Lost & Fawned

I was in the mood for some change today, so I gave the blog a little facelift!  I’m overall pretty happy with the results.  New banner, new buttons and a new color scheme.  I also organized some of my messy sidebars into some new pages which can now be found under the banner.

One of these new pages is a new and improved Blogroll!  Please contact me is you would like to trade banners!  I would love to fill this page with friends.

Another new page is and improved contact page.

I’ll also be working on a better way to find my shops, but for now you can find those links on the shop page.

I love the spring coral texture and that Prudence (our lovely mascot) has a more prominent spot.  Let me know what you think!  If you read from a feeder, please stop by and take a peek.  Thanks for hanging in there today while I made little tweaks.

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