Things I Love this Week.

Wish somewhat granted!  Got a text from my boss before walking out the door to take the day off.  Of course I won’t really be napping all day, but it does give me some time to catch up on emails and get some things in order around the house I neglected this weekend (and make a yummy meal on a Monday!).

To celebrate, here are some things I found lovely, inspiring or just cool over the weekend.

These knitted Eames chairs from Plain Living.  I love that it doesn’t permanently alter the original structure, and the poppy red is wonderful too.

These beautiful fall foliage inspired floral arrangements from Design Sponge.  It’s inspired me to spruce up our dining room table today.  It may be too late for most of these gorgeous colors, but we still have some pretty oranges and browns in our yard.

These original “stormscapes” by Stormscape Studios.  I love buying original art.  And these little paintings capture my favorite type of weather (dark skies make the landscape look so vibrant).

Old fashioned Rag-Rolls tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.  I would love to try this on a weekend.  Maybe my hair would learn to hold a curl.

Last week I blogged a new color play board on Cotton & Brass.  See the full board over here.

I want to learn to quilt.  Someday.  Untill I do, I’ll keep practicing and fantacizing about gorgeous quilts like this one by Brandeye.

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Oh I love everything you picked on this list! Perfect for early November

  2. I LOVE rag curls. I haven’t done it in awhile, but my sisters and I sued to do it on each other all of the time when we were kids, it worked great! Especially if your hair was ever-so-slightly damp at the time it is curled, and then you slept on it overnight.

    • I have never tried it, but I know when I twist my hair in a bun and it’s slightly damp I end up with a big voluminous wave. Normal curling iron curls never hold in my hair, so I’m wondering if this is the way to go.

      • Yeah, curling irons don’t work as well in my hair either. If I want curls is usually means sticking curlers in the night before. And I think most of us know how comfortable trying to sleep with those in is! Hah!

  3. Those Plain Living chairs are fantastic!!! I loooove the concept and how cool it would be to be able to match them to your home decor without having to fully ‘commit’ to a color or pattern. And so FUN.

  4. Those knitted chairs are absolutely wonderful!

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