Instaweek / 11.18.14

My Instaweek 11-18-14 on Lost and FawnedWinter is here in full force now.  It’s bitter cold and miserable today, but yesterday we woke up to the most magical snowy landscape.  Now the snow is brown and slushy but the cold has really set in.

I decided to try something new-ish this holiday season to get me in the spirit.  When I was a kid, I picked up cross-stitch a couple of times and never really finished much.  I have had my eye on the adorable patterns at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery after I saw some friends on Instagram posting their progress.  I saw their Christmas Celebration Sampler starting (the pattern is sent to you in pieces over the course of a month) and hopped on board.  I started a little late since I needed to pick up a couple of supplies, but I’m going to be busy catching up this afternoon once I tackle my list.  It’s adorable and relaxing.  Plus in the end I’ll have a really sweet holiday piece to put in a frame or on a pillow cover.

Our holiday cards arrived from Minted!  I can’t wait to share them with you.  I’m planning to get them posted next week, along with one last gift card giveaway.  They are so pretty.  I even got to splurge on pre-printed wrap around return address labels.

Logan is doing a million times better.  It’s amazing how fast he has bounced back.  I’m so thankful for the amazing team at our local vet who have been so kind and helpful.  If your dog ever gets a foot injury, seriously look into vets that do laser therapy.  It really sped up the healing process.  Finnick has been attached to my hip since it started getting cold.  I don’t think he’s a huge fan of winter.  I don’t blame him.  Going outside is a lot less fun when the air hurts your skin.

I have another new giveaway starting tomorrow!  This one is a part of my Gifts that Give Back series and is perfect to kick start your holiday shopping!  Stay tuned!

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