Just a year ago…

It’s really hard to believe just a year ago we were moving in.  We were living in one room upstairs waiting for the floors downstairs to set and had no carpet on the second floor.  We were painting until late into the night and eating take-out every for every meal.  To me it feels like just yesterday, Jared feels like we’ve been here forever.

The house was so beige when we moved in.  Here are my two favorite before and afters from our first year in the house.  Both rooms went dark, which made the transformation much more dramatic.

We have a lot more planned for the next year.  Some of the worst rooms have gone untouched, mostly because refinishing the floor wore us out.

the dark days are over – A Treasury

I’ve been inspired lately.  Spring is on the horizon.  Here is a little treasury of items that have got my heart racing tonight.  To get a closer look or find out more about any of the items pictured, please visit the treasury.

To see more of my treasuries head over here.

New in The Chroma Society

Lots of new things appearing in The Chroma Society, including the start of my new vintage collection.  I am hand selecting each piece to assure it holds true to the Society’s color story.  I have a new weakness for neon colored vintage children’s books.  I have a sizable collection waiting in the wings to be listed (if I can bear to let them go).

Also, lots of new Lola bracelets!  I have so much fun making (and wearing) these!  I’ve been layering them on as we have warmer days and they add so much color to my drab winter clothes.

Attention Fashion Bloggers: I’m currently hand picking some of my favorite fashion bloggers to join the Chroma Society and receive sample pieces to style.  If you would like to be among these lucky ladies, please feel free to send me a link to your blog and tell me a bit about yourself.  Send inquiries to sendlindseymail@gmail.com


Voice of Ages – The Chieftains

Voice of Ages Trailer | The Chieftains from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Looking for some new music to get you through the week? Check out ‘Voice of Ages’, a collaboration between the Chieftains and some of today’s best folk acts.

Also, sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  Lots going on. I’ll be a better blogger, I swear.

In my jewelry box – Minco

Moonstone Bracelet from Minco

Things are good.


Been awhile since I’ve done a more personal update.  I had nothing else lined up today, so I figured I would take a moment to update you all on how we’re doing.  We’re doing great!  How about some bullet points…

  • We are starting to gear up for our next “big” house project.  We’re going to take care of the scary bathroom I’m too ashamed to even share here.  I’m not just talking ugly and dated.  This bathroom has some major construction issues.  I can’t relax in the tub because all I do is think about all the work that needs to be done.  I can’t wait for it to be fresh and clean and beautiful.  We’re hoping to get to work on that this spring.
  • I’m starting a new job!  Over the course of the next 6-ish months I’ll be transitioning into a job in Jared’s family business.  It’s an unexpected and welcome direction.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about this mild winter.  I never thought I would say I miss the wicked Ohio winter weather, but I’m not sure spring will be as sweet.  Who am I kidding?  I’m ready for spring…
  • Tomorrow is Logan’s birthday!  Is it silly to be so excited for your dog’s birthday?  Meh.  Who cares.  I’m excited.
  • We’re debating on taking another weekend away in May.  Something really inexpensive and close-ish.  It may not even be in the cards.  May is going to be busy.  We’ll see.
  • In general, things are just good and stable and solid.

Photo courtesy of my mom!


Help Bethesda Make a Full-Length Album

Jared and I are new fans of a local band, Bethesda from Kent, Ohio.  They are currently raising money to fund a new full length album.  Jared and I made a pledge via their Kickstarter. Every little bit helps make their dream a reality.  Support great music!

I’m totally digging their song “Oh! How we Crane our Throats!” today…

Live From Bad Racket: Bethesda from Ohio Authority on Vimeo.

You Smell Luxury Soap

I’m smitten with the beautiful packaging from You Smell Soap, a new luxury soap brand.  And the paper soaps are such a great addition to your purse for adding a little cheap opulence to hand washing.  The bars would make such a lovely hostess or house sitting gift.

Friday Color Party

Happy Friday!  I’m having such a blast playing with color at The Chroma Society.  To celebrate I’m having a Friday Color Party on my blog.  Here are my color picks this week.

Have a lovely weekend!

//  Above:  Vintage Plaid Skirt from Bless the Dress – $29.71

//  Child’s Pottery Set by New House Project – $35  //

//  Tangerine Bed from Schoolhouse Electric  //

//  Handmade Leashes from Blink   //

//  Tie Dye Hair Ties by Mane Message – $10.50  //

//  Vintage Pink Dress from Bless the Dress – $29.71  //

//  Wild at Heart Print by Small Talk Studio – $20  //

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My 5 Year Diary

I’ve had my eye on this 5 Year Diary for quite some time.  When I ran across it at Canoe in Portland it was like kismet.  I picked one up for myself and my mom also bought one.  I’ll be adding it to my “Before 30” list.  If I keep it up, it will take me just about halfway through my 29th year.

It’s such a pretty little book.  A black pinstripe cover, clean pages and a classic red satin ribbon.  It’s the perfect size to toss in a bag too.  It gives you just enough room each day to jot down a few thoughts.

Get your own on amazon.  It’s not to late to make a new resolution.

“Keep a diary, and someday it will keep you.”    // Mae West