Naptime: Our Favorite Nap Nook

In our shared office (an extra large bedroom upstairs) we have a cheap ikea bed.  It seems to have become the perfect place to lay down for an afternoon nap in our household.  It’s right next to my computer, so naturally anytime someone lays down I HAVE to whip out the camera (sorry Jared).

I’m slowly adding to the collection of blankets and pillows on the bed.  There are 3 blankets, including that new olive green wool blanket behind the pillows I picked up from the local army surplus store.  It’s been professionally repaired, so it was discounted.  I love examining the beautiful intricate stitching used on the repairs.  I also picked up that “Goodnight, Sleep Well” Moon pillow case by Kinship Press on Fab.

Have a lovely Sunday!

One Splendid Day – Stephanie of Lil’ Burritos

This week’s installment of One Splendid Day is with Stephanie of Lil’ Burritos.  I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Stephanie at a local craft show (I love meeting local artists and designers).  This winter I sent a couple of their tees to my niece and they are so cute.  So what is Stephanie’s most splendid day like?

What time of year is it?
Early fall, in late September or early October. This is my favorite time of the year when the sun is still warm, but there is a hint of crispness in the air and the leaves are starting to change.

Where would you be/go? /What would you do?
A perfect day for me would be spending time out West in Colorado, Oregon, or Washington. I would spend the day exploring the city and then go hiking in the mountains while enjoying the views.

What would you wear?
While wandering around the city I would wear a dress from Modcloth (my latest obsession) with a cardigan and a pair of flats.

Thanks a bunch Stephanie!  Treat a little one in your life to some new threads or grab a tote for yourself at their shop.  Or visit Lil’ Burritos on facebook and say hello!

Tonight on FAB: Tretorn Rain Boots

I’m stoked!  I just scored these adorable yellow wellies by Tretron on FAB for $39!  They are going to be perfect for working in the garden this spring or running to the farmer’s market on a rainy Saturday morning this summer.  I can’t WAIT for them to get here!  I nearly got the black or olive ones, but the yellow is so classic.

Want your own?  Grab my invite for FAB and treat yourself!  Lots of other great fashion sales opened up tonight too.  Head over to FAB and check them out.

Win a Lola Bracelet on Blonde Bedhead

This week on Blonde Bedhead, you can win a Lola Bracelet of your choice from my shop, The Chroma Society!  It’s a quick and easy entry!  Take a moment this weekend and enter.  I also included a 15% off discount code for anyone who enters. The giveaway ends on Sunday, April 1st.

Thanks a million to Andrea for all her support!  Check out some of the outfits she has worn my Lola Bracelet with over here.

Have a lovely (in my case rainy) Saturday!

Weekend Adventure

With the turn in the weather, we seem to have a lot more energy on the weekend.  We are motivated to get out and do things and work on improving the house.

This past weekend we attempted to hike down in Peninsula on Saturday.  We didn’t bank on the restaurants and bars being packed in this little town for St. Patrick’s Day.  We drove through town and tried a new park.  We didn’t hike very long.  The trail was pretty boring and Logan was getting tired pretty fast so we dropped him off at home and hit up our favorite drive in for gooey cheeseburgers and milk shakes.

The rest of the weekend I spent cleaning the house and getting the garden in order.  Our tulips and peonies are coming up and the hydrangea and roses are starting to leaf out.  I’m so happy to see the clearance plants we bought at the end of summer coming back to life, full and beautiful.  Here is hoping they flourish this spring and summer.

The Chroma Society on Blonde Bedhead

Recently I reached out to Andrea of Blonde Bedhead.  With her eye for style I was ecstatic when she agreed to style one of my Lola Bracelets.  This week I was stoked when I saw her sporting it with not one, but two outfits!

The color combinations are exactly what I envision when I design for The Chroma Society.  And I love the way the bracelet looks layered with a menswear inspired watch and geometric gold bangle.

Wind & Sun


Photos courtesy of Blonde Bedhead.

One Splendid Day – Amanda of Rust Belt Threads

Welcome to my newest interview series!  This one is a little different.  Let me tell you how it works.  I am asking some of my favorite bloggers and artisans to describe their most perfect day by answering a simple series of questions.  It can be a fantasy day, or a very realistic day.  They can be as elaborate and descriptive or simple with their answers.  I think it’s going to be really fun!

Our first splendid day comes from Amanda of Rust Belt Threads Vintage (and her charming feline companion, Toulouse).

What time of year is it?
Summertime in Buffalo, sometime in July. My husband and I got married last July and both of our birthdays are in the month, so it’s always a fun time of the year. Plus Buffalo has the best summers.

Where would you be/go?  What would you do?
My perfect day would be waking up, eating a homemade pancake breakfast, and heading out to several estate sales and thrifts. I always love going to estate sales in the summer, because there are more to visit and better pickings. Also when driving out to the burbs or the country for a sale, you’re always bound to find a garage sale or two. Once I’m all thrifted out, I would head to either my favorite Buffalo dinner, Amy’s Place, for a tasty lentil sandwich, or to Vera’s to get a classic cocktail and share a margarita pizza with my husband. The evening would be spent either having a potluck picnic at my house with friends, where we stay up too late hanging out under the stars.

What would you wear?
Since it’s summer, I definitely would choose a simple cotton vintage sundress from my personal collection paired with some flats. There’s nothing better then slipping on a dress and flats and heading out the door.

Thanks so much Amanda!  Rust Belt Threads has an amazing selection of vintage apparel and home goods.  Since it’s all vintage, you never know what Amanda is going to find next!  Here are some of my spring-inspired favorites…

Stay tuned for more editions of One Splendid Day this spring and summer!  I’m off to a cookout with my Grandparents on this lovely Sunday afternoon.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Emily Rickard on Society 6

Looking for some fresh art for your home or phone this spring?  Check out my friend Emily Rickard on Society 6!  Her eye for color and composition is so spot on.  I’m totally digging the framed print of Hunter Gatherer right now.  It would be perfect in our new bathroom or at the top of our staircase.

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I finally took the time to spruce of the L&F Facebook page!  I’ll be posting updates, coupon codes and exclusive content over there frequently.  It’s a great way to share your favorite L&F posts with friends too.

I’ll be posting a new coupon code for the shops over there tonight, so head over and ‘Like’ Lost & Fawned now to track updates in your feed!

Another hike with Jared and the dog tomorrow to celebrate the beautiful spring weather!  What are you doing this weekend?

Space Age

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have noticed space, stars and constellations have been trending like crazy within the handmade community.  I know space exploration has taken somewhat of a backseat these days, but hopefully it will continue in one way or another.

  1. Crimson Galaxy Skirt by Shadow Play NYC – $120
  2. Eco-friendly Wrapping Paper by MOZAIQ – $7
  3. Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere by Little Bright Studio – $75
  4. Star-Forming Region LH95 from the Hubble Telescope
  5. Full Mood Earrings by Beauty Spot – $15
  6. Beautiful Urself ‘Row’ Print from Society 6 – $13