Sweeten Up Your Valentines // with Sent Well

Sweeten your Valentines with Sent Well and Lost and Fawned

One of my sponsors this month also happens to be my card-giving guru, Nicole of Sent Well.  Nicole has a beautiful selection of cards for any occasion and ships lightening fast.  Even with shipping, her collection of cards is comparable to the generic cards you see in big-box stores.  Plus, Sent Well can ship the cards to you OR (if you are a little late in sending your card) will hand write your message and send it directly to your recipient.  Better yet, if you are really forgetful, you can set up a calendar and automatically have your cards shipped in time for birthdays and anniversaries.

I just received my valentines from Sent Well and Nicole and I have been brainstorming different ways to jazz up your valentines.  Here are a few ideas…

  • Add glitter or confetti for a festive surprise when your lucky recipient opens their card.
  • Try making a custom envelope liner our of pretty paper, vintage book pages, wrapping paper, a doily, or anything else you can think of.  I used pages from a vintage bird book in our wedding invitation envelopes.  Here is a great tutorial.
  • Write a sweet recipe on a recipe card and slip it into the valentine for a treat that you can send via mail.
  • Cut simple hearts out of felt or pretty vintage fabric, add a safety pin and your Valentine can wear their heart on their sleeve.
  • Give calligraphy a try!  Invest in a pretty pen and hit the local library for a calligraphy book.

Sent Well Discount

Lost & Fawned readers can take 25% off anything at Sent Well with the discount code FAWNED at time of purchase.  I’m a loyal customer for life.  Give it a try!


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