Wishlist: Made by Hank

One thing on my list of resolutions this year, it to keep my handbag tidier.   I have a habit of throwing everything and anything in there and have ended up with open packets of apple butter, mountains of receipts and tracking slips for packages and a purse full of hot cocoa powder.  So this year I’ll be trying to change that by frequently cleaning it out.

I’ll be making my trusty leather handbag work for awhile, but I’ve been eyeing Made By Hank‘s bags and zippered pouches all morning.  Such wonderful use of texture and color.  Each piece is such a treasure.  Here are my picks…

See more beautiful bags at Made by Hank.


  1. I have a Made by Hank bag and a zipper pouch I use as a wallet. LOVE them. Gorgeous and so durable. I can’t recommend Katie’s bags enough!

  2. I’m so in love with that black and white one!!!!! If it was diaper bag sized I’d so buy it. I’ve kinda had to halt purchases for myself but they’re justifiable if they’re for baby!! :)
    Love Made by Hank so much. Will own one someday!!

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