Bedroom Makeover Preview

I don’t know what got into me, but something possessed me to attempt to update our bedroom the week of Thanksgiving.  The room needed some contrast.  The carpet was light, the walls were light, I selected light bedding and art and nothing was really taking dominance.

You may remember my plans to track down the perfect shade of graphite for the walls.  Well I decided to give Martha another shot and ended up with Seal by Martha Stewart Living for the walls and Sharkey Gray for the ceiling. They are perfect.  It is darker on the walls of course, but it gives that perfect almost gray hue and leans ever so slightly to the warm side (which is great for a bedroom).

With our art from Society 6 and my vegan rack from the New Woodsman it now feels like a more put together space.

Please excuse the photos.  With a dark room you need the perfect light to get a nice photo and this weekend has been pretty dreary.  I haven’t been home at the right time of day to get a great shot.  And I know the bed is unmade.  I snapped these before we dashed off to Thanksgiving dinner.  That lamp will be getting a makeover at some point this winter as well and I’m on the hunt for some lovely throw pillows (or fabric to make some).



  1. I love grey, especially in bedrooms. It looks really nice!

  2. I’m a huge fan of dark walls to begin with, but your take on it is so elegant and simple. Very inspiring!

  3. I love these shades of grey together and am bookmarking this post! Also, the fact that your bed is unmade makes me love these photos even more. It looks so cozy like you could just climb right back into bed!! Don’t apologize for being real!! :)

  4. Love it!

  5. Hey Lindsey. Is your bed the MALM from IKEA?


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