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Free Handwritten Fonts from Lost and Fawned

I know you love free resources (so do I)!  So I’m excited to bring you something new this week!  Occasionally I will be giving you free handwritten fonts, made by me, just for you!

I’m always looking for great fonts for posts, and I find it so hard to find a casual handwritten typeface.  So when I acquired my new technology this week (hello Ipad!), one of the first things I did was start to design my very own handwritten fonts.  Today I have just 2 for you, but more are coming soon!

Lulu Belle - Free Font by Lost and Fawned

When I was a kid, my mom showed me how to jazz up my handwriting by adding little dots to the ends of each stroke.  Lulu Belle is inspired by that technique.  It is a fine font (working on a bolder version) and is great for headers.  It looks cute in caps as well!  You can download it for free right here.

Elisabeth - Free Handwritten Font by Lost & Fawned

Elisabeth is a simple, narrow handwritten font.  I particularly like it with a lot of space between each letter.  It’s great for adding notes to collages and photos.  It’s my new favorite.  And you can make it your new favorite by downloading it for free over here.


These fonts are totally free to download and use!  Use it in your blog posts, blog and shop banners, personal crafting projects, personal wedding or baby shower invites, etc.  No need to credit me (but links are appreciated!).  If you are interested in using it on goods you plan to sell (posters, cards, invitations, etc.), please contact me first.

I’ll be working on bold versions of these two fonts and more new free fonts soon!  Please let me know if you encounter any issues or have questions about how to use these.  If you have requests let me know too!  I’m so jazzed to be able to share these with you!  It’s something I have always wanted to do on the blog.  Please feel free to pin and share these too!  Just make sure you link back to this page, so people can find the downloads.  Enjoy!


  1. LOVE! What a fabulous idea- I have such hard time finding fonts I like. Downloading them now!

  2. Oh wow these are really nice great job.


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