Weekend Adventure

With the turn in the weather, we seem to have a lot more energy on the weekend.  We are motivated to get out and do things and work on improving the house.

This past weekend we attempted to hike down in Peninsula on Saturday.  We didn’t bank on the restaurants and bars being packed in this little town for St. Patrick’s Day.  We drove through town and tried a new park.  We didn’t hike very long.  The trail was pretty boring and Logan was getting tired pretty fast so we dropped him off at home and hit up our favorite drive in for gooey cheeseburgers and milk shakes.

The rest of the weekend I spent cleaning the house and getting the garden in order.  Our tulips and peonies are coming up and the hydrangea and roses are starting to leaf out.  I’m so happy to see the clearance plants we bought at the end of summer coming back to life, full and beautiful.  Here is hoping they flourish this spring and summer.


  1. Looks like fun! I can see my old Yellow X-terra in the background of one of the pictures :-)

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