Update: Get involved with L&F

I’ve been a busy bee already this month!  Between the new look, my new collection and getting my Facebook Page back on track I’ve also been revamping some of my informative pages and reorganizing the blog.

I’ve updated my advertising page offering some new ways to get involved and publicize your products.  I’m currently not offering paid advertisement space but I am always open to product reviews, giveaways and discount codes.  For more information please visit here or contact me.

I’ve also given my blogroll a facelift and I’m eager to fill it with new (and old) friends!  If you would like to trade banners, please contact me and let me know what size you need for your blogroll or sidebar.  Be prepared to send me a 150×80 banner for my blogroll.

Additionally, I’m always interested in meeting new people and seeing new shops and blogs!  Feel free to just introduce yourself!

Spring in Luxury

Today in Northeast Ohio we have the most perfect spring rain falling.  Big, heavy raindrops but warm enough to take a walk.  Spring is the perfect time to purge your closets (a task on my list this week).  One of my goals this year is to buy less stuff, and invest in quality lifetime pieces.  Here are a few pieces that caught my eye today…

  1. Cath Kidston Royal Rose Umbrella – $34
  2. Light Brown River Island Jacket – $72.83
  3. Fossil Yellow Ladybug Clutch – $50
  4. Hunter Original Black Wellies – $125

(PS:  I know this isn’t over the top luxury, but they are pieces I would certainly think twice about before purchasing.)