Product Review – Society6 Iphone Case

As promised, here is a review for my new Society 6 Iphone case.  There is not a lot out there in the way of reviews for this case, so I purchased it almost blind.  I received my case on Friday and had an active weekend with it.  The one I purchased was Animal’s Tea Party by Teagan White.  The print is even cuter in person.

// Pros:

  • HUGE selection of styles.  I spent hours searching the website and deciding on the case I wanted.  There is seriously something for everyone.
  • The image quality is beautiful.  Great color, crisp image and won’t bleed, peel or fade.
  • Very secure on the phone.  Doesn’t move around or slip.  No gaps.  Clipped on easily.
  • It is plastic, but doesn’t feel cheap.
  • Nice thin profile.  My phone doesn’t feel bulky.
  • All the buttons, switches and charging outlet are still easily accessed.  No issues with reception or the speakers.
  • Shipping time was reasonable.  I think it took roughly 5 days from the time I ordered to when I received the case.

// Cons:

  • If you are looking for something that offers a whole lot of protection, this probably isn’t the case for you.  It protects the back from scratching and protects most of the edges from impact.  But it does not protect the screen and I would imagine if you drop it right the case wouldn’t help much.
  • It’s not exactly cheap.  It’s pretty in-line with the prices of other comparable cases, but at $35 plus shipping, I wouldn’t call it a budget option.

Overall I love the case.  I think Jared was hoping for more.  But it meets my expectation.  I will probably be ordering a screen protector to protect from scratching and maybe a sleeve since my purse can get a little messy in the summer.


I have finally opened my Society 6 shop!  Thank to the encouragement of my readers you can now purchase Lost & Fawned Iphone cases as well as photo prints, canvases, totes, tees and more!

This product review is unsolicited.  I was given no compensation for this review and purchased the product myself.



  1. Is it slippery or does it have a little bit of grip like the Threadless cases? I’m a total klutz and need something that isn’t super slippery! LOL

    • lostandfawned says:

      Hey Malia!

      Well, it’s smooth, hard plastic. I haven’t tried the Threadless cases, so I can’t really compare. There is no rubber-like or textured grip, so I guess that would lean more toward slippery than grippy. Hope that helps!

  2. Do you have a front view of the case on the phone? I wanted to see if it wraps around the front a little bit.

  3. When you take a picture with flash, does it leave a “white cast”?

  4. I’m just wondering how this case has held up a couple months later. I have read reviews of the design peeling or scratching off. Have you experienced that? I want to buy a case from Society6, but as of right now, I don’t think I will be because of the bad reviews out there. I would love to hear/see what kind of condition your case is in now. Thanks.

    • lostandfawned says:

      My husband and I have both been using the cases for some time now and I think it’s held up quite well. I throw my phone around constantly and it floats around in my purse (which is far from tidy) and so far the finish is perhaps slightly less shiny, but it still looks great. I have taken it off once or twice clean between the case on the phone and my phone is in great condition underneath.

      I could post updated photos, but to be honest, I don’t think you would see much of a difference.

      So glad you found the review helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Thanks for this review (and the follow up later)! It was super helpful.

  6. Is a screen protector compatible with these cases?

  7. Great thanks for your help!

  8. Have you ever bought your own design? I’m curious about doing this because I noticed unlike with prints there’s no room to adjust the price. I’m trying to find out if 35$ goes straight to society6 or if it goes back to the artist pocket.

    • lostandfawned says:

      With all the products some of the money does go to the designer. The prints are the only ones where the designer or artist can adjust the price. Otherwise there is a fixed profit for the artist. You can ind all those prices on this page:

      So if you were to buy an iphone case with your own design on it, it would be $3.50 off the normal $35.


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