Gray Paint Picks

Other than white, the only paint colors in our house currently are shades of gray.  If you remember my first fail in gray paint, you know how much I toiled over the right shades for each room.  I’ve had a number of people over the past year ask about the colors we chose, so today I wanted to sum up our picks for gray paint.

Office and Lounge Space  –  Ozark Shadows from Benjamin Moore // For the upstairs office, we wanted a light smokey gray.  Something soft, but not too feminine.  After the original color was a disaster, Ozark Shadows ended up being perfect.  It leans a little warm, but in my opinion reads as very neutral.

Dining Room  –  Deep Space from Benjamin Moore // The dining room was the very first room we painted.  We wanted a dark chalkboard black, and it didn’t turn out quite as I envisioned it, but we love it!  It certainly leans cool, almost a dark slate blue.  Color looks fabulous and vibrant against it.  Make sure you use it in a room with a decent amount of natural light.

Master Bedroom  –  Seal from Martha Stewart Living // After I fell in love with the dining room, I decided I wanted a dark cave-like bedroom.  I wanted a warmer shade of brown though, so we tried Seal from Martha Stewart Living.  When I started putting it on the wall I thought it was going to be too brown, but finish and dried it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

I hope that helps!  Gray can be a a touchy “color”.  Please add your picks in the comments if you have used gray paint in your home.

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  1. I’m hoping to paint our bedroom a light feathery gray next year (with a nice blueish undertone). Picking paint colors can be so stressful! Benjamin Moore is my fave though- especially their historic colors collection.


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