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Today I would like to introduce you to one of the sponsors who keep Lost & Fawned on the web.  It’s been a pleasure to get to know Moe of Five Sixteenths blog this month.  Moe is a vintage queen.  Her shop, 516VINTAGE is chock full of beautiful pieces.  Today she’s going to share some of her tips to incorporate vintage items into your home seamlessly.


Hi there Lost & Fawned readers! Are you enjoying Lost & Fawned’s new design as much as I am?  I’m Moe & usually I blog about my creative post grad life over on the Five Sixteenths blog.  Five Sixteenths also chronicles my indie biz dreams, creative inspiration, & my love of vintage.  Currently, I run a small vintage shop, 516VINTAGE, with my boyfriend Zach.  We’ve recently moved into a home of our own & can’t wait to display our personal collections.

Making a living space uniquely yours is top of the list when it comes to calling a house a home.  Since our move in October, we’ve been slowly uncovering our vintage finds and planning out where they will finally live once our renovation is done.  Zach & I can’t turn down a vintage radio, camera, piece of luggage, or colored glass & we love coordinating pieces that become important parts of what makes our house a home.

When it comes to adding vintage into your home, it may feel awkward blending older items with your modern decor.  I’m here today to share with you three easy, non-intimidating ways to incorporate vintage into you home:


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Start with the kitchen – Colorful canisters or vintage dish ware will add a subtle vintage touch to an otherwise modern kitchen.  Starting with the kitchen means you’re looking for functional pieces & if you’re looking for functional it means you’re going to be using it everyday.  Go bold with something new or find coordinating pieces to fit your color scheme.  Our favorite part of the kitchen is our set of mismatched vintage glass canisters.  Glass canisters often get accidentally broken & chipped over the years & you’re more likely to find one or two in good condition so don’t be afraid to mix & match!  If you’re wary of vintage, finding something interesting you know you’ll use & see everyday will easily make it integral part of your home.  Becoming acquainted with vintage in the kitchen will make you comfortable looking for pieces to incorporate in other parts of your home.


add a pop of red with these small bowls

Add a pop of color – If you’re looking to ease in by starting a little smaller add a pop of color with a bright vintage bowl, colorful radio, or tray. Colored glassware is a perfect addition to any room as a decor accent.  Throw in a tea light for mood lighting in your living room, use an assorted set of mismatched small dishes on your vanity, or use pretty milk glass in your bathroom.  Zach & I often find odd numbered sets of glasses or single interesting glass pieces.  An odd set of glasses, a single plate, or mismatched dessert dishes give you the opportunity to repurpose them. If you find a glassware set of seven, keep six in the kitchen & one with a candle in the living room.  Look for pieces that coordinate with your color scheme.  Collect a few odd pieces to create a one of a kind, colorful vignette.


Incorporate a few old books – Old books give a house character & creating a mini library is a great way to start a collection.  If you aren’t so much into color, collect books in neutral tones.  If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of color, find books in teals, blues, & oranges.  Stack books on end tables or as accent pieces on shelves.  It’s even better if you find books on topics you love!  Old sets of encyclopedias can come in neutral, collegiate browns or bright colorful yellows with illustrated covers.  Books come in all shapes, sizes, & colors so you’re bound to create an interesting part of your home with even a small collection.Because we just can’t seem to turn down a fun vintage item, our growing collection prompted opening the 516VINTAGE shop.  More than we love collecting items, we love collecting stories and the 516VINTAGE shop is curated under that idea.  We curate items for the shop just like we curate items for our : we want to collect memories & tell stories so that our home (and yours!) has a sense of history and character.  Often we head to flea markets & garage sales over the popular thrift store because we like to hear the items’ stories.  We want to know who had it first so we feel we can give it a proper home.

If you’d like to follow our creative vintage journey & find other inspiration for living a creative life, please check out the Five Sixteenths blog.  I hope these three simple steps help you incorporate vintage into your home without fear.


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