Vintage // Colonial Heritage Series Plates

Last weekend we went to my grandmother’s house to split some of her plants for our yard and have dinner.  We are planning to have a garage sale and she mentioned that she has some plates in her closet she wanted to get rid of.  She pulled them out and told me I could sell them or donate them.  When I opened them I fell in love…

My Colonial Heritage Series Plates

They are from the Colonial Heritage Series by Museum Collectibles, Ltd.  I found a little information about them here.  They are not terribly rare or valuable.  But I think they are charming!  I love old homes and historic villages.  The colors are beautiful and the illustrations are simple and stylized.  I’m totally keeping them.

Back of Colonial Heritage Series Plate

Colonial Heritage Series Plate

Colonial Heritage Series Plate Collection

Detail of Colonial Heritage Series Plate

Cow on Colonial Heritage Series Plate

I think the colors would be perfect against the dark walls of our dining room (plus plates are a classic way to decorate a dining room).  We have one large wall across from the window that is totally naked and needs something with some impact.  The plates will mesh well with the rug and the other pieces in that room.

Dining Room Wall for Vintage Plates

(Side note:  We still need a new dining room set, but one step at a time)

I’ve been playing around with some options.  Arranging 6 plates of the same size on a large wall is more complicated than one would think.  If I can’t make 6 work, I might have to either supplement the collection with a few more plates from ebay (I dont have the whole collection) or accent the collection with some sort of simple print that will compliment them.  I’m open to suggestions.

Arranging Six Plates on a Large Wall - Option 1

Arranging Six Plates on a Large Wall - Option 2

I ordered one of these plate hangers to test it out and they are just the right size.  I’ll be picking up 5 more when I figure out how I want to hang them.  Again, I’m open to opinions or suggestions on how to arrange them.  And of course I’ll post the final results when I complete the project.

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