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Recently I was asked how I did the header for the shopping guide I did on Cotton & Brass.  To answer that, I figured I would throw together a quick tutorial.  This is pretty basic, but might be new to some people out there.  I do not claim to be a professional, and there is probably a more proper way to do what I am doing, but this is the way I do it quickly for blogging purposes.

This tutorial mainly focuses on how to do the layered effect at the bottom text (“like this…”) as well as how to do the stamp-like effect on the starburst at the top.

Open up a document with a black background in photoshop.  It should be a similar size and resolution to the end product (in my case 600 x 400 pixels).  Create your main text in white.  Create another text layer.  This should be your top layer.  This should also be white.

On the smaller text layer go into the Layer Properties (right click the layer and select “Layer Properties”).  Add a stroke.  The stroke should be black.  Play with the size of the stroke until you get the look you want.  Drag the text around until it looks right.  Keep things in mind like, making sure to to not cover the bottom of an “E” too much, so it doesn’t end up looking like an “F”, etc.

Once you have it the way you like it.  Select the whole document and “copy merged”.  Open your image and re-size it to the proper size for your blog.  Paste your text document on top of it.

Set the layer to “Screen” to make the black vanish and leave you with all the text in white.  And Ta-Da!

I used the same method to create the little stamp in the top right corner. It’s a quick and easy way to integrate text into a photo to make a clean blog post header.

You can also use this method do black text.  Invert your text file so the text is black and the stroke is white.  Instead of setting the layer to “Screen”, set it to “Multiply”.

Alternatively, if you wanted to do this in color, create a file like the one above on the right with a white background and go to “Edit” and select “Set Brush Preset”.  Create a new layer over your photo and you can use your text like a brush and stamp it in any color you like.  It will still punch out whatever was black in your text document so your get the stamp effect.

Please let me know if anything was unclear please let me know.  Like I said, this is just the way I find this to be easiest for me.  If you have shortcuts, please feel free to share them in comments!  It’s pretty basic, but you can jump off from here and make it fancier.



  1. This is great! I tried it today and couldn’t believe how easy it was.

    • lostandfawned says:

      I’m so glad you were able to follow it! Sometimes I wonder if these things just make sense in my head or if I’m communicating it clearly.

  2. thank you for the tutorial! I tried it and it was really easy!


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