Naptime: Our Favorite Nap Nook

In our shared office (an extra large bedroom upstairs) we have a cheap ikea bed.  It seems to have become the perfect place to lay down for an afternoon nap in our household.  It’s right next to my computer, so naturally anytime someone lays down I HAVE to whip out the camera (sorry Jared).

I’m slowly adding to the collection of blankets and pillows on the bed.  There are 3 blankets, including that new olive green wool blanket behind the pillows I picked up from the local army surplus store.  It’s been professionally repaired, so it was discounted.  I love examining the beautiful intricate stitching used on the repairs.  I also picked up that “Goodnight, Sleep Well” Moon pillow case by Kinship Press on Fab.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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