m feeling down, stressed or bored I indulge in ice cream, cheese, hot chocolate, bread, etc.  Obviously in excess that’s not healthy and lately I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions, so I’ve put on some weight.  This summer I’ve decided to stop eating my feelings and find other ways to indulge without the calories.  Lush has been the perfect treat.

I’ve started putting away $30 a month to order a handful of bath bombs and something new to try.  This month I ordered Dark Angels to see if I prefer it to my favorite Coalface charcoal soap.  Next month I’m thinking I’ll try a massage bar or a toner.  The thought and care put into selecting natural ingredients makes every Lush experience feel special.   I haven’t found a bath bomb or bubble bar I’ve disliked yet.  All of them make for totally sensory soaks in the tub and leave me feeling renewed and relaxed.  It’s not the cheapest indulgence, but it’s a fraction of what it would cost to hit the spa and leaves me feeling guilt free.

Here is my current wishlist:

  1. Sakura Bath Bomb – $6.45
  2. Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser – $13.95
  3. Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt – $7.95
  4. Mint Julips Lip Balm and Scrub – $9.95
  5. NEW! Shampoo Bar – $11.95
  6. Herbalism Cleanser – $13.95
  7. Rehab Shampoo – $13.95
  8. Tea Tree Water Toner – $9.95
  9. Dirty Massage Bar – $10.95
  10. Vanilla Delite Body Lotion – $27.95
  11. Sea Vegetable Soap – $7.95
  12. The Olive Branch Shower Gel – $9.95

What’s your favorite no-calorie indulgence?  Are you a “Lushie”?  Let me know what your favorite products are!


  1. Total Lushie! Shower Smoothies! Turkish Delight has such a lovely, light rose scent to it but Dreamwash is REQUIRED in our house! Calamine and Aloe Vera is right in it and it is an absolute life saver in the summer with sunburns and the winter with itchy skin. We get Dream Cream in the winter to double team my sore skin (yay allergies and dry skin). I use and love the Celestial moisturizer. If you ever visit a Lush near you, you must snag one of their fresh face masks! They’re under ten bucks. If you save 5 of their containers you can get one free! I always leave Lush feeling spoiled!

    • lostandfawned says:

      Adding Dreamwash to my wishlist! I wish a had a closer Lush, but it’s way out of the way for me. I have my eye on the Cupcake and Brazened Honey to try when I get to a store next. I think what I need to lock down next is I LOVE the way the charcoal cleansers clear my pours. Nothing has ever gotten those suckers clean. It’s looking like movie star skin is within my grasp! But is a little drying so I either need to rotate in another cleanser so I’m not using the charcoal daily and/or I need to find a great moisturizer.

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