Japanese & Illustrative Fabric Picks

Japanese and Illustrative Fabric

With quilting madness happening in my studio, I’m burning through my fabric collection pretty fast.  That only means one thing… fabric shopping!  In my opinion, fabric shopping is more dangerous than shoe shopping.  Those $3 fat quarters can really start adding up once you start throwing them in your digital shopping cart.

The kid in me loves Japanese and illustrative patterned fabrics.  Jared bought a bunch of fat quarters for christmas a few years ago which went into my first quilt.  With that supply depleted, I have been shopping around to replenish my stock.  I thought I would share some of my favorites today.

Pictured Above: Sunshine Garden Floral from The Hey Day Shop

JapaneseTextilesClick here to see the link list for all of these amazing textiles.

  1. Dragon & Bats Cotton from FreshModernFabrics
  2. Cotorienne Oasis in Pink from FreshModernFabrics
  3. Black Biplane Cotton from MasonCottage
  4. Robot Cotton Linen from JolinTsai
  5. Swan Lake Ballet Cotton Linen from Himenana
  6. Woodland Wonderland in Red from FABITAT
  7. Rabbits & Cherry Blossoms from YellowFabric
  8. Quiet Cats from Maigocute
  9. Blue Pig Cotton from Cawalimart
  10. Cat Travel Cotton Linen from JolinTsai
  11. Elephant Parade in Blue from FABITAT
  12. Ballerinas Cotton Linen from FreshModernFabric
  13. Tiny Deer in Cherry Cotton from FreshModernFabrics
  14. Rabbit & Moon Cotton from Nanagracy
  15. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs from BeautifulWork
  16. Flora & Bird Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  17. Roses & Dots in Blue Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  18. Lovely Girl & Balloon Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  19. Eiffel Tower Lace Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  20. Pink Ballerinas Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  21. Red Lattice Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  22. Blue Small House Linen  from Jingfabric
  23. Brown Stripe Linen from Boqinana
  24. Pink Strawberries & Dots Cotton Linen from Jingfabric
  25. Breakfast Time Cotton Linen from Jingfabric


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