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Read Watch Listen - Lost and Fawned

Here come some new media recommendations.  Whether you prefer to read, watch or listen (or all three!), I have some new recommendations for you.

  • READ  //  The White Princess by Philipa Gregory  –  Philipa Gregory’s historic fiction novels have been my guilty pleasure books for awhile.  Recently I finished The White Queen and HAD to know what happened next.  Lucky for me, she already had a sequel on the way.  It just came out and it’s next in my stack.  I know I won’t be disappointed.
  • WATCH  //  Orange is the New Black on Netflix  –  We don’t have cable so I’ve been really happy to see Netflix turning out some original content (Yay Arrested Development!!).  Their newest series, Orange is the New Black has been a winner for us.  We loved Weeds, so we didn’t need much convincing to try this series.  We are only a few episodes in but we’re already hooked.  And since it’s on Netflix, you get a whole season at once to watch at your own pace!  It’s not for kids for sure, so make sure they are tucked into bed.
  • LISTEN  //  The Lumineers  –  The perfect album to wrap up my summer.  Their self titled album is a light blend of folk/rock/indie.  It’s one of my go-to albums for summer drives and for cleaning the house with the windows open.

Any recommendations for me?  Have you tried any of these?  Love?  Hate?


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